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EUREKA ERGONOMIC EUREKA Ultra Long Standing Desk: Manual Height Settings

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• {Height Adjustable Desk} The Computer Desk Adjustable with 5-Level Mechanical Lifting Height which suits the most comfortable posture. You could lift from 24'' to 32''. • {Compatible For Gaming and Office Desk} One of the sturdiest, wide surface, and Height-Adjustable Table. Provides almost 3 monitors supporting or 165 lbs max load with accuracy assemble. • {The It’s Organized Advantage} The team of over 100 has expertise in our leading technology. Height Adjustable Computer Desk had passed the Carb certification ensures complete protection for you and your family.
• 5-year warranty


60〃 Computer Desk, Manual Height Adjustable
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Work-from-home employees understand how tiring it is to be seated for long periods of time. Talk to a colleague, take a stroll at lunch, and do other things during your free time at the workplace. This is more challenging now that you're working from home. You should consider if a manual standing desk by Eureka Ergonomic store is the best option for you. Despite the fact that prolonged sitting is bad for us, many of us spend hours each week at our desks. The research found that sitting for long periods raised the chance of developing chronic diseases and dying prematurely by 10% to 20%. It's impossible to emphasize the positive effects that the best manual standing desk options have on the health of those who spend their whole day in front of a computer. It has been shown, for instance, that those who use manual adjustable height desk options have a much easier time of it and feel less discomfort. It is very important that you know about the proper height standing desk for yourself. Investing in an ergonomic standing desk is a good beginning step, but it's not enough; you also need to take breaks to stretch and move about to prevent muscle atrophy and improve blood flow. Taking these intervals will help you maintain an active lifestyle.

Why Go For a Manual Standing Desk?

The potential health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time have prompted some to rethink traditional workplace seating configurations. Office workers have little choice but to lead unhealthy lifestyles because of the nature of their jobs. In contrast, manual adjustable height desk options have given such people new reasons for optimism. You can sit or stand at a manual sit-stand desk, making them a potential future workplace design staple. Discussing the health benefits of a manual adjustable standing desk below.

Pros of Manual Standing Desk

Burn Calories, Less Stress & Better Focus

Relieving tension and stiffness in the legs, back, and other peripheral muscles by alternating between standing and sitting at a manual sit-stand desk, like a Eureka standing desk is a proven method for improving comfort and productivity at work. More calories may be expended by standing as opposed to sitting. Standing is preferable to sitting, even if it is not the same as doing out at a gym. Alternating between sitting and standing may boost concentration and vitality. You may feel sluggish and exhausted after sitting and working for long periods of time. An adjustable desk may give you the boost you need to get out of bed and go to work on those days when you simply can't seem to gather any energy.

Better Posture & Improvement in Stamina

Long hours of sitting may wreak havoc on your posture, leading to concerns including tension in the neck and shoulders as well as back pain. By forcing you to retrain your muscles and maintain good posture, sit-stand desks are a terrific investment. Those who shifted from a sedentary work life to one at a standing desk reported more involvement with their job and fewer musculoskeletal issues. Participants reduced their daily sitting time by 82.39 minutes after 12 months, replacing it with standing time.

Features of Eureka Ultra Long Manual Standing Desk

This 60-inch standing desk has five height adjustments, making this height-adjustable desk ideal for a wide range of users. Find the most comfortable and practical for your body type quickly and easily. Formaldehyde emissions from these eco-friendly materials used in this Eureka standing desk are far lower than those required by international standards, and the scratch-resistant coating keeps the desk's surface looking new even after daily use. The overall dimensions of this 60-inch standing desk are 47" x 24" x 24"- 32" (H). This desk has enough space for two screens, a printer, some houseplants, and a computer. Substantial lower-level head- and legroom, measuring in at 32 inches.

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