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Monitor Arm

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Monitor Arm

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Why Do You Need a Monitor Arm?

Most people have heard of a monitor arm desk mount, but they’re not entirely sure what to do with them. Are they only there to raise the screen off of your desk? How do they mesh with other standing desk accessories? What’s the difference between a single monitor arm and a double monitor arm? Don’t worry! You’re about to find out everything there is to know about a monitor arm stand and which is the best monitor arm! A monitor arm desk mount is an ergonomic tool that you can use on your desk. It attaches (non-permanently) to your desk and works with Autonomous standing desks, too. With it, you have more versatility, can choose between dual monitor arms and a single monitor arm, and don’t have to strain your eyes and neck to see your screen.

Is It Just a Solution to Get a Screen off a Desk?

While a monitor arm stand does get the screen of the desk, it does so much more. Why, though, do you need the screen away from the desk? With that setup, you have more room underneath and can add more trinkets or important items to the space. Though the best monitor arm does clear up clutter, it has so many other benefits, too. Here are just some of them:

Seated Eye Height and Relieve Neck Pain

When you are seated at your sit-stand desk, your monitor must be at the correct height. This means that when you are sitting up straight with good posture, the eyes are looking slightly downward while you’re viewing the middle of the screen. However, you may have to adjust your chair so much that your feet aren’t on the floor. Therefore, a monitor arm desk mount can help you get the right height while seated. If your computer screen is too high or low, you can get neck pain. You are always straining the area to look up or down at your screen, which can cause eyestrain and other issues. When you have a single monitor arm, you can adjust the depth, height, and angle of the screen to make it more comfortable for you!

Screen Distance - Reduce Eyestrain - Enhancing Focus

Most people recommend that the screen distance is about 20 inches away from your face. For many, this is about an arm’s length away. Stretch your arms out while sitting comfortably in your computer chair. Reach out; your fingers should lightly touch or almost touch the monitor. Plus, a monitor arm stand can help reduce eye strain. There are various tips to reduce eye strain, but the best thing you can do is ensure that the monitor is at the right height and angle for your needs. Most employees love dual monitor setups because they can easily spread the work over two or three screens. This means you limit your field of vision and focus more on the monitors in front of you. That way, you’re navigating quickly between files and not as distracted by what’s going on around you.

Increasing Blood Flow to Your Brain and Maintaining a Healthy Posture

You may not realize it, but when you’re straining up or down to look at something, you cut off some blood flow to the brain. This often makes you feel tired or sluggish, and those with breathing problems may find they are exasperated. When you choose dual monitor arms, you can keep your neck and spine in alignment for proper blood flow to the brain. If you pair the monitor arm stand with a standing desk, you get even more benefits because you can stand and increase circulation throughout the body. Typically, you want the best monitor arm out there, and Autonomous has you covered. With it, you can maintain a better posture. When you’re constantly straining the neck up or down, it throws the spine out of alignment. This can lead to back pain and many other issues. Always make sure that your back is straight with a curve in the lumbar region. Your back should be against the chair’s backrest, the elbows must be by your side and easily reach the keyboard, and the monitor needs to be at the right height, as well.

Monitor Arm for Flexible Work with Autonomous

Many people enjoy dual monitor arms because it allows them to be more flexible while working. With a multi-monitor desk setup, you can quickly switch between different programs and files. For example, if you are an accountant, you might have a person’s information on one screen, your accounting software on another, and do research from the third screen. This setup is so exciting that everyone can do their own thing.

Durable & VESA Compatibility - Sit-Stand Versatility

It’s important to choose a monitor arm desk mount that’s durable, but you can’t go too heavy with it. Therefore, Autonomous created a balance of both by using aluminum materials. The aluminum is still strong enough to hold a large monitor, but it’s lighter so that it doesn’t overpower the desk. In fact, it can hold a screen up to 26 pounds only weighs 6 pounds itself. The VESA standard means that every monitor can be used with that particular monitor arm desk mount. Therefore, the Autonomous brand is VESA compatible for 75mm and 100mm. That indicates that there’s a defined distance between each of the four mounting holes on the back of a monitor or television. When combined with a standing desk, the single monitor arm stand lets you stand and sit while working. Sometimes, the screen is at the right height for sitting, but when you stand, it’s too low. Now, there’s nothing to worry about.

Flexible Work Set Up - Maximize Your Desk Space

Everyone works differently, and now you can have a flexible workstation. When you choose the best monitor arm from Autonomous, you have a vertical range of 20 degrees with 360-degree rotation. That means you can tilt it up and down and turn it completely to the back, which is great if you’re walking around on the phone and must refer to your screen. Another great thing about having a monitor arm desk mount is that it frees up the space that a screen usually takes. You can put your coffee cup there, a few pictures, or more office supplies, depending on your needs.

Lengthy Trial & Warranty

Everyone gets a 30-day trial with any Autonomous product, which extends to the monitor arm stand. With that, there is a 2-year warranty for all metal/mechanical parts of the monitor arm desk mount.

We Are All Different – Pick the Most Suitable One for Yourself

Whether you want a triple monitor desk setup or prefer to have one extra monitor, each person works differently. There are many ways to change and modify the workspace with the best monitor arm from Autonomous. Get yours today!

Are you fed up with back pain and constant eye problems due to a bad monitor setup? Keeping in mind these problems, the engineers have come up with an awesome piece of technical equipment named the single monitor arm. This ergonomic device should be there in every office today. If you invest money in purchasing the best single monitor mount, you will encourage your office employees for great productivity and provide physical comfort. The single-monitor arm is nothing but a special type of robotic arm that raises the height of your monitor by attaching itself to desks, walls, etc. You can adjust the single monitor stands according to your convenience.

Benefits of single monitor arm

1. Better posture & Eliminates eye strain

The single monitor desk stand allows you to adjust the monitor screen according to your comfortable working posture. As a result, there will be no strain on the upper part of your body. They can cure your existing back pain or shoulder pain as well. Here, with a single monitor desk mount, you can adjust the monitor screen to your required angle, depth and height as well. All these criteria will maintain a steady workflow for you while working in the office. So, if you wish to work in the long run without any back pain, you should definitely invest in a good quality single monitor arm. Those suffering from digital eye strain should invest in a good single monitor arms desk mount. You should get rid of the computer vision syndrome as early as possible. The single-monitor arm will allow you to get rid of screen fatigue, dryness, blurred vision, eye strain, etc., within a short time. We will suggest our readers adjust the angle and position of the single monitor arm and the screen so that you get plenty of light while working on your computer and focus on the distance between screen and eyes.

2. A space-saver: Perfect for basic needs and small spaces

Earlier, people used to place the monitor on the table or desk, and it will cover the entire space available on top. Nowadays, every office uses a single monitor arm to keep your monitor in the air with proper support so that it doesn't fall on the ground. Here, you need a little amount of space for the single monitor mount only, you can keep other office accessories on top of your desk as well for an aesthetic desk setup . These days, some electronic enthusiasts are purchasing the single monitor arm for their personal use at home as well. There are various models both big ones and small ones. You can choose one according to requirement.

3. Collaborative

The single-monitor arm allows the employees to have some extra workspace. They can set up another electronic device on top of the desktop. So, for collaborative purposes, there is nothing better than a single monitor arm on your desk. Here, you can easily shift your screen from one table to another and rotate it towards other co-workers to show them your important works.

How to pick the right and suitable single monitor arm

Well, with so many choices available on the internet these days, it is imperative to decide which one you want to buy for your office or home. We think everyone should focus on the following three factors while buying. First, measure the weight of your monitor screen. Now look for the single monitor mounts so that they can support the weight of the monitor screen. For heavyweight, the base of the device should be wide enough so that it doesn't flip at all. You should choose such material so that the color doesn't fade at all. Mostly these are made from aluminum alloy. There should not be any rust as well. There should be a protective coating all over your single monitor mount and arm. If you spill water on your office desk, your single monitor arm and the screen should remain protected. There are free-standing mounts, desk clamp mount, grommet mount, wall mount, and ceiling mount for your monitor screen. You can choose anyone based on your requirement, space availability, and the direction of light. The price of these single monitor stands can vary a little.

Autonomous single monitor arm desk mount features max height for standing desk users

Made with aluminum, it is known for its 360-degree rotation facility. This is one of the most flexible single monitor arms available in the market these days. This autonomous monitor arm comes in single and double-arm designs. Let's know about other special features. You can elevate the monitor screen up to the height of 20 inches. The vertical stand is around 19 inches long, and the horizontal one can be of length 18 inches. The single-monitor arm comes in disassembled pieces. You can assemble those pieces easily on your own after receiving the order package. This revolutionary product comes with a warranty of no less than two years as well. You can rotate in any direction and at any angle according to your convenience. The monitor arm can tolerate up to 26 lb of weight, but it weighs only 6 lb. Here, with this autonomous monitor arm, you will get a 30-day free trial as well. Now that you are well aware of the single monitor mounts and arms, it is time to place an order for it. Decide your price range prior to placing the order. After all, there are monitor arms of different price ranges and quality in the market. You should focus on your own requirements only.