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Mount-It! MI-7951 Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!

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Free up your workspace and work more ergonomically. Converts any table into a height adjustable sit-to-stand workstation. Includes generous desktop space for your laptop and peripherals, and a monitor riser that allows full tilt and rotation of your screen display.

• Ergonomic comfort

• Holds up to 44lbs

• VESA 75x75mm, 100x100mm compatible

• +/- 45° screen tilt

• 360° screen rotation

• Adjustable height of 1.75"-20.75"

• Slot for tablets/smartphones

• Cable management

Core Features

Weight capacity: 44 pounds Height range: 1.75"- 20.75" Tabletop dimensions: 28.3" x 18.9" Compatibility: 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA patterns, screens up to 32"
• 10-year warranty


MI-7951 has a powerful motor that easily and quietly raises and lowers the work surface with the touch of a button.
Mount-It! MI-7951 Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!
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In today’s business world, ergonomics and healthier working methods are becoming increasingly important. Among the many kinds of ergonomic furniture, Mount-It motorized standing desk converters are one of the most popular.

Benefits of Electric Standing Desk Converter

A height adjustable standing desk converter is an affordable, long-term investment into your health. Spending too much of that time sitting with bad posture can negatively affect your health in the long run. Choosing an adjustable desktop standing desk is an easy way to resolve this concern and allow your body to stretch and be mobile throughout the workday. By using a desk converter and standing more, you can also increase your metabolism. This simple tweak to your lifestyle could potentially increase the longevity and quality of your life. Along with this, a height adjustable standing desk converter can also help relieve muscle and joint pain. To solve these, a standing desk converter is a great option. It will help you elongate and align your spine while working. Not only does using a converter help with physical well-being, but it can also boost emotional well-being. An electric standing desk converter can help boost productivity and improve overall mood in a simple manner. Given all these benefits, why would any desktop user say no to this product.

The Mount-It Motorized Standing Desk Converter

In recent years, the popularity of motorized standing desk converters has exploded. People are looking to optimize their work performance and keep up their health. To do this, many look towards an adjustable desktop standing desk as they have proven benefits for posture and fatigue, and are slowly becoming the standard when it comes to office desks. One of the best desk converters on the market is the Mount-It Motorized Standing Desk Converter.

Reasons to choose Mount-It

1. Power motor: The Mount-It Motorized Standing Desk Converter is a height adjustable standing desk converter. It features a power motor that makes the shift from sitting to standing extremely easy. Within a few seconds, the electric standing desk converter will do all the work for you. All you need to do is touch a button. It also makes it so you can avoid straining your back while trying to manually adjust your desk setup, giving you an ideal standing position, which can be quite important.

2. Sufficient work area: The product comes with a large desk to allow sufficient work area. It measures 28.3 x 18.9 inches which is ideal to accommodate devices such as desktops, keyboards, laptops and more. They also have a specific space allocated for phones or tablets.

3. Ergonomic design: There is a dedicated spot for everything you may need at your desk. The Mount-It motorized standing desk converter features a monitor mount that ensures your desktop or laptop stays in place. It also means your device will not move while you convert the desk from the sitting or standing position. Its mounts are VESA 75x75 and 100x100 compatible which means it can fit any and every monitor. A screen up to 32 inches can easily fit on this Mount-It standing desk converter. They also have a full range of motion and are fitted with a VESA bolt whole pattern... All of this ensures the comfortable viewing of your screen.

4. Adjustable platform: The Mount-It electric standing desk converter also has an adjustable platform. With a height of 1.75 to 20.75 inches, this means that the product can work perfectly for people of any height. As extra nifty additions, the Mount It also has a cable organising system attached to the back. This allows you to organise your wires and keep your desk area clean. Finally, the product has a stable base which can fit into small spaces. This makes it ideal to use in any setting- open concept, cubicle or office.

About Mount-It

Based in San Diego, Mount-It is a family run business that aims to offer cost-effective solutions to all office related needs. They have a wide range of products that aid with an average person's work life. Their goal is to provide their customers with high-grade, quality products which are easily available throughout the country. In today’s business world, ergonomics and healthier working methods are becoming increasingly important. Among the many kinds of ergonomic furniture, standing desk converters are one of the most popular – and the Mount It Converter is one of the best. The benefits of the Mount-It Standing Desk Converter are extraordinary. If you notice your posture being less than optimal or you face undesired aches and pains, this is the product for you. So go purchase your Mount-It and enjoy an enhanced working life experience.