6 Creative Office Layout Ideas For A Productive Workspace

6 Creative Office Layout Ideas For A Productive Workspace

|Apr 15, 2021

Reasons for changing an office layout may vary from person to person. Perhaps you need inspiration because your company is shifting to a new location. Or, maybe your co-workers merely want a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, new office layout ideas can have several benefits.

For one, a change of scenery can boost employee morale. After all, working in the same environment day after day can get mundane and unexciting. Simultaneously, an improved office layout plan creates a better impression on potential clients!

Are you ready to make a business statement with the best office layout design? If so, dive in because this article will introduce you to different layout plans!

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6 Office Layout Ideas

More goes into setting up an office than putting together a few desks or building a few cubicles. Here are different types of office layouts you can incorporate for your company! Browse through your options to see which one best matches your needs.

1. Cellular Office Layout

A cellular office layout, one of the most popular designs, is quite efficient. So if you notice a sudden boost in your employee’s performance, don’t let it surprise you! In this office space layout, you will find the floor area divided into individual cubicles with ceiling stud partitions, windows, or doors.

Typically, these cubicles follow a sequential arrangement to give employees their private space. So workers have the freedom to perform their duties as they see fit. This design makes for an environment that is equal parts focused and systematic.

Companies with different operational teams significantly benefit from this layout style. After all, it contributes to both the team and the company’s productivity.



More privacy

Hinders employee communications

More personalization of workstations

Unsuitable for claustrophobic employees


Visual barriers for superiors

cellular office layout

2. Open Office Layout

An open office layout is ideal for companies looking to promote effective and transparent employee communication. Simultaneously, this design will also ensure that there is a high level of discipline around the workspace.

This layout tends to divide the whole floor space with low partitions. Here, employees can set up their workstations using an office standing desk or choose to share one with their coworkers. Of course, either way, employees get individual ergonomic office chairs and computers.

This non-territorial office layout plan is excellent for boosting collaboration and building employee relationships.



Cost and space-efficient

Less privacy

Promotes communication and collaboration

Many distractions


It makes employees anxious about supervision

open office layout

3. Coworking Office Layout

One of the more popular office layout ideas is the coworking office space. This trendy and chic work environment offers no guarantees of a private workstation. Instead, here, a “first come, first serve” policy determines where employees work.

Employees can choose where they prefer to work depending on their needs. Or, employers may assign specific work areas to different employees or teams depending on their tasks. This office space layout is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to promote social interaction within their company.

With the flexibility offered by the workspace, collaborations are far more manageable. Others who may benefit from this office space layout are freelancers without their own office. Pay a small fee, and you could be working in this comfortable and collaborative environment.



Flexible, cost and saving-efficient

Many distractions

Best for start-ups and freelancers

Lack of personalization for workstations

More networking prospects

coworking office layout

4. Hybrid Office Layout

hybrid work model gives employers a lot of freedom in designing the space as they wish. As a result, a hybrid work schedule option is one of the most versatile on this list.

A combination office plan gives you the benefit of enjoying both an open and a cellular layout. So you can segregate the area as individual cubicles but use less space to do so.

Also, in the hybrid work from home layout, people do not rely on doors or windows for separation. Instead, they prefer to use standard bulk office furniture order facilities, including tables, couches, and chairs, creating an open office illusion.



Improves productivity

Many distractions

Ensures smooth communication

Establishing a standard operating system may prove difficult.

hybrid office layout

5. Traditional Office Layout

A traditional office space layout is perhaps the oldest style of office planning. These layouts usually have built-in personal offices for employees that are either permanent or semi-permanent.

Traditional office layouts tend to be combinations of offices as well as meeting spaces. Along with that, they usually have an open reception area for hosting clients. This office layout plan is ideal for those looking for a more predictable office environment.

A traditional workplace is a lot more structured, offering employees amenities unavailable in other office layouts. These include parking facilities, IT amenities, cafeterias, and more.



Additional amenities

Strict oversight and management

Structured environment

Possibly monotonous

Personalized workspaces

More expensive

traditional office layout

6. Low Partition Office Layout

A low partition office takes inspiration from the cubicle office layout plan. However, here, the walls tend to be lower in height than in the cubicle style. So this type of office layout allows for far more interaction and collaboration between employees.

The office styles also include meeting rooms and separate offices for added privacy. While the walls are sufficient for segregating belongings, they do not necessarily keep out noise. This office environment works great for several employees. After all, they have enough space to work themselves while still reaching out to their coworkers for help if needed.

Like the co-working office space layout, this one too combines a cubicle and an open office layout. So this is another suitable option for those looking for the best of both worlds.



More private

May get noisy

Promotes communication

Not private enough


Many distractions

low partition layout

Wrap Up

Bear in mind that your employees spend eight hours a day at the office on average. So you want to create an environment for them where they can comfortably complete assigned tasks. Simultaneously, the optimal office layout space will promote more productivity, which is better for the organization.

You now have a list of the six different office layout ideas! So choose one that best matches your needs and then make the most of it!

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