15 Good Habits At Work For Your Workplace Routine

15 Good Habits At Work For Your Workplace Routine

|Mar 11, 2022

We all know that good manners and a positive attitude are wonderful attributes that should be part of every person’s character. When it comes to work, these characteristics are even more valuable. Good habits at work become the defining factor people recognize you as. Adapting them is not easy sometimes, but if you need help we can list down a few that are easy to remember and practice.

15 Good Habits At Work For Your Workplace Routine

1. Communication

Effective communication is, without a doubt, the most important part of a well-functioning organization. The trick is to find a balance in communication and make sure it doesn’t veer off into one of the two danger zones i.e. too much, or too little.

Cross functional communication forms the basis of a well-oiled office environment. This greatly depends on the approach taken by office management. Communication does just include talking about work at hand via emails, texts, etc. It also means being able to hold conversations about any issues that employees may be facing at work, any improvements that may be necessary, and the benefit of the organization as a whole.

Holding training sessions on communication skills for managers helps greatly, since they’re the ones making sure everything under them runs smoothly. It may seem like the last thing to spend time and money on, but making sure communication in the workplace is accurate and detailed has many advantages. Some of these advantages include better decision making, increased morale, increased cooperation, and lesser mistakes made by both employees and “higher ups”.

Communication Good habits at work

2. Accountability

The ability to rake in profits for the company is important; equally important, however, is the ability to admit you’ve made a mistake. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge mistake that costs a company a lot of money. It can also be a small error in the worksheets/numbers, a misunderstanding with a colleague, or a delay. What’s imperative is knowing how to apologize for a mistake professionally, and make things right. What’s crucial is that you keep the betterment of the company as the primary goal. 

3. Punctuality

Reaching work on time is a basic requirement. Yet many take it as a flexible trait. Making your meetings and keeping track of time is an example of good habits at work.

Punctuality Good habits at work

4. Handling miscommunication

The ability of a person to handle miscommunication says a lot about them as an employee and as an individual. Miscommunication in the workplace is extremely common. It can occur due to bad workplace habits, or any human/technological error. They’re very nearly unavoidable; how you react to them is what makes or breaks you.

Patience is a virtue in handling miscommunication. No matter how much you think or even know that you are correct in a situation, you must keep your cool and work out a collective solution based on a mutual understanding.

5. Discipline

This is one of the healthy habits at work. This one’s a no-brainer. Discipline is a governing force in the life of every successful person. Keeping yourself in check is the foundation stone of building your empire.

Discipline Good habits at work

6. Working from home

Working from home has become increasingly common since the Covid-19 pandemic. While some have embraced this, many have struggled to maintain a work from home routine that allows them to manage work while being in such close proximity to their personal lives.

Work from home does in no way mean you’re on vacation or free to show up as and when you please to virtual meetings. The best thing to do is treat WFH as closely as possible, to your actual office routine. After all, if you can practice good habits at work, you can practice them at home. 

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7. Basic etiquette

You’d be surprised at the amount of people with bad workplace habits, and most of them just lack basic etiquette. It doesn’t take much to use your magic words, maintain personal hygiene, and try to make the aura around you pleasant for the people you work with.

Basic etiquette Good habits at work

8. Anger management

There will always be situations you do not agree with at work. In fact, there will be instances that rile you up so much you feel like you’re going to combust. It’s in those moments that you need to keep your calm and exhibit your capabilities as a responsible individual. Even if it means taking the high road. One of the habits for happiness at work is to let things go.

9. Time management

Meeting deadlines is required in almost every line of work. If you’re someone who makes excuses and isles the time of other people along with your own, you will never be taken seriously.

Time management Good habits at work

10. Empathy

Everyone is struggling with one thing or another in today’s world. The least you can do is be respectful and aware of your colleague’s feelings, and avoid saying hurtful and mean things that may upset them.

11. Professional attire

You should always dress for the job you want, but it is quite important to dress well for the job you have. How you present yourself is going to be your first impression, every day. This in no way means you should spend a month’s salary to wear a designer. The most important thing is to not be sloppily dressed and look unkempt.

Professional attire Good habits at work

12. Take charge

Not everyone can take an initiative when it comes to work. Many people just want to do their 9-5 and leave. That’s why those who do carpe diem, stand out.

13. Solve more, complain less

Complaining is easy and always an available option. People of value, however, are those who can come up with solutions to their problems, and help the organization too.

14. Organization skills

An organized person will always have an upper hand in the workplace. At every level, your organization skills will keep you updated, in check, and always ready. Organization is one of the most crucial workplace habits.

Organization skills

15. Say no to Gossip

Office gossip may seem juicy and nearly everyone is inclined towards it, but it is top of the list in bad habits at the workplace. Not only is it a waste of time, it builds your reputation as a non-serious employee.

To Sum It Up

A work-life balance is not easy to maintain for every person. We’re all different individuals. Some of us wake up chirpy and ready to take the day head-on while others are doing morning routines for anxiety. It’s important to remember and practice good habits at work, not just for your benefit, but that of your colleagues too.

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