How to Replace an Office Chair Base Fixing The Issue in 3 Easy Steps
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How to Replace an Office Chair Base Fixing The Issue in 3 Easy Steps

|Apr 14, 2022

Your office is where you spend a lot of time, especially if you work a standard nine to five job. Because of this, you likely spend long hours sitting in a chair. 

As a result, your office chair must be comfortable and functional. It needs to support your body, your style, and your workflow. There is no better feeling than finding a chair that accommodates all three aspects. 

Over time, however, our beloved office chairs can become worn down. From prolonged use, the material can break down. The wheels can become stuck or stop working altogether. The padding may no longer provide the support your body needs. 

When this happens, you might think you need a new chair. However, if you have a chair you love, it may not be time to say goodbye. You may be able to fix your chair and extend its life.

An easy place to start is with the chair base. You can replace the office chair base quickly and affordably. It can make a world of difference. Let’s learn how to remove the office chair base with us!

Chair Parts: What is the Chair Base and Why is it Important?

Chair Parts: What is the Chair Base and Why is it Important?

If your office chair is broken and needs repair, you may have an opportunity to fix it. Replacing the chair base can be a good place to start. 

The chair base is the bottom of the office chair. All office chairs come with a base. This base can be constructed from a wide range of materials and is used to provide stability. Most office chair bases come with five legs and attached wheels. The wheels allow for increased mobility which is helpful in larger office spaces or with positions that require more movement. 

Most chair bases are made of steel, though some may be made with aluminum or other similar materials. Steel provides for a tough and very durable base. Typically, a steel base can handle the most pressure and weight. Aluminum is a lighter material. While it also provides stability, it allows for more efficient movement. It also gives the chair a lighter feel which can make it easier to lift and transport. 

Without a solid chair base, you won’t have a very sturdy or comfortable computer chair. It’s a critical component of an office chair. It is also one that can be replaced, if needed, to breathe new life into an old, worn-out seat.    

How to Repair a Broken Office Chair: Steps for Replacing the Base

If your office chair needs a lift, you may want to try replacing the base. This can help you save money and maintain the office chair you love. 

While repairing a broken office chair may sound complicated, the process is quite simple. Replacing the base can be done quickly and painlessly with few tools. 

Interested in learning how to replace the office chair base? Just follow these three easy steps.

Step 1: Assess the Issue

Step 1: Assess the Issue to replace office chair base

The first step involves assessing the issue. You can assess the issue by flipping your office chair over and closely examining the base for any noticeable defects. Are the legs of your chair cracked or broken? Is this causing the chair to feel wobbly? 

If the legs look okay and your office chair base looks unscathed, you may be dealing with a damaged or defective office chair castor. This can cause mobility issues. 

The castors are also known as the wheels. The wheels are attached to the base of the chair and provide mobility. The castors allow you to move the chair from one location to another quickly and easily without doing any heavy lifting. Castors can be either hard or soft depending on the type of floor surface. 

If the wheels look okay, you may find the issue is a build-up of debris. String, wool, filth, or other types of debris may accumulate over time and cause issues. 

Step 2: Determine if New Parts are Needed

Step 2: Determine if New Parts are Needed

If you assess your chair base and determine that a build-up of grime is the issue, a simple clean-up should resolve the problem. Sometimes, however, the situation is more complicated than that and requires a more thoughtful fix. 

If the legs are cracked or the wheels are broken, you may need to order replacement parts. The chair base is a star-shaped bottom. It connects the wheels on your chair swivel. This may be broken. If this part is broken, the chair cylinder may be broken, too. The cylinder is the piece that attaches the seat to the base. Since these two parts function together, they may both need repair or replacement.   

If there is an issue with the wheels, they can be replaced. Often, you can remove the wheels with a screwdriver. It only takes a few minutes to do so. Once the castor wheels are removed, you can clean them. Removing any hair, thread, or debris can ensure the wheels will spin with ease. If cleaning the wheels does not resolve the issue, you may need to order new castor wheels to replace the old ones. 

Step 3: Install the New Parts and Test Out Your Chair

Step 3: Install the New Parts and Test Out Your Chair

Luckily, a new chair base, chair cylinder, and castor wheels can all be ordered. With just a few simple tools, you can remove the old parts and install the new ones.

You may be wondering how to disassemble an office chair base or remove the base from the chair. This process may sound complicated, but it is not. 

The first thing you will want to do is prepare your work area. Make sure you have enough space. It may be helpful to put a towel or blanket down to keep the floor protected from scratches. 

Next, you will want to turn the chair over once again. This time, you should know exactly which parts you need to focus on and replace the office chair base and other parts. 

At the center of the chair base, there may be a holding clip. You can use a screwdriver or pliers to remove it. With a simple pull, it should release from the bottom of the chair. Once you have removed the holding clip, you will want to remove the washer, if applicable. The washer should slide off the piston easily. 

Once those two pieces have been removed, you should be able to remove the base from the chair. If you turn it in a counterclockwise fashion, it should release from the seat of the chair. Once the base has been removed, you can take your new chair base and install it similarly. 

Once you have finished installing the new parts, you may want to test it out! Just turn your chair back over, sit in it, and see if it feels more steady and secure. If it does, then great. If it doesn’t, you may need to reassess the situation. 

When Will You Need to Buy a New Chair?

When Will You Need to Buy a New Chair?

Unfortunately, if replacing the old, used parts of your chair doesn’t remedy the issue, you may need to think about purchasing a new one. 

If you have replaced the office chair base, but it is still unsteady, your office chair is not going to provide you with the support you need. Long hours spent on a wobbly chair are a recipe for backaches, pains, and other issues. 

If you’ve replaced the wheels and they are still not providing optimal mobility, your chair may not provide you with the movement you need. You may not be able to glide across the room or move from place to place as easily as intended. 

While it may be sad to let your old office chair go, it may be time for an upgrade. You may not be able to find a chair that is exactly the same as your old one. However, you should be able to find a new chair that will provide you with the support and functionality you need to be successful at work and satisfied once again.   

Buying a New Office Chair: Things to Consider

If you need to purchase a new office chair, there are a few things you might want to consider. First, you’ll need to determine if you wish to purchase a new chair or a used one. Second, if you purchase a new chair, you will want to determine the best type of chair for your needs. 

Purchasing a New or Used Chair

Purchasing a New or Used Chair

Good quality office chairs can be expensive. While there are many pros to purchasing a new chair, some individuals opt for a used one. Purchasing a used chair can be a more affordable option for those trying to save money. 

If you elect to purchase a used chair, you will want to be sure the chair is in good working condition. Before purchase, it may be good to do a quick assessment to ensure the chair is functional. Does the chair feel steady? Are the wheels secure? Do they work correctly?

When selecting a used chair, you want to be sure there are no damages or defects that are going to compromise the comfort and function. 

Selecting the Best Type of Chair for Your Needs

Selecting the Best Type of Chair for Your Needs

If you elect to purchase a new chair, it is important to do your research. There are many different types of office chairs on the market. Different chairs may be better suited to your needs than others. 

Ergonomic office chairs are a good option to consider. They come in many different shapes and sizes with many adjustable features. It is important to consider the following questions before making your selection: 

  • What kind of material is the chair made from? Is it going to be comfortable, breathable, and durable?
  • Does the chair recline and to what degree?
  • Is the chair adjustable?
  • How much weight does the chair support?
  • Is the chair available in different colors and styles? 

Finding the best office chair does not have to be difficult. While there are quite a few different types of office chairs on the market, it is going to be best to select a chair that caters to your specific needs and style. 

A Top Recommendation for a New Office Chair

A Top Recommendation for a New Office Chair

If you’ve considered the questions above and are still having trouble deciding on a chair, the Autonomous Chair Ergo can be a good option to consider. 

This chair is an all-in-one chair. It is highly rated and comes in several different colors to suit a wide range of styles. It features a fully adjustable armrest, headrest, and backrest for optimal comfort and support.

The back of the chair also reclines. It has five lockable recline settings so you can lean back with ease. With flexible lumbar support, it is a comfortable chair that can support your head, neck, and spine during those long workdays. 

This ergonomic stylish chair is also incredibly stable. Made from 100% earth-friendly materials, this chair can support up to 300 pounds with ease. The mesh back allows for optimal breathability so you can stay cool on those hot days. Best of all, this chair comes with a two-year warranty, so if something breaks or you run into any issues, you can tap into the warranty for help. 

This chair is a prime example of a new office chair that is functional, comfortable, and stylish. If you are in the market for a new chair, this one may be a good option to entertain. 


Sometimes, we find an office chair we love. We spend long hours working in this chair. Over time, however, the chair begins to wear and may fall apart. 

If this happens, it is possible to replace the office chair base or other chair parts. Replacement parts can always be ordered. The replacement process is not hard, and it does not require much time, attention, or tools.   

Even with the best of intentions, however, replacing old parts still may not fix the issue. We need to know when a chair can be salvaged or not. We need to know when we should just say goodbye to our old chair and replace it with a new one. 

If we do need a new office chair, there are many different types to choose from. Office chairs can be either new or used. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. 

While there are so many different types of office chairs to consider, the best chair is going to be the one that fits your needs and that allows you to fall in love all over again.

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