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Ovicx Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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Wherever you are, this ultraportable massage gun - with 4 massage heads and 4 levels of intensity - melts away fatigue when you need it most.

• Ultra portable

• High-impact brushless monitor

• 4 massage heads

• 4 intensity levels

• Fast charging

• 7 hours of use per charge

Core Features

• 1-year warranty
Ovicx Deep Tissue Massage Gun
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Mini massage guns are a famous portable purchase making rounds of popularity on the internet. Hundreds of athletes use OVICX deep tissue massage gun to fight off muscle soreness and prepare them before a big game. And with working from home or even in offices for hours, there is likely you have an emerging back pain or constant neck pain sitting at desk. Even if you are constantly experiencing muscle soreness from the work from home exercise equipment, a massage gun lower back pain could be a great choice. The truth is that it can help you fight off the home gym equipment and after-work soreness if you choose it properly. Some key points to help you choose the best massage gun shoulder or entire body and discuss why the Ovicx deep tissue massage gun could be the best choice for you.

How to Choose the Best Massage Gun for Shoulder, Neck & Back Pain?

1. Type & Purpose

Even though most mini-massage gun neck use percussive therapy, there is another version that uses vibration. When it comes to choosing the right gun, it's safe to say that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. When it comes to selecting an appropriate mini massage gun, the difference is in the preferences and requirements of the consumers. The most significant distinction between these two varieties is the gun's amplitude. Your lifestyle is also important. If you live a more active lifestyle, you may want to invest in a gun that can offer you a more intense massage every time to break up lactic acid and promote performance and recovery.

2. Attachment

The different attachments with the massage gun lower back pain can make or break your entire experience. Different attachments also work well for different parts of the body. This is particularly because some muscles are more sensitive than others; hence, you need to understand what type of attachment to use for what kind of pain.

3. Intensity or RPM

RPM stands for Revolutions per Minute in a massage gun. It indicates how many times the pistol can hit in one minute. The majority of massage guns on the market have RPMs ranging from 2000 to 3200. It will be more advantageous if the gun has a variety of RPMs. The reason for this is that you may require more intense massages in some cases, but you may also require gentle massages. As a result, the gun's various speed settings will be useful at all times.

4. Noise

The motor components in the mini-massage gun neck will undoubtedly produce noise. This is crucial to consider because some gadgets can be quite noisy, especially when used in a small space or on surfaces close to the ears. Decibel is a measure of noise, and most massage guns come with a mentioned amount of noise level.

Why Is Ovicx Deep Tissue Massage Gun Best For You?

There are many reasons for the OVICX deep tissue massage gun to take the lead amongst the other massage guns in the market. To put it briefly, it has all the features that you might desire in a massage gun. Here are some reasons to purchase the OVICX deep tissue massage gun for muscle pain. It is portable. It has dimensions of 6.5 x 3.7 inches and weighs only slightly over 1 pound, so you can carry it in your hand-carry bag wherever you go. Rather than taking out the entire box each time you feel a little soreness, this massage gun is just like a little tool to make you feel better anywhere. Secondly, the battery life is what makes it a great choice. The battery lives up to its name with a lithium-ion battery and can work up to 7 hours nonstop without any hindrance. This long battery is a desirable feature in the massage gun because you cannot charge it every two hours. Another talk-worthy feature of this product is the intensity of the massage. The OVICX deep tissue massage gun has a great massaging power which is both de-stressing and refreshing. The quiet noise operation also makes it ideal for bedtime massage while others are deep in slumber. All these features combined make the OVICX deep tissue massage gun an affordable and wise choice.