Mesh vs Upholstered Chair - Which Chair Is Better?
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Mesh vs Upholstered Chair - Which Chair Is Better?

|May 26, 2021

To make your employees comfortable with their work, you must pick the right chair. It’s vital to choose the right one for the employees to be productive. Before selecting your office chair, you must know the difference between the mesh chairs and upholstered chairs.

Mesh Chairs

Mesh office chairs are the favorite of many who are working in the office. The construction of a mesh chair is unique. It provides lumbar support and air circulation to keep you cool at work. The setting gives arm support and comfort. You can even adjust the height of the chair. With a deep understanding of people's sitting habits, manufacturers have launched Mesh chairs. Thus, it has become quite popular nowadays. 

Benefits of Mesh chairs


Chairs trap heat triggering sweat in employees. Seats get sweaty and sticky due to it. Mesh chair offers ventilation and proper airflow to keep employees fresh. 

Ergonomic chair

What are ergonomic chairs? The answer is quite simple; it provides lumbar support to your lower back after mimicking the spine’s curve naturally. 

Ergonomic chair

As all the bodies are different, employees need to adjust to the office chairs. It’s crucial to avoid sharing the chair with other people. 

Autonomous Chair comes with adjustment control of the height of a seat, and releases the backrest tension. 

The durability of mesh chair

Every chair has thin office chair fabrics. It can take years for the materials to wear down. Besides, the weaving construction makes the chair durable for years to come. 

The appearance of Mesh chair

Mesh office chairs have a sleek profile, which makes them look very modern, stylish and matches every décor. Go for Autonomous Chair Ultra. It comes with excellent looks, comfort, and perfect design. 

The appearance of Mesh chair

Disadvantages of Mesh chairs

Quality has degraded

Between mesh vs upholstered chairs, mesh chairs have been trendy since they came into the market. These chairs are unique; original styling makes them friendly to use. However, the quality has degraded over the years. 

Quality has degraded

Chair manufacturers now have their version, which means the market has many cheap mesh chairs as compared to high-end ergonomic chairs. Therefore, you have to select wisely. 

Mesh chairs can be stiff

Without proper padding, mesh chairs can be rigid, and it can be challenging to find a chair with comfort, and good support. 

Soft Mesh chair contracts or expands

One of the significant problems with mesh chairs is that it expands after using it vigorously. Mesh might create an uneven flex point which causes pressure to fall into the tailbone. It causes numbing pain after using it for many years. 

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs provide you with comfort, style, and also luxury. The demand for the chairs is high due to the ambiance. You can consider a chair as upholstered when it has fabric or leather and offers you cushion along with foam. 

The chair either has a steel or wood frame and has a cushion setting on the top spring. 

It is easy to question yourself, which one to choose? Is Mesh chair better than an upholstered one? Read on to know more.

You can have a wide array of choices while selecting the best chairs for your employees. The options are mostly Mesh office chair vs Upholstered. You must know the pros and cons of both types, which one gives more comfort and keeps employees motivated towards the work. 

Benefits of the Upholstered chair

No compromise on comfort

The foremost thing about this chair is that it’s comfortable, making it great for every employee. Chairs can be uncomfortable after sitting for hours; however, you will feel the difference very quickly in Upholstered chairs. 

No compromise on comfort

The maintenance cost is low

Between mesh vs upholstered chairs, the cost of maintenance for upholstered chairs is standard if you buy high-quality ones. The material used for making an upholstered chair is durable and very strong. People often make the mistake of buying chairs of poor quality, which makes the maintenance cost high. 

Variety of colors available

The variety of office chair colors for an upholstered chair is enormous. You can buy the chair depending on your office décor. Thus, you can choose the color of your choice without any struggle. 

Disadvantages of Upholstered chairs

Possibilities of wrinkle and soil

Upholstered cotton can wrinkle if you don't spray strain-resistant. 

Get damaged by natural effect

Yes, upholstered chairs get susceptible to damage by sunlight or moisture. 

Wear and tear happen fast

It’s common for upholstered chairs to get ripped when used by multi-users in offices. 


If you don’t treat the chairs with flame retardants, they can get flamed.

Get strained

In upholstered chairs, when water penetrates, it makes the fabric dirty. The straining marks will show up once the chair gets dried. 

Why Should You Choose a Mesh chair?

Between mesh vs upholstered chairs, why should you choose a mesh one? Mesh executive office chairs are durable, and have breathable material whose fabric allows your body to regulate the temperature. They are great for providing you with comfort and reduce backache, which you can get after sitting in office chairs for hours. 

Mesh vs Upholstered Chair - Which Chair Is Better?

It also comes with many styles to fit your décor. It is a must to spend around 6-8 hours a day in the office, so it is better to spend it on a mesh chair. Mesh can uniformly distribute the weight and retain the shape. You can appreciate the Mesh chair for its style and the varieties. 

Why Choose Upholstered chairs?

Between mesh vs upholstered chairs, why should you choose an upholstered one? You can never go wrong with the appearance of the Upholstered chairs. It appears stylish and elegant compared to any other chairs in the market. 

If you have to compare it with the seating, you must know that upholstered seats are more comfortably padded than metal, plastic, or wood chairs. The style of the upholstered chair is a bonus. It can be traditional yet modern. 

There is a wide range to choose the best one for your office. You get the option of wool, blends, cotton, and even silk. The upholstery in the chair is changeable at any point in time with the décor of your office. One mustn't worry while re-furnishing the décor. 

In conclusion, you must be able to choose the one after seeing the pros and cons of mesh and upholstered chairs. 

Both chairs have many benefits and disadvantages as well. So, select the one which gives maximum comfort depending on the work pattern. In the battle of Mesh vs upholstered chairs, it should be your pick based on your preference.

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