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5 Double Sided Desks for a Two-Person Workspace - 2024
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5 Double Sided Desks for a Two-Person Workspace - 2024

|Mar 7, 2022

Office work is more difficult than many people think, and depending on the conditions under which you work, you may need different types of office furniture than others.  

All office workers should have an ergonomic desk in their workspace, but there’s not a desk that you can fit in all situations. Fortunately, there are many different types of desks on the market, and you can spend hours looking for the one you like best. 

An example of that is people who need a double-sided office desk. These products allow you to work with another person without needing to get an additional desk for them. Some dual-sided desks even let you have your whole team working with you, which promotes teamwork.  

People can indeed spend hours looking for their ideal desk, but not everyone has the time to do so. Nonetheless, you can’t take the risk of getting a desk that doesn’t fit your office or meet your needs.  

We are here to help! Dive into this page if you want to know the five best double-sided desks in 2022!

Benefits of Using a Double-Sided Desk

Benefits of Using a Double-Sided Desk

Using a two-person desk gives you benefits other ergonomic products don’t offer. You can take advantage of those perks to improve your productivity and boost your work performance. However, you can only enjoy these perks if you get a high-quality, double-sided office desk. 

Here are some of the best benefits of using a double standing desk

It Saves Space

Unlike what many people may think, getting a double desk optimizes your workspace. The reason for that is that, since individual desks are not designed to be piled next to each other, they take a lot of space from you. A double-sided office desk, on the other side, gets you everything you need without it being that big.  

It’s common for people to have clusters on their desks, and having a lot of desks in the same room means the office has an overall unproductive level of cluster. Most people put an effort into organizing their office equipment if they work with another person.  

It Encourages Teamwork

It Encourages Teamwork

Regardless of your role in a company and what your daily tasks are, teamwork is crucial if you want to increase the company’s productivity and revenues. The problem with teamwork is that people need to get out of their workspace if the person they need to work with has their desk in another room. 

Although it may not seem like a big deal when you do it, walking from your desk to another every time you need help can take a lot of space from you. This issue disappears if you have the person you need right next to you.  

The same happens when you need to lend them documents or working equipment. This doesn’t only work with two people since some double desks - or desk systems - let more people work on the same desk.  

However, only people who constantly need to work on the same project use two-sided desk systems.  

It’s More Affordable Than Getting Individual Desks

It’s More Affordable Than Getting Individual Desks

There are surely many affordable options available for people working on a budget, but the truth is that most ergonomic products are more expensive than traditional office equipment. You can expect this to happen due to all the features ergonomic desks offer you and how much you can profit from them in the future.  

Hence, buying an individual ergonomic desk for everyone in your office may take a toll on your wallet. It’s not worth it to get countless ergonomic desks but end up having no money for other projects, and the solution to that problem is purchasing a home office desk for two.  

These products are sometimes even more affordable than a sit-stand desk, and they still offer you most of the benefits those products give you. Even if the double desk you want is more expensive than an individual standing desk, you would still spend less money than if you were buying two different desks.  

You Can Extend Them

When we say you can extend two-sided desks, we don’t mean you can buy extensions for it or literally expand the desk you already have. However, since these desks are designed to allow several people to work on them, most of them allow you to buy more double desks and put them next to each other.  

Doing this would give you something like a “mini-office” in your workspace. This works its best if you have a lot of people working on the same project but don’t want to get a desk system.  

Piling two-sided desks next to each other gives you an environment in which all your workers have enough space for themselves and to work on their individual projects but also can talk with each other and discuss group project matters without standing up from their chairs.  

It Reduces Work Distractions

It Reduces Work Distractions

Many people think a two-sided desk is a distraction since you can talk with your workmate all day, but it’s the opposite of that. These products reduce distractions since you don’t have to stand up from your chair to ask your peers for help. Ironically, offices are sometimes too distracting for office workers.   

Although this doesn’t happen to all office workers, standing up from your chair could represent talking to other people about things, encountering new people, stopping for a cup of coffee, or getting something from a vending machine. All those things take a lot of work time from you.  

Five Best Double-Sided Desks for 2022

As we mentioned before, not everyone has enough time to spend hours looking for a two-sided desk, but you can’t take the risk of choosing a bad one. Therefore, the best thing you can do is look at a review of the best ones and choose the one you feel most comfortable with.  

These are the five best double-sided desks for you in 2022: 

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo double sided desk

The first spot on this list, and the best double desk you can find for your office, is the Autonomous Desk Duo. Autonomous always does everything it can to offer its clients products that address all their needs, but it didn’t have a two-person desk solution before this.  

Thankfully, the Autonomous Desk lineup surprised us with this appealing and dynamic standing desk you can use for teams and partners anytime you need to work on a project together or close to them. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo offers you two spacious desks you can adjust to fit your working style.   

Like other products of the same lineup, these desks are height-adjustable, so you can switch from sitting to standing whenever you want. You don’t have to adjust these desks’ height to be the same since one can be in a standing position and the other person in a sitting one.  

The best part about adjusting this double-sided desk is that it doesn’t make any noise when you do, and everything is thanks to its two whisper-quiet dual motors. They power up both desks, so you can put all your equipment on them with no problem.  

This dual-sided desk has a lift capacity of 290lbs. You can adjust it and control anything you want about it through its programmable keypad. Since this is an electric standing desk, it also includes two cable trays for you to organize all the cables that come with the desk and the ones from your office items.   

2. Nexera Liber-T 2 Person Office Set

Nexera Liber-T double sided desk

Following up, we have the Nexera Liber office desk. One of the most important things to consider when getting a desk is how much space you have for your documents and office equipment. Even if you have a lot of tabletop space, it may not be enough if you want to keep everything organized. 

Nexera Liber developers understood that, so they gave this double-sided desk three different drawers on metal slides for you to store what you use to work. One of them is for documents, so it’s perfect if you handle a lot of paperwork.  

This dual-sided desk is an excellent option for people looking for a minimalist design and a white desk setup. The Liber desk only gives you enough space for two people, so you may not have enough space if you want to use it for more than that. 

Regardless of that, you can create a desk set if you mix it with a desk panel from the same company. As we mentioned when we talked about the benefits of these desks, you can get several double desks and organize them together.  

However, the difference between doing that and getting this desk panel is that these company-made desk panels address this specific situation.  

3. Herman Miller Nevi Link

Herman Miller Nevi Link double sided desk

Herman Miller is one of the most popular ergonomics companies on the market, and it has a wide catalog of chairs and desks available for you. The only problem with Herman Miller is that its products are more expensive than others.  

Nonetheless, if you can afford to get them, Herman Miller products are made of the finest materials and with designers who focus on boosting your comfort and productivity. You can see that in the Nevi Link, which is more than a dual-sided desk; it’s a complete desk system.  

Apart from allowing you to work with several people on the same desk, this is a sit-stand solution, so you can adjust it to fit your working style. Working on this double-sided desk is comfortable, and how it encourages and promotes natural movement throughout the day keeps you active at all times. 

Office working takes a toll on employee health when the people working don’t take any breaks nor move while working. Therefore, this desk’s movement encouragement feature gives you more energy to work and boosts your productivity levels like not many other products can.  

One of the best things about this double-sided desk system is that, since you are getting only one product, it reduces and optimizes your real estate footprint. Since this is an ergonomic desk, it features several settings for you to customize the product and adapt it to your workspace. Cable management is also not a problem with this item, so don’t worry about it.  

4. Steelcase Turnstone Bivi Desking System

Steelcase Turnstone Bivi double sided desk

Getting to another double-sided desk system, we have the Steelcase Turnstone Bivi Desking System. Although Steelcase is more popular for its chairs than it is for its desks, it’s obvious it made an effort into making a high-quality desk its customers can take advantage of.  

This product has it all, height adjustability for sit-stand solutions, enough space for you to work if you are managing individual projects, additional extensions for collaborative environments, and an appealing design that fits with almost any office aesthetic you want for your workstation.  

DIYers love this double-sided desk because you need to build it as soon as you get it. However, assembling it doesn’t take that much time from you, so you don’t have to spend all day doing it. The package comes with desking bundles you can bundle together depending on what you want to do at the moment.  

5. FITUEYES Double Computer Desk

FITUEYES Double Computer Desk

Sturdiness is crucial when getting office items. Getting an item that doesn’t last long or gets a lot of scratches when you first use it is of no use. We recommend you stick with desks like the FITUEYES Double Computer Desk, which has an elegant design and is made of sturdy and durable materials. 

Storage is not an issue when using this desk since it offers you several storage options for books, documents, and even CDs. Apart from storage space, this double-sided office desk has a wide tabletop, so you have enough space for things such as dual monitors and monitor arms.   


Dual-sided desks are the must-go option for working couples and teams who need to constantly communicate with each other. Most of the products listed before offer you enough space to work with others and still have space for desk decoration for work, so pick the one you like best and see how your productivity increases!

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