BODYGYM 2.0 All-In-One Home Gym -
BODYGYM 2.0 All-In-One Home Gym -
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BODYGYM 2.0 All-In-One Home Gym

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BODYGYM 2.0 All-In-One Home Gym at a glance.

An All-In-One portable home gym for full body workouts. Replace thousands of dollars of gym equipment with a portable kit that lets you workout anytime, anywhere.

• 150+ strength training exercises.

• Level 2 resistance band (10-40lbs).

• Turn the bar. Increase resistance.

• Weighs less than 2lbs.

• Snaps apart for convenient storage.

• 1-year warranty

Resistance Band Bar are Part and Parcel of The Portable Home Gym Pack.

If you are into fitness and well-being, you should invest in a resistance band bar. This piece of portable gym equipment is essential for a full-body workout. You will have to work against an external resistance that comes to your body muscles due to the resistance band bar. While working out, you generally push yourself against this Bodygym bar and there will be no chance of muscle pain at all. This all-purpose gym set makes it redundant for you to go to the gym every day. Portable gym equipment will allow you to go through a hardcore exercise from the very comfort zone of your home. To activate your muscles, you need only a few dumbbells and cables. This body resistance band is actually an at-home exerciser and will challenge your muscles. You can use the high-quality ones for warm-ups, stretching, and all the other types of mobility work. The resistance band bar is nothing but two cables and a rod. These body gym fitness equipment can be stored anywhere. It occupies less than a square inch on the ground. These gym equipment are pretty lightweight and portable in nature.

How to Use BODYGYM 2.0 Resistance Band as A Pro

Well, a resistance band bar should be used in the right way. A little mistake can cause you severe injury in this case. So, let's know about the problems you can face while using and how to use it right.

1. Disbalances

There can be a lot of accidents due to disbalance, which will occur to you when the dominant side of your body takes over, and you focus on only one side of your body. Whenever you feel any such disbalance, you should not progress anymore with the resistance band bar.

2. Flexibility in movement

While rotating the resistance band bar, you can get hurt in your wrist or hand. The resistance gym band should be used in such a way that the hand and the wrist will remain in a naturally free position all the time.

3. Wrong resistance

It is important to go for the right resistance. If you stand on the equipment, you can push against some high amount of resistance. But for beginners, a low resistance will be good enough.

4. Bar setups

If you are interested in knowing the right way to use the resistance band bar, you should focus on bar setups as well. There can be DIY solution bars, hook bars, flat band bars, etc. The users should choose these bars, depending on their exercise styles.


The Bodygym refers to a world-renowned brand or online store which sells only home gym equipment. You will get all types of advanced gym instruments here in this one-stop-shop. All the instruments manufactured by Bodygym are pretty portable and lightweight. In simple words, Bodygym is simplifying fitness training and exercise for gym enthusiasts. You can purchase a Bodygym kit pack if you want. Apart from this, they sell various gym accessories as well. The company has recently launched a Bodygym app as well. All their products are pretty affordable in nature. The resistance band pull-up bar is excellent at home gym equipment and affordable to everyone. Get this extraordinary gym equipment and stay fit.


Don't see the answer to your question?

What should I do if I’m just getting started?
Don’t worry. Each set comes with a guide booklet where you can find the assembly instructions and 12 exercises for users to get started.
Can you workout your entire body?
Yes, you can replace nearly every machine in the gym to workout your upper body, lower body, chest, back, and core.
How compact is the set?
The bar breaks down so you can easily store it in a backpack, large purse, or carry-on bag for travel. It’s extremely lightweight and portable.
Do you need to attach this to a door or wall?
No, the set does not require an anchoring system or door attachment like many other resistance training equipment.