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HEALBE GoBe3 Smart Band

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Full body dashboard to deliver efficient habit management into home-office life. Enhance your wellness with automated nutrition, stress, hydration and sleep analysis.

• Autonomous calorie tracking with high accuracy

• Bio-grounded drink reminders

• Day and Night sleep analysis

• Constant Pulse measurement 24/7

• Glare-free Memory-in-pixel display

• Corning Gorilla glass lens

• Lightweight and comfy design

• 1-year warranty

The world’s only nutrition-control smart band


100% autonomous calorie intake tracking

Forget about food diaries or calorie calculation. HEALBE’s exclusive FLOW Technology delivers comprehensive insights on individual nutrition. Validated by the University of California of Davis to deliver 89% accuracy.

Auto nutrition tracking


Quality materials

The scratch resistant watch face is crafted with a titanium bioimpedance sensor contact pad, high-strength ABS case and bezel, and dustproof charging socket.

Quality materials


Body water monitoring

GoBe3 measures changes in your body's hydration, activity, pulse and body stress to accurately track when you’re dehydrated. Reminds you to drink when your body needs it.

Body water monitoring


Stress analysis

An easier way to prevent burnouts. Easy to navigate charts let you visually analyze and manage your stress response. Track your accumulated stress in the HEALBE app to find your perfect work/life balance.

Stress analysis


Sleep tracking & Smart alarms

GoBe3 helps to make your sleep refreshing and stable. Track Duration, REM-pattern, Quality and Anxiety level to find your ideal sleep pattern OR start your day easily with Smart alarms: use REM-alarm to wake easily or Quality-alarm to wake fully restored.

2 smart alarms


24/7 pulse measurement

GoBe3 measures pulse constantly to give a brief layout of its important parameters. Track your pulse during activities, rest or analyze daily averages to maximize workouts and find interesting lifestyle insights.

24/7 pulse measurement

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Is A Smart Fitness Watch Good For You? Get To Know Here!

Are you looking for the best smart fitness watch? Or which wristbands are the most efficient at monitoring fitness metrics? Then you must be asking yourself several inquiries, ranging from their features to their style and price. Nowadays, the demand for home gym equipment and smartwatches is increasing daily. By using a fitness band, you can easily measure your progress. You'll be able to burn calories, lose weight, and monitor your results in this manner! HEALBE GoBe3 smart fitness watch is an addition to your smartphone, allowing you to get messages, answer calls via your wristband, access apps, & keep track of time. People who wear smartwatches can now interact in ways that have never been feasible previously. The band has important implications for watching users' habits, including their wellness. However, the main benefit of a smart fitness band is that you wear it nearly all of the time. It is a must-have in the present era, whether to adorn your wrist or for useful purposes.

Make Yourself Responsible for Daily Motivation & Establish Your Goals

HEALBE GoBe3 smart fitness watch will hold you responsible if you're going out alone or in a "competition" with others. Each day, your activity tracker will encourage you to do some office chair exercises. A prompt from your monitor helps keep you back on the right track if you become distracted or forget about the work! Another benefit of activity trackers is the ability to see your development. You see how many calories you've burnt, how footsteps you've walked, and also how often you've spent moving on your watch. It can also serve as a reminder if you're not engaging in that pastime. This visible representation of your success can motivate you to work much harder, which brings this to the next point on our checklist. Making exercise goals is the most effective approach to get it. You may measure your daily activity as you strive to your goals using HEALBE GoBe3 smart fitness watch. For example, you can establish a time restriction and prepare to go below it if you're running a marathon with a treadmill. The best fitness smartwatch tracker can also remind you how far you've come if you're aiming to reduce calories. Observing your success frequently encourages you to continue working toward your objectives. You'll be making progress with each exercise this way.

Keep a Sleep Record and Eating Healthy

Monitoring your sleeping is among the advantages of a smart watch fitness tracker. This way, you'll be able to make good decisions over time to fix your sleeping. Activity trackers don't only keep a record of your activities. They also keep track of how many meals and drinks you consume. Whenever it comes to living an active life, understand that diet is just as vital as exercise. You can also observe how your activities and calorie consumption correspond. This way, you'll know if you're reducing fat or if you're receiving enough calories to get by!

Keep in Touch & Monitor pulse rate

A watch fitness band can also assist you in putting your smartphone down and getting your exercise done. When you're out running or doing exercises, these monitors employ Wifi to keep you informed of updates. Your best fitness smart band can also monitor your pulse rate & circulation.

What to Consider When Buying Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

1. Appearance: HEALBE GoBe3 smart fitness watch will be worn for lengthy periods each day; thus, it must be attractive. The band should also get made of a quality that looks gentle on your skin. Check that it doesn't slide off your hand or feel overly weighty.

2. Display: HEALBE GoBe3 smart fitness watch should have an excellent display that can get read even in direct sun. In addition, it is necessary to have a sufficient screen to display key info, including step data in legible text size.

3. Life of the battery: Other significant consideration while shopping for the finest smartwatch is the battery capacity. For general fitness wristbands, a week of battery capacity is a good estimate. Workout watches should last four to five days. Smart fitness trackers also help you to monitor your health.

4. Waterproofing: This is soon being a must-have smart wristband function. Of course, Swim-proofing isn't vital if you're a diver; however, having a wearable that functions in the rain or during an exercise while it's pouring is ideal.

5. Receiving notifications: If your digital bracelet enables notifications, check if it merely pings or provides data like the caller's identity & phone number. This incoming Calls function comes in handy a lot.

About Healbe

Healbe is devoted to benefiting humanity by making them happy, healthier, and more efficient. Healbe provides GoBe, a health smart watch that delivers the most precise, detailed data about a human to their smartphone with ease. Several people choose to keep track of time by wearing a watch in their hand. The purpose (simply displaying the time) or the appearances are both important. On the other hand, HEALBE GoBe3 smart fitness watch are becoming less appealing as smartphones have grown in popularity. If your phone indicates the time, have a planner and an alarm system, why do you require a watch? But on the other side, HEALBE GoBe3 smart fitness watch is somewhat unusual. It has all of the functions of a traditional look, and it can also do things that smartphones can't.


Don't see the answer to your question?

How does this band track burned calories?
It measures calorie expenditure by calculating two types of energy expenditure: basal metabolism (the number of calories your body consumes to maintain basic functions at rest) and physical activity, measured by a nine-axis accelerometer and pulse monitor.
The battery capacity of this is quite large, up to 370mAh, but doesn’t perform longer than 35 hours. Why?
GoBe3 health band measures everything continuously, 24/7, to provide you with the most accurate data on the most important parameters of your body. Also, a good amount of energy is required to measure consumed calories and hydration levels via the improved bioimpedance sensor.
How do I charge the band correctly?
You can extend your band life on a single charge, it depends a lot on how often you sync your band with the HEALBE app. For optimal battery life, we recommend you sync your device no more than 3-5 times a day and better in the morning, and start wearing it at least half an hour before breakfast for accurate calorie counting.
Is this band waterproof?
This is a 1 ATM splash-resistant smart band and can sustain accidental exposure to water, including, for example, splashes, perspiration or accidental immersion like rain. It should not be exposed to any higher levels of water pressure. Do not wear your GoBe3 in the swimming pool or ocean. Saltwater may also damage your device.
Can I wear the band on my ankle?
No, the band cannot be used attached to the ankle. It is designed to be worn on the wrist like a typical watch. You can wear them on either arm, inside or outside of your forearm.
Does the sensor show the time?
Yes, absolutely! GoBe3 with its MIP-display is very comfortable to use as a timepiece too. You can see the current time on its display at any moment, even in the brightest sunlight.
What features does the HEALBE app support?
The HEALBE app features:
• Weight dynamics tracking
• Weight goals management
• Data syncing with Apple Health/Google Fit
Are there any requirements for app usage?
Apple owners: iOS 10 (or higher):
- Android 5.0 (or higher)
- Your mobile device must also support Bluetooth Low Energy technology (Bluetooth LE)
How do I keep my band clean?
• Avoid applying moisturizing creams, cosmetics, or oils to the skin under the sensors.
• After working out or whenever you remove your watch, wipe and dry the rear surface of the band that comes in contact with the skin, as well as your wrist, to avoid irritation from accumulated moisture.
Will the band affect my skin?
• We do not recommend wearing the band if the skin zone under the sensor is marked by tattoos, scars, inflammatory changes, or other severe skin surface damage.
• Skin irritation may also be caused by an allergic reaction to the band’s materials. A full list of materials in contact with the skin can be found in the Specs section.
Is there a “learning” period for the calorie counting feature?
Yes. The automatic learning process can take anywhere from two days to two weeks. We use machine-learning algorithms that learn from your body’s data, so the more you wear the device, the more accurate the results are.
What apps does it integrate with?
GoBe3 currently supports integrations with Apple Health and Google Fit.
What will happen if I don’t wear my band?
When not in use, the app will continue to calculate your basal metabolism by making assumptions based on your personal data such as age, gender, weight, height, etc. But the portion of physical energy usage will have a high level of error, making your total energy consumption value less accurate.
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