Autonomous SmartDesk Chunky Oak -
Autonomous SmartDesk Chunky Oak -

Autonomous SmartDesk Chunky Oak

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Upgrade the look and feel of your workspace with this 1.6” thick table top in a gorgeous blonde oak finish.

• Warp-proof MDF wood.

• Premium oak veneer.

• Compatible with Core/Pro frame.

• Available in 2 sizes

• Desk top thickness of 1.6"

• 45° tapered edge

• 5-year warranty

BIFMA CertificateUL Certificate

Premium feel. Premium satisfaction.

Designed for people that love the organic luxury of firm, thick-cut heavy wood, without weighing down your wallet.



Premium oak veneer.

1.6 inches of heavy-duty warp-proof MDF comes wrapped in premium oak veneer. The 45° tapered edge adds a touch of modern design to any space while providing ergonomic forearm comfort.



A frame that suits you.

Looking for just the essentials? Grab the Core frame with 29.4” - 48” height range.

Are you taller than most or have a lot of heavy equipment? Go for the Pro frame:
• Stronger
• Quieter
• Taller



Simple controls. Greater convenience.

Save up to 4 custom heights and move effortlessly between them with just the push of a button.



A clear space for a clearer mind.

Gorgeous rounded square holes are cut through the table top for convenient cable management, and come with seamless grommets in matching oak veneer.



Get going in minutes.

Engineered for simplicity. SmartDesks include all the tools you need to get started. Easy to put together, you’ll be up and running in no time.



A strong foundation.

Each frame has been vetted for durability and safety by BIFMA, UL and EMC. Rigorously tested to support at least 10 years of heavy use.


An Oak standing desk is a fantastic tool for alleviating the problems that come with sitting behind a desk for far too long. The many advantages of utilizing a standing desk, like a SmartDesk Pro, have proved it quite popular. When standing desks initially came out over the market, the sorts of materials utilized for the desktops, as well as the colors, sizes, and forms available, were quite limited. On the other hand, customers have a broad range of options because of a large number of standing desks accessible. An Oak standing desk is one of the many materials available for standing workstations.

What Is An Oak Standing Desk?

A standing desk with an oak desktop is known as a solid oak sit stand desk. Oak refers to wood that has been processed directly from trees. Because it was cut from a tree, this form of wood differs from engineered wood. Engineered wood is made out of wood fibers that have been adhered together with adhesives. Oak is solid and hard with a natural deep grain that has a texture you could see and feel. Oak is incredibly practical and utilitarian since it is resistant to knocks and dents. A robust oak dining table is suitable for daily usage, particularly for families with small children, which is why an oak standing desk is also known as the "best wood standing desk."

Why Go For An Oak Standing Desk

Research shows that standing workstations improve cognitive function and raise energy levels. With an ergonomic standing desk, you'll see instant changes in your routine and better health. A standing desk has various psychological benefits in addition to its physical ones. It is common knowledge that a light wood standing desk has several advantages. From a psychological standpoint, let's look at the benefits of standing workstations, like a SmartDesk Core.

Autonomous SmartDesk Chunky Oak

A standing desk is basically a regular workstation with added ergonomic features. In general, ergonomics relates to adaptability, therefore an ergonomic desk is one that can be customized to a person's preferences. These customizable features usually include the ability to modify the height of a desk and then lock it in position. Aside from it, a standing desk is designed to keep the user standing while using it.

1. Standing Desks help to lose weight and lower blood sugar

Weight loss may be aided by standing, according to certain research. For this reason alone, it should come as no surprise that working at Autonomous oak standing desk might aid in weight loss. Standing desks, on the other hand, can be used for a wide range of activities. Standing at your workstation and doing push-ups seems like a good idea. Squats? Jumping jacks are an option. When it comes to working out, oak sit stand desks come in handy for a multitude of reasons. This will answer your question, “do you burn calories with a standing desk?” Another advantage of standing desks is their capacity to assist people to control their blood glucose levels. Decreased blood sugar levels are linked to a lower risk of illness, making a person healthier. Particularly considering sitting has the opposite effect!

2. Reduce back pain and boost office productivity

Surprisingly, standing workstations can also help those with back discomfort. Some seats aren't designed to fit the shape of a person's body, yet healthy people can stand. One of the most well-known benefits of Autonomous oak standing desks is their capacity to increase productivity. If one of the advantages of a stand-up desk is increased productivity, you might wonder, "How does that work?" If you consider the health benefits listed above, you'll note that the better a person's health is, the more competent they are at whatever they set their minds to. Logic dictates that if a person is less stressed, they should be able to function efficiently!


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