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Wholesale Office Desks - Best Standing Desk Price from Autonomous

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 9, 2021

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Is your office in need of new office furniture? Are you renovating and looking to spruce up the space with durable yet affordable pieces? Then wholesale is the way to go. Workstations are key elements in having an effective free-flowing office.

Having quality, comfortable office furniture and decor can promote ergonomics, employee wellbeing, productivity, and performance. As an office designer or business owner, getting wholesale office desks or other wholesale office furniture types can be a cost-effective option to explore. You achieve two objectives by catering to ergonomic demands while minimizing business expenses. 

Before buying and selecting an office desk, you must ensure the desk meets your specific needs. Why would you want to go with the office standing desk with adjustable features, for example? It must help your team to perform its duties to the best of its ability. Other factors that influence the decision are the desired aesthetic appeal, size of the office, personal work needs and comfort, how people work, functionality, and your work-based needs.

Wholesale Office Desk Buying Guide

While going for an office furniture bulk order for the workplace is likely to save you some money, you can’t jump in and do so blindly. Wholesale office desks can also be a mistake if you don’t plan and think about the context effectively. Create a checklist or a buying guide with all the requirements and needs. Most office desks are made from wood veneer, while others come in glass, laminate, and steel, for example. The material would be one of the things that lead to your eventual decision.

Wholesale Office Desk Buying Guide

The type of desk is also important as there are various sizes and styles you can choose from such as L-shaped desks, U-shaped desks, regular adjustable standing desks, executive desks, and reception desks. Furniture wholesalers allow you to shop with confidence by offering several options to fit your budget and office atmosphere. 

Factors and Scenarios to Consider before the Big Purchase

Discounted Prices and Series

Office desks are typically expensive, so it would be good if you can take advantage of any discount the wholesalers may have. Buying the desks in bulk is almost universally known as the best way to secure discount pricing. This principle carries over into other areas of purchases too, which is why businesses tend to be on the lookout for bulk opportunities. 

Discounted Prices and Series

Consider viewing the complete wholesale office furniture series of the desk being purchased. Sometimes, the desks are a part of a series or collection and can include other amenities and items that are beneficial, such as bookcases, ergonomic office chairs, stands, and lateral file cabinets. 


Features are what set a good commercial office desk apart from the rest and that is not just on an aesthetic level. Depending on the features and specifications you require, the cost and the perceived value can both fluctuate. You must walk the line of features vs price delicately since you want to make your purchase where the two are most optimal as a set.

Certain attributes such as build quality, keyboard tray presence, weight limit, type of wood (assuming the desk is a wooden one), surface area, edge design, and finish can reflect on the price and sway your eventual decision. 


Modern workers now require numerous devices to be plugged in such as laptops, tablets, desktops, and phones. These are most optimally used when they are plugged into the same location, which means desks with ports are automatically desirable.

Additionally, the staff members are left with other ports for desk accessories, such as their electric sharpeners and lamps. The convenient port placement allows for employees to practice proper cable management.  

Some may see these requirements as extras, but there is nothing wrong with them. Much of the workday is spent sitting around the desk, so the benefits of flexibility and higher productivity are often worth the price tags that they come with.

Office Working Model and Setting

Your work model is important to consider when buying office furniture. Do you have a flexible working model or a traditional one? If most of your workforce operates on a hybrid schedule where they spend a considerable amount of time out of the office or travel a lot, you might not need a desk for those employees.

Alternatively, they may have many supplies at the office, which means investing in a commercial office desk or bulk office desk with lockable drawers and compartments can offer them some privacy and security. 

Office Working Model and Setting

If your company uses the hot-desking or hoteling system, then buying wholesale office desks can be a great investment. You can get numerous desks to facilitate the criteria of either system at a reasonable price.

For a growing organization with ever-changing employee roles, a standard office desk may be more of a hindrance than it is helpful. You might want to consider getting a modular desk style instead. Not only are these desks multifunctional, but they also adapt to various office setups.

Office Chair

While the aim is to get wholesale office desks, consider the budgeting for office chairs too. People do need to sit, after all. Even those who are using standing desks should not be expected to stand for the whole day. The most effective way to work under such circumstances is to implement sit-stand sessions in acceptable intervals.

Chairs must be reasonable based on the desks’ height. There are also the matters of appearance, comfort, and support. Are they encouraging and stimulating good posture?

Office Chair

Remember, your employees spend a great deal of time seated inside the office. A human resource manager should have employee’s best interests at heart, as should business owners. As such, you must tackle office furniture fatigue, reduced blood flow, and reduce the chances of employees feeling stressed and unproductive.

You’re not a doctor, but you don’t need to be to address these issues. The only requirement is that you care enough to select furniture pieces that are conducive to good health.

Employee Preferences

If your employees are the type who have two or three computer monitors on their desks and handle a lot of paperwork daily, a desk with a spacious top and keyboard tray works well here. You could even achieve this in corners by using an L-shaped unit.

Employee Preferences

You can ask yourself these questions as you finalize the purchase:

  • “Can this commercial office desk fit into our style and portray the desired image?”
  • “Does this desk meet our personal requirements?”
  • “Can the desk comfortably fit into the office considering the size of each workspace?”
  • “Can I get this desk with the budget allocated?” 

Once you can provide adequate answers to the questions, then you are on the right track to make the wholesale office desks order. 

Office Standing Desk Bulk Order from Autonomous


If the idea of wholesale standing desk purchases has caught your eye, then Autonomous has you covered. The company is known for the best ergonomic furniture to fit any office setup. It doesn’t matter if the needs are traditional or home-based.

Additionally, the pricing starts at competitive levels to fit almost any office budget. Ordering in bulk with Autonomous can save you quite a bit, which gives you something to spend on the office chairs that are next on the agenda for your organization. 

You can visit Autonomous’ website and browse through the catalog to see some of the best chairs available under the bulk order section such as the following items for your wholesale office desks.

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro (SmartDesk Business)

This SmartDesk Pro mainstay in the Autonomous stock is a motorized standing desk that has one of the best height ranges on the market. It is versatile and suited for both your traditional office and home setups. These desks are built to ensure productivity and comfort, which are both wins for your workforce. 

Autonomous SmartDesk Pro (SmartDesk Business)

Sturdiness and having a quiet motor are two traits that also sets it apart from the others. You have a selection of tabletop colors and frame styles. The best part is you don’t need to consider only the preset options. High customization is available for your needs. 

Your wholesale office desks purchases are covered by warranties on both the top and the frame. The assembly is incredibly easy, and the unit is certified on different levels. For this desk, the standard price sits at $699, but ordering in bulk is going to see you get a much better deal on each desk.

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Core (SmartDesk Home Office)

The SmartDesk Core is known for its heavy-duty steel frame, and its vigorous and smooth dual motor lifting. It is designed to boost your productivity and energy levels almost immediately by contributing to comfort and increased energy. It also does not have a steep learning curve. With an assembly time of 20-30 minutes and a tremendous warranty, this desk sits at $499. 

Autonomous SmartDesk Core (SmartDesk Home Office)

The color scheme of this commercial office desk is extensive, and the unit is made of warp-proof MDF wood. There’s an extra-large option if you need the top to have an even greater working space for multiple monitors and other peripherals. There are a ton of reviews too, which should help you understand the value you are getting and there’s also a 30-day trial period that you can take advantage of to assure yourself that you’ve chosen the right piece of furniture for the office’s needs. This is such an excellent wholesale office desks option for your workplace.

3. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner (SmartDesk L-Shaped)

Do you have corner space that you’re looking to capitalize on? Are you also looking for something beautiful by practical at the same time? If so, then why look any further than the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner? With its silent triple motor system that can carry up to 440 pounds easily, this desk is designed to optimize space and handle heavy loads.

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner (SmartDesk L-Shaped)

It’s very unlikely that you have such heavy office equipment, but if you do, that should be no problem for this commercial office desk. As you can tell, this desk is suited for employees with corner spaces based on its shape. Additionally, you can choose where the long and short sides go during assembly, as the design is not static. Choose from preset tabletop and base color combinations or feel free to customize things to your liking. 

This efficient L-shaped standing desk costs $999, but of course, should you go with a bulk office desk order, your price becomes significantly less per unit. 

4. Autonomous SmartDesk Core Duo (Double Desk)

If you are looking for wholesale office desks or bulk office desk that offer both privacy and collaboration, then the SmartDesk Core Duo is here for you with its double standing desk feature that fits well into any modern style office. The built-in wire management allows your office and each workstation to look tidy so employees can work fast with less time spent searching for stuff and cables coming undone.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core Duo (Double Desk)

It has the total package. There is a 30-day trial, cable trays, beneficial warranty, certification, good dimensions, and is made from high-quality MDF wood. It’s available in only white, which is not an issue as white is timeless, classy, sleek, and fits any décor or layout.

The selling price for this desk is $999 but you are making a bulk order then you can expect it to get quite a bit lower.

Make Your Order Today!

Making wholesale office furniture online on the Autonomous site is quite simple. You start by filling out a form with basic information detailing the name of your organization, the contact number, an email address, and the company size. After that, you can expect a call back from a representative to discuss the price and other elements of the potential purchase agreement with you.

Bulk office desk orders are not new, and this is one of the best times to capitalize on their availability. While buying greater numbers of office furniture at the standard price can be very intimidating, things become that much more optimal in bulk. There are many health complications and other issues afflicting office workers consistently.

Therefore, the need for ergonomic furniture is non-negotiable. Whether you are an office designer, business owner, or human resource employee, ensuring that the team has the best equipment should be a priority. Thankfully, the solution is right here, and you don't need to go searching too far to ensure your workforce is in good spirits and health.

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