Shipping Policy

Order confirmation

A confirmation email which includes your estimated shipping date will be sent to you after the order has been placed. Once your order is shipped:

  • We will send a Shipment Confirmation email which provides you with a tracking number(s) of the shipment, along with the link for tracking your package(s) on the next working day of the estimated ship date.  

  • You will then receive the order at the provided shipping address within the time frame based on your location.

If you find that your order(s) has passed the estimated shipping date but you do not have the tracking information, please contact our Customer Service Department on Help Center page.

Shipping service

We use third-party shipping partners to deliver our products to customers. Our usual shipping partner is UPS or FedEx.

Keep in mind:

  • Free shipping is applied for most Autonomous products purchased directly on the website unless explicitly stated otherwise for a specific product such as Vendor products or special product category.

  • Please be aware that we offer ground shipping service but not other expediting shipping options. Our ground shipments do not require a signature for delivery. 

  • For bulk orders (more than 5 desks/chairs), we will use LTL freight shipping. 

Shipping exception:

We do not offer free shipping for Pod products, Levitate desks, and oversized products because there is a large amount of packaging that is used to ensure items are shipped safely to the customer, and our shipping rates will reflect the quality of service.

Shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order. You will see the total amount when completing the shipping address in your order, it is the final cost that you need to pay for us (including Tax/VAT).

Where we ship 

We provide shipping services to the majority of countries worldwide, including:

  • United States - The 48 contiguous United States

  • Canada - All provinces, including Vancouver Island - BC 

  • Countries in the European Union (except Greece, Turkey, Lebanon), Switzerland.

  • The United Kingdom.

Please click on each location to get directed to the website dedicated to that country or region only. 

Due to restrictions of shipment from our carrier partners, Autonomous products are not eligible to ship to APO and FPO Military addresses.

Shipping time frame

The shipping time frame is how long it takes for the product to reach your location. The shipping time frame is calculated from the estimated shipping date to the delivered date. Please note that each item in one order may have different estimated shipping dates due to different stock availability. 

The shipping time frame varies depending on your locations:

  • The United States - The 48 contiguous states: 3 to 5 business days after the item’s estimated shipping date. 

Multiple shipments

Sometimes you may find that your order is delivered in several packages. That means items are shipped from different Autonomous warehouses for a number of reasons:

  • By separately packaging components we may lower the risk of any damage or breakages during transit

  • We have multiple warehouse locations, and our separate packaging gives our shipping partners the flexibility to pick up and deliver your order

  • We are able to optimize our shipping costs and continue to provide you with free shipping (except oversized products, Pod, and Levitate desks)

Shipping restrictions & limits

We only offer a limited selection of products for Hawaii & Alaska due to low demand for unavailable options.

When purchasing a product(s), please change the flag at the top right corner of the screen on our website to see which product/item is available for your market.

Sales tax & VAT 

The tax amount you’re paying at checkout on our website is either sales tax, GST or VAT varying by country. Tax will be calculated when you input your shipping address during the checkout process.

Missing or lost packages

In case you receive delivery notification of the shipment(s) via your email without finding or receiving the order(s), please try:

  • Looking around the shipping address (if you live at a residence)

  • Checking again with the receptionist at the reception area (if you live in an apartment)

  • Autonomous reserves the right to deny assistance or responsibility for all the lost claims, which are reported to us after 30 days from the delivery date, or because customer provides the incorrect/incomplete shipping address.

Some carrier’s delivery notification may be sent out 24 hours before its actual arrival. If you still can’t find your package(s), please report the case immediately to us at the Help Center page so that our Customer Service Department can assist you in filing the claim and sending you a new replacement package(s).

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