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9 Executive Office Chair Parts Name (A Complete Guide)
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9 Executive Office Chair Parts Name (A Complete Guide)

|Sep 9, 2020

Choosing your first executive office chair can be exciting. The days of sitting on a living room chair are soon gone and an executive office chair comes with one of the best experiences for posture and productivity. But what if you need to assemble the chair yourself for replacement and don't know what are the parts of an office chair? The following guide addresses the main office chair mechanism parts. 

1. Office Chair Base

All executive office chairs come with a base. But this base can be made from various materials. Its main function is to provide stability. The base is also used for movement when made with the attached casters. Some of the most stable chairs on the market come with 5 legs and a large diameter to add extra stability.

Office chair part - chair base

There are various materials used to create an executive office chair base. Steel is the most durable material. While it is also the heaviest, it represents a solution which is durable and which can handle the most weight and pressure. Aluminum materials are also used for the chair base. The metal is lighter than steel and this gives the chair a more mobile profile. Polypropylene materials are also used for some executive office chairs. The material has the advantage of being lightweight, but it is not made for the most intensive use. Heavier users are advised to look for metal or aluminum alternatives. Each chair comes with a maximum user weight capacity which is often found in the product description.

2. Office Chair Mechanism

The design of the chair mechanism can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some chairs offer vertical adjustability while others also offer backrest adjustability. The chair mechanism is placed in a position where it is easy to reach but at the same time, it is also mainly located under the seat pan to avoid auctioning it by accident.

For the maximum adjustability which results in maximum comfort and flexibility, look for dynamic office chair mechanism parts and synchro-tilt mechanism. 

Mechanism of an office chair

Standard office chair mechanism parts include: 

  • Tilt Angle 
  • Backrest tilt lock 
  • Backrest travel restriction 
  • Height Adjustment 
  • Forward tilt adjustment 
  • Side tension adjustment crank

3. Seat pan

The seat pan is one of the areas which promote the strongest interest from users. It can be a simple design or it can be made ergonomically. There are a few types of materials that are used on the seat pan. A select number of chairs also offers an adjustable seat pan for depth, which works for people of various heights.

Seat is an important part of office chair

All seat pans are made with cushioning for added comfort. A normal seat pan should be made in a way in which it offers comfort but in which it also allows the feet to be bent at 90 degrees while touching the ground. This is recommended for proper circulation. Some of the more complex chairs one the market can also allow some adjustability for the seat pans. This can mean users can sometimes choose the upholstery materials or colors of a seat pan.

4. Chair cylinder

The next office chair part is cylinder which connects the base to the seat pan. It is made with height adjustability to suit people of different heights. In some cases, the cylinder can also be covered by a cylinder cover, which is normally made from plastic. It is also one of the moving parts of the chair which means quality executive office chairs come with premium cylinders with top durability.

Chair cylinder connect the base and seat pan

5. Armrests

Ergonomic office chair with armrests is highly appreciated by users. As the name suggests, they support the arms while typing or while writing at the desk. A typical executive ergonomic office chair comes with adjustable armrests that can be set at various heights.

Fixed arms are also an option for some designs. Also called loop arms, these designs can be a solution that works for added aesthetics, but they can come with reduced practicality. T-armrests are among the most popular options. They are fully adjustable for height and they represent the best solution for the most comfort, regardless of the height of the users. In some cases, executive office chairs can also come with flip-up armrests. They can be recommended for those who are leaving the desk area frequently or for those who prefer to have maximum functionality with their chairs. However, these designs might not allow height adjustability. Arm pads are also added on the armrests. They offer the extra comfort needed while typing for hours.

Ergonomic chairs usually have armrest

6. Lumbar support system

The lumbar support system is part of the backrest. It comes either integrated or with an adjustable design. For all people, office chairs with lumbar support is crucial to maintaining a proper working position at the desk.

Adjustable lumbar support systems are recommended for various user heights. They can be easily be moved up and down, depending on the needs of the user.

Lumbar support part helps adjust your sitting posture

7. Office chair headrest

As its name suggests, the headrests support the head. Not all executive office chairs come with a headrest. Some designs have a headrest which is built-in the backrest. Other chairs have height adjustable or removable headrests attached on top of the backrest. Its main function is to reduce neck pain. Depending on the height of the user, the headrest should be adjustable to keep the head in a correct position.

Headrest chair part

8. Backrest

The backrest of an executive office chair joins the lumbar support system, the headrest, and the upper back support. Made to be fixed or to allow recline, the backrest has the important function of supporting the spine. It can be made from various materials. Some chairs use mesh materials for the backrest, which are recommended for added ventilation. Others use leather, for a premium feel. Some of the most affordable backrests are simply made from rubber or plastic.

Back rest of office chair

The backrest also has the most important role in the position at the desk. It represents the part of the office chair which holds the users and which dictates the position of the spine for hours. Fully height adjustable backrests which can also recline are recommended for changes in the working position, which are great when it comes to reducing pressure on the lower back.

9. Casters/ Wheels

The casters are attached to the base of the office chair. They come with the added mobility benefit and they represent one of the best options when it comes to moving the chair on the floor without actually picking it up.

Chair wheels casters

Often named wheels, casters are actually inclusive of wheels and a frame that work together in a pivoting roller. As most office chair parts, casters can also be categorized according to their purpose. Soft casters are used on soft surfaces such as urethane. Hard casters are used on carpets. Depending on the type of floor surface, casters can even be replaced if needed.

Office chair materials


These are the basic components of an executive office chair. Of course, they can also vary according to each design. At the same time, some of the main differences can also be made by the materials of an office chair.

Mesh chairs

Mesh materials can be used on the backrest and even on the seat pan of an executive office chair. They offer proper ventilation which is recommended when it comes to sitting for long hours. Contrary to popular belief, mesh materials can also be quite durable.

Leather chairs

Lather chairs are inspired by classic designs. They are rare these days as they are not the most efficient and the materials can be quite expensive as well. However, they can have their place in certain environments such as vintage office furniture.

Fabric chairs

Fabric materials are often used on office chairs. They offer a high degree of customization. Users can select the color of the fabric which can have a significant impact on how a certain chair looks and how it also integrates into the office space.

Vinyl chairs

Vinyl chairs can be a cheaper alternative to natural leather chairs. Vinyl can be used both on the seat pan and on the backrest.

How to replace executive office chair parts

Regardless of the chosen materials, replacing the executive office chair parts should not be too complicated. For this purpose, individual users or businesses need to contact the manufacturer of the chairs to establish if and where the replacement parts can be purchased. Replacing them should be easy, especially for small parts such as casters. Replacing larger pieces such as the cylinder might need some professional help.

F.A.Q. for Office Chair Part Names

Those who have further questions on executive office chair parts can look at the following questions to troubleshoot particular issues.

1. My chair has a broken component, can I still use it?

Having a broken component in an executive office chair is common. Although the durability of the components should be a priority for the manufacturer, some parts can break-in time. Depending on the damaged component and on the policy of the manufacturer, the chair could be fixed and used again. Contacting the manufacturer or the seller directly is recommended for this issue.

2. Why does my office chair sink?

An executive office chair can come with adjustable height, which is actually based on the main cylinder. Adjusting this cylinder also adjusts the chair’s height. This should only be the case when auctioning a lever and the chair should never sink on its own. If the chair is sinking while you sit on it, this might be an indication of a faulty cylinder. Replacing the cylinder might require users to contact the manufacturer and choose a replacement part or have the manufacturer replace the cylinder if the chair is still under warranty.

3. Is it OK for my executive office chair to wobble?

An executive office chair should not wobble. While some movement can be seen due to a large number of the component which comes together in a chair, it is not normal to have a chair wobble. The best way to test if the office chair truly wobbles is simply by placing it on a perfectly flat surface. Jiggling the chair diagnoses the wobble. If the chair wobbles, it can be an indication that it has not been installed correctly. At the same time, the wobble can come as a result of a lower material’s tolerance, which is seen in time, with older office chairs.

4. What can I do if my office chair won’t lead back anymore?

The reclining mechanism of the chair should be durable in most cases. But if it is stuck in a position, it should be replaced with a new mechanism which would allow the backrest to function as intended.

5. Why does my office chair hurt my back?

If your chair is hurting your back, it can signal various problems. Poor lumbar support can be one of the issues which lead to back pain. Having the armrests too high or too low can also impact the shoulders, the neck, and the back. Lacking an ergonomic design can also come with back pain. To ensure the office chair is in good working condition, all users should read the product’s manual thoroughly to understand how to use it for the best results, as recommended by the manufacturer.

6. Why does my office chair stink?

If you have a stinky chair, it might be the sign it needs a new seat pad or a reupholstered backrest. One of the best ways to prevent stinky chairs is to use mesh materials which allow proper ventilation and which prevent users from sweating while sitting. Another way to prevent stinky office chairs is to maintain proper ventilation and airflow in the office.

Final considerations

Most executive office chairs come pre-installed. Some might need to be installed by the user but this should not take more than a few minutes. All the office chair mechanism parts are usually intact. However, when a part needs to be replaced, it is recommended to know the part and contact the seller or manufacturer as soon as possible. And if you're looking for a new office chair or other ergonomic furnitures like standing desk or anti fatigue mat,... check for Autonomous products right away.
9 Office Chair Part Names

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