Ampere Droplet Pro Bluetooth Speaker w LED Lights: Wireless & Waterproof

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Core Features

• 360° light show and sound • 100% waterproof • App-enabled • 14 hours of playtime • Pairs with other Ampere speakers • Made with recycled ocean plastic
• 1-year warranty


Droplet Pro is a 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker. On its own, it's a great little travel speaker, but it also pairs with Shower Power or Shower Power Pro — so you can use it to build out surround sound in your bathroom.
Ampere Droplet Pro Bluetooth Speaker w LED Lights: Wireless & Waterproof
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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Lights – Ampere Droplet Pro

Are you tired of listening to your favorite tunes through your smartphone's weak speakers? Do you enjoy taking relaxing showers or spending time by the pool? If so, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with lights might be the perfect solution. Let’s explore the benefits of owning a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, discuss the key factors to consider when buying one, and introduce you to the Ampere Droplet Pro. This outstanding waterproof Bluetooth speaker will elevate your audio experience.

What is a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

What exactly is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and what are its benefits? Well, simply put, it is a portable speaker that connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth and is designed to withstand water exposure to the highest extent. These speakers mostly have an IPX7 rating, making them completely waterproof units to be easily used even when submerged in water. The benefits of owning a waterproof Bluetooth speaker are numerous. These compact and lightweight speakers make them easy to carry wherever you go. Built to withstand water, dust, and shocks, they are ideal for outdoor activities and adventures. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your speaker to any compatible device without the hassle of wires. Despite their compact size, waterproof Bluetooth speakers deliver impressive sound with good bass and clarity. Many models have additional features such as LED lights, hands-free calling, and even power banks to charge your devices.

Things to Consider When Buying a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you've decided to invest in a waterproof shower Bluetooth speaker, remember a few essential factors before making a purchase. Let's explore a detailed speaker buying guide to ensure you find the perfect speaker to suit your needs:

Durability and Waterproof Rating

Look for a speaker built to withstand water, dust, and shocks. Pay attention to the waterproof rating, indicated by the IPX code, which represents its resistance to water ingress. The higher the number, the better the protection.

Sound Quality and Battery Life

Check customer reviews and specifications to ensure the speaker delivers excellent sound quality. Look for good bass response, clarity, and balanced audio performance. Consider the battery life of the speaker. The longer the battery lasts, the more uninterrupted music enjoyment you will have. Look for a speaker with at least 8-10 hours of playtime.

Connectivity Options and Additional Features

Ensure that the speaker has Bluetooth connectivity that is compatible with your devices. Some speakers also offer additional connectivity options like auxiliary input and NFC pairing. Consider any additional features that may enhance your experience, such as LED lights, a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, or the ability to use the waterproof bluetooth speaker with lights as a power bank.

Portability and Design

Evaluate the speaker's size, weight, and overall design to ensure it is easy to carry and fits your aesthetic preferences.

Ampere Droplet Pro: The Ultimate Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

One of the best smart speakers in the market currently is the Ampere Droplet Pro, a versatile and feature-rich waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Designed with both durability and outstanding sound quality, the Ampere Bluetooth shower speaker is the perfect companion for water-related adventures. This bad boy boasts a rugged and compact design, making it one of the best outdoor party speakers ever. With its IPX7 waterproof rating, this waterproof bluetooth speaker with lights can withstand full immersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter, ensuring it remains functional even if it accidentally falls into the pool or gets splashed in the shower. The Droplet Pro offers several key features that make it stand out from the competition in the smart home gadgets category.

Durability and Waterproof Rating

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Droplet Pro is designed to withstand water, dust, and shocks. Its durable construction ensures it can handle the rigors of outdoor use. It is 100% waterproof and specially designed to be used in showers. The Ampere Droplet Pro is made using recycled ocean plastic, contributing to environmental friendliness.

Impressive Sound Quality and Long Battery Life

Despite its compact size, the Droplet Pro delivers powerful sound with rich bass and clear audio. The waterproof bluetooth speaker with lights is great for various uses, like listening to podcasts or your favorite songs. Its 360° sound cover greatly enhances the sound quality it delivers. The Droplet Pro boasts 1800 mAh built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 14 hours of playtime on a single charge. This ensures you can enjoy your music throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.

Enhanced Connectivity Options & Additional Features

The Droplet Pro supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, providing a stable and seamless connection with your devices. It also features an auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices and supports TF card playback. Moreover, the Ampere Bluetooth shower speaker can be paired with other Ampere speakers to create a stereo system for enhanced sound quality. The Droplet Pro has built-in LED lights that can be synchronized with the music, creating a captivating visual experience. These 360° surround lights amp up the whole feel of whatever you are listening to, making this waterproof bluetooth speaker with lights one of the very cool gadgets for men who like such visual aesthetics.

Compact and Portable Design

Weighing just 297 grams and featuring a compact form factor, the Droplet Pro is highly portable. You can easily toss it into your backpack or keep it in your car. Such compact dimensions make this waterproof bluetooth speaker with lights one of the greatest travel-friendly office gadgets.

Dive into the ultimate audio adventure!

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker with lights is a must-have gadget for anyone who loves music and listening to podcasts while in the shower. The Ampere shower speaker is the best choice if you want such an option under a budget. It is disguised as a compact and small device, a complete pocket rocket for the premium audio experience.