Office Chair Cylinder: What Is It and How Does It Work?
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Office Chair Cylinder: What Is It and How Does It Work?

|Nov 21, 2023

Are you still unaware of the science of workplace ergonomics and sit in an uncomfortable office chair all day?

When you sit for long periods, an ergonomic chair provides the body with the support it needs as they have many features designed to support the user's health while at a desk. They have many advantages for posture and comfort. Ergonomic chairs are usually equipped with a hydraulic office chair cylinder to adjust the seating positions easily and quickly - using a lever under the ergonomic office chair.

When it comes to office chairs, the cylinders are your best bet for both comfort and functionality. These little gadgets make a big difference when it comes to user comfort, ergonomics, and height adjustment.

Fluid power applications are known as hydraulics and pneumatics. This allows for ergonomic adjustments. A hydraulic system uses an incompressible liquid (such as oil) to move machinery, and a pneumatic system uses an easy-to-compress gas (like air or a pure gas) to facilitate the same function. Compared to a hydraulic chair lift, pneumatic technology is cleaner and allows for moving lighter loads (such as office chairs). It is also safer and easier to store than hydraulic systems. In both systems, technology has been used; however, pneumatics is typically used in office chairs.

So, to make the most of your workplace space, let's learn about the differences between office chair cylinders and then have a look at the five best hydraulic cylinders for office chairs.

What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder for an Office Chair?

Height adjustment mechanisms that employ hydraulic principles for regulated and smooth movement are known as hydraulic cylinders.

Using compressed gas as a source of pressure, pneumatic cylinders force the gas through a chamber that then moves a piston in the desired direction. For the seats of office chairs to move up and down, movement and force are required. This movement is facilitated by the gas being forced into and out of the chamber when the lever is pressed.

With pneumatic chairs, a lever is generally located just beneath the seat, allowing the chair to be adjusted. As the lever moves up and down, the seat rises and falls smoothly. Is this a mechanical process? In a pneumatic chair, there are quite a few components! These include:

  • There are usually three or four wheels on the base of the ergonomic chair;
  • Air cylinders that store compressed air;
  • A seat equipped with an adjustable lever covered by a plate;
  • The back support is padded

Office chairs that need a strong and steady base, such as executive, office, or heavy-duty chairs, frequently use chair hydraulic cylinders. If you're looking for a long-term, dependable option for more stable office chairs, consider using hydraulic cylinders, which offer a greater weight-bearing capacity.

What is an Office Chair Cylinder?

How Does It Work?

In order to raise or lower your reclining ergonomic chair, you use a lever below the side of the seat. This is known as a gas cylinder, pneumatic office chair hydraulic cylinder, or gas lift. A gas lift chair is different from an older threaded spindle lift chair, in which you turn counter-clockwise to raise and clockwise to lower the chair. Instead, gas lift chairs utilize a compressed air chamber to raise and lower the chair.

Compressed air raises and lowers your seat when a gas cylinder powers it. The lever on your chair engages the cylinder when it is engaged. You can raise your seat by engaging the lever and lifting your weight while releasing your weight from the seat so that the compressed air in the cylinder pushes the piston out of the air chamber. When you push out the piston, the air in the chamber expands, allowing you to lower the seat by activating the lever and pushing with your weight on the seat.

How Does It Work?

Gas Cylinder vs. Pneumatic vs. Hydraulic Cylinder

A gas cylinder is an ideal container for the purpose of storing gasses under high pressure. Built to endure the tremendous pressure of the compressed gasses within, gas cylinders are usually made of steel or aluminum. The office chair seats can be adjusted by using the chair lift mechanism; the gas is pumped in and out of the chamber as the chair's lever is pressed, allowing for this movement.

On the other hand, a hydraulic cylinder for an office chair uses an incompressible fluid, typically oil, to convey force and motion, in contrast to a pneumatic cylinder that uses compressed air to produce mechanical motion.

While pneumatic technology is cleaner and more suited to lesser loads, hydraulic systems are capable of moving heavier ones. Typically utilized for office chairs, both systems are safer, more compact, and employ the same technology.

How to Replace

Here's where the fun begins. Just kidding, this can not be easy. If you want to replace the old cylinder in your office chair with a fresh new one, you first need to remove the old one.

  • To access the wheelbase of your chair, tip it over. Tap the edge of the tapered bottom of the cylinder with a hammer or rubber mallet.
  • Aim not to hit the retainer clip in the dead center. To remove the column from the base, keep tapping around the edges to loosen the unit.
  • You might be able to remove the retainer clip from the bottom with a flat head screwdriver if you can't get it free.
  • A piston will be released from a cylinder when this is done. You'll have a wheelbase with the empty cylinder column still in there.
  • This can be accomplished by turning the wheelbase upside down and hammering the tapered column until it's free.
  • After the piston head has been removed from the seat base, proceed to remove the piston. A rubber mallet can be used to loosen the piston by tapping around the edge of the top.
  • It should be able to be wiggled free from the seat base once it's a little loose. Then you can add a new office chair cylinder replacement.

How to replace

The Top 5 Cylinders for Office Chairs in 2023

Elevate your workstation to new heights of comfort and efficiency with one of our five hydraulic cylinders for office chairs. Here, you will find comprehensive information regarding office chair cylinders.

1. Office Chair Cylinder Replacement with Removal Kit

Like sitting in a fresh chair, this office chair hydraulic cylinder replacement will restore your comfort. You just need to keep your chair at the ideal height to avoid sinking over time.

The Office Oasis uses class 4 cylinders, which are used in all desk chairs and are the best quality cylinders on the market; they also last the longest.

For all of your cylinder replacement needs, the The Office Oasis cylinder set includes the best replacement cylinder available, unique removal tool, comprehensive instructions, protective gloves, and a lifetime warranty, this set is sure to meet all of your needs.

We loved that it's versatile and can even support up to 1000 lbs weight. Even after extensive use, it did not sink, unlike cheaper alternatives that sank within the first few months.

2. DOZYANT Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement

This replacement gas lift cylinder for office chair is stronger than the ones that come with regular chairs. You may use it to fix broken or worn gas lifts on all kinds of office chairs, including task chairs, executive chairs, and more!

The Dozyant office chair cylinder can handle up to 450 pounds thanks to the chairs’ tall central support column. The class 4 cylinder that the company uses is the most advanced one available.

The best thing we loved about this Dozyant gas lift cylinder is that it has 360-degree rotation and smooth and noiseless movements.

3. HOSALI Office Chair Cylinder Replacement

This Hosali hydraulic cylinder for office chair is perfect for swapping out the cylinder of most commercially available office, task, executive, salon, and rolling chair models.

Any office chair base with a 50 mm (2 inches) standard center hole can be easily replaced with this chair cylinder.

The office chair pistons were tested 120,000 times without failure, which is the ultimate degree of testing for BIFMA and TUV certification. The office chair cylinder is constructed with high-quality solid steel and can handle a maximum weight of 1000 lbs. No other gas lift cylinder will compare to the safety decompression structure of this design.

We really appreciate Hosalis' policy of thoroughly inspecting all office chair replacement components before shipment to ensure your complete satisfaction.

4. FRNIAMC Hydraulic Gas Lift Cylinder

You might want to get a new hydraulic lift cylinder for your chair if it can't go up and down.

FRNIAMC hydraulic cylinder for office chairs is stronger than regular chair gas lift cylinders. This chairs’ hydraulic cylinder is 450 lbs, is strong and fits all standard sizes. The ergonomic, noiseless, and full rotation features of the FRNIAMC hydraulic cylinder makes it ideal for use as a drafting stool, task chair, office stool, computer chair, etc.

As far as performance and value go, the hydraulic chair lift mechanism is well-liked by many consumers. They say it's easy to put together, serves its purpose, and works well. Finally, the simplicity of the installation was a major selling point for us.

5. Lilfurni High Piston Adjustable Hydraulic Gas Lift Cylinder

You may get a new gas lift cylinder from Lilfurni, the Heavy Duty model, at a reasonable price if your old one has worn out. When it comes to mechanical qualities and longevity, the Lilfurni office chair cylinder is second to none.

The normal chair gas lift cylinder can't hold as much weight as this one can, and you may quietly and easily spin around 360 degrees thanks to the pneumatic shock.

Rest certain that the Lilfurni High Piston Adjustable can replace most gas lift cylinders on the market due to its length, which can cover most requirements.


How universal are office chair cylinders?

The sizes and styles of all office chairs in the United States and Canada are the same. The outer cylinder has a 2" outside diameter and a 1.1" inside diameter. Each cylinder's edge is slightly tapered to make installation easier.

What to do when the cylinder of an office chair gets stuck?

First, you need to remove the office chair cylinder. Face the base of the chair and reverse the chair. Ensure that the center of the chair can be seen and accessed easily. In the middle of the base, you will find the holding clip. To remove it, you will need a screwdriver or pliers. To remove the clip from the piston, bend it slightly, so it opens. A washer resembles the tire of a car. Remove it by sliding it off the piston. Do this process only if you have to install a chair cylinder replacement.



Office chair hydraulic cylinder replacement is a simple yet powerful practice that can improve workers' health and efficiency. Every cylinder has its own set of advantages, characteristics, and functions that work together to create a personalized ergonomic experience.

For those in search of optimal solutions, examine the five hydraulic cylinders for office chairs listed above that guarantee comfort and productivity at work.

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