8 of the Best Caster Wheels for Office Chairs to Buy in 2023
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8 of the Best Caster Wheels for Office Chairs to Buy in 2023

Karen Kimonye|Jan 1, 2021

Caster wheels for office chairs are one of the best accessories for office workers. The average worker spends nearly half of their lifetime at work. This is a huge chunk of time, and it can adversely affect the quality of your life. Thus, investing in a good office chair can make your office environment comfortable and functional.

Also, installing caster wheels in your office chair can make your sitting hours more comfortable, and also it makes it easier to navigate. You know how uncomfortable and loud normal chairs are. They screech and damage the flooring every time you get up from your office desk. Your flooring will be safer with caster wheels, and getting up and down or moving around the office will be much easier.


There are many choices for office chair caster wheels available in the market, which can make it hard to choose the right one. To make your buying decision easier, here’s a list of 8 of the best office chair caster wheels to buy in 2022.

1.  Office Chair Wheels Replacement Rubber Chair Casters 

Rubber Chair Casters

These office chair caster wheels from Lifelong come in a set of 5. The heavy-duty chair wheels are made with industrial-grade material. These office chair wheels feature precision ball bearings and durable polyurethane casters. They can hold a maximum weight of up to 650 pounds. With these office chairs caster wheels, you will enjoy a carefree, safe glide across your floors because they don’t scratch, smudge or damage the floors. These office chair casters are available in black and white, so they suit multiple office decors. Also, they have a universal fit that suits almost all office chairs.

2.  Office Chairs Caster Wheels by Oasis

Caster Wheels by Oasis

These office chair wheels are encased with soft, polyurethane material and they don’t scratch or leave marks on floors. They feature a rollerblade style. Their entire support bracket and internal parts are made of high-grade steel to offer durability for many years. Their heavy-duty design can withstand up to 650 pounds and they’re come in a set of 5. The precision ball bearing in the caster swivel and axle allows the casters to move smoothly with no squeaky sounds or noise of any kind. These caster wheels feature a universal standard size stem. This allows you to convert any task chairs or stools that roll into modern furniture.

3.  Black Replacement Rubber Chair Casters by Lifelong

Black Replacement Rubber Chair Casters by Lifelong

Comfort is the best way to boost your productivity in the office. These office chair caster wheels are the best to install in your office chair to guarantee your comfort and excellent work.

These caster wheels feature a rubber-construction that guarantees quiet navigation in the office. Also, they feature a universal fit, making them suitable for most office chairs. They are also long-lasting and efficient.

4.  Office Chair Caster Wheels by Office Owl

Office Owl

These caster wheels are compatible with all standard office and computer chairs. They glide safely on your expensive hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, and carpet, making no scratches. However, these caster wheels aren’t perfect for thick or tall carpets. Upgrade your office or home chairs and transform your décor by adding a touch of luxury in your office with these caster wheels. These casters are made of superior grade steel and they can support up to 650 pounds. These polyurethanes, rollerblade style swivel caster wheels are super gentle with your expensive flooring.

5.  Professional Office Chair Caster Wheels by Seddox


These high-quality soft polyurethane chair casters cause no damage to any types of flooring, including wood and hardwood, tile and short-hair carpet, and vinyl. They feature two precision ball bearings and a wheel-shell made from soft polyurethane, which guarantees fast and quiet wheel-navigation on any surface; with no noise. With these caster wheels, you can change your chair’s direction of movement effortlessly thanks to the third precision ball bearing in the caster wheel’s turning mechanism. These casters are produced using Roller Skates technology. Their heavy-duty steel stem and frame, and strong plastic rim supports up to 650 pounds for all 5 metal chair casters. They fit all dining and office chairs and furniture with a stem size of 7/16 inches.

6.  Slipstick CB680 2 Inch Office Chair Caster Wheels

Slipstick CB680 2 Inch

These 2-inch floor-protecting rubber office chair casters are available in a set of 5. Every caster wheel has a 7/16-inch diameter x 7/8-inch length steam. Also, each wheel has an easy-rolling 2-inch twin caster rubber wheels. With these casters, you’ll eliminate the need to place big plastic mats over your beautiful floors. These rubber casters protect hardwood, tile, slate, laminate, and all other types of hard floor surfaces. They’re perfect for office chairs with hard, noisy, rough plastic wheels. They come in black and grey colors to blend with any décor. Additionally, these casters support a maximum of 330 pounds and they carry a 5-year free replacement warranty.

7.  Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels by Bright Field

These caster wheels feature a set of 5 heavy-duty wheels. They are safe for all floors, including hardwood, and support up to 650 pounds as a set of 5. The caster wheels are encased with soft, polyurethane material. With these casters, you won’t scratch or leave marks on your expensive floors anymore. Additionally, these casters feature precision ball bearings which are combined with reducing polyurethane tires; to give you a smooth and silent roll. They roll safely on hardwood floors, concrete, tile, carpet, stone, or vinyl.

8.  Stealtho Office Chair Caster Wheels

These premium office chair caster wheels are safe for any kind of hardwood floor, laminate, linoleum, parquet, carpet, and tiles. They feature high-tech elastic urethane, which makes movement easy and noiseless. These casters will glide smoothly and won’t scratch your hardwood floors. Additionally, these casters feature a new stem design and heavy-duty casters, preventing axial run-out bearing of your chair rubber roller wheels.

Final Thoughts

All the above office chair caster wheels are user friendly, and they’re all easy to install. You won’t any tools to install them. Just pull out your old office chair caster wheels and push the new ones until the stem is firmly seated and secure. Since there are many types of office chair caster wheels in the market, you will find the perfect caster set that works well with your office chair. Happy shopping!

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