Mix and Match - The Best Colors for Office Chairs and How to Choose Them
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Mix and Match - The Best Colors for Office Chairs and How to Choose Them

|Nov 16, 2018

Those wishing to upgrade their office this Black Friday can find a few tempting deals. Office chairs are upgraded all the time and making the most of the sale event is a great period to offer the workspace a new perspective. But most manufacturers offer office chairs in various colors and as research shows, color impacts the way objects are perceived and even the mood of the workers. So which color is best?

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The psychology of color

Office chair colors are not simply customization options. They can be tied with a deeper meaning which often goes back to how people interact with the surrounding world. For example, it is believed that natural colors can come with added comfort, as it is easier for the eye to adapt to these colors.

Another example comes with calming colors such as brown, which can often be tied to feelings of reassurance. It is also why many office chairs or desks come in colors which actually mimic natural wood. But even natural colors can come in thousands of variations. Natural wood comes in many colors itself, from the lighter to the darker colors and stains. However, the way in which these colors are paired is important as well.

Natural colors which are strongly influenced by visible wood fiber are recommended for a grounded feeling. In general, they can work with any color. But pairing natural woods with green is often seen as a smoother transition from the outside world to a world of indoor working.

Various blue shades with natural bronze, tan or taupe colors are recommended for a fresh look. This look is also inspired by nature and it is often similar to the colors of the beach against the light blue sky. If the office is at home, combining natural colors of the wood with pale colors such as pale yellow or pale pink can create a more relaxed perception and a work environment which can be perceived as friendlier.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken. But at the same time, a few classic rules have been made specifically to avoid all types of unpleasant surprises. Among them, using shades of gray seems to be the biggest concerns. This approach can lead to a lack of productivity.

Combinations of colors have a certain place depending on the business as well. For example, healthcare locations often use relaxing colors such as white or blue to help patients relax. Specialists also recommend pairing blue with other colors to avoid creating an environment which can be perceived as cold.

An alternative would be with the businesses which deal with children. These businesses openly use bright colors which match the energy levels of children. In other environments which are characterized by formal meetings and a formal way of work, various shades of gray or brown are recommended. Law offices can be a good example.

This idea is also followed by many designs specialists. A safe choice can revolve around neutral colors and it is why they are often used in new offices. Of course, neutral colors are not necessarily boring if paired properly. If the walls are painted in a light color, the chairs can easily come in gray, brown or black. The same would apply with walls painted in gray or brown, where the chairs can work the best in light colors such as white or gray.

All of these colors are actually chosen in a combination. They work best when combined with the existing colors of the office. But at the same time, light can impact the perception of the colors as well. Working with natural sources of light is the easiest. But the right overhead lamps can also give a certain appeal or glow to the chairs, especially when they come in lighter colors. Judging each color in part is possible as follows.


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Black remains one of the go-to colors for chairs and other office supplies. It is not pretentious and it can take away some of the light in an office. But black can also be a color which is recommended for maintenance purposes, as dust or stains are not as visible as on some other colors. Black is also easy to pair. Of course, it works well with black desks but it offers a contrast for white desks as well. Another distinct attribute of black is that it is truly timeless. Unlike other vivid colors, black is not likely to go away due to design direction changes in the future.


White chairs represent purity, light and the idea of a calming space. They might be more prone to dust or visible stains, but white chairs have a certain charm which recommends them in various offices and businesses. Those who want to add light and brighten up an office environment can use white chairs as the first step towards the right direction.


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Blue is recognized for its calming effect. If used correctly, it can help those working with complex tasks. Blue chairs can be a great option for modern offices. It might not work as well in spaces with vintage furniture. But at the same time, the color is known to reduce blood pressure and respiration. It calms and it promotes trust and communication. As shown in multiple spaces, blue can also enhance efficiency and focus.


It’s not a secret that yellow is a daring color. It is used to suggest energy and brightness. It is also a welcoming color. Apart from being used in environments which deal with children, yellow is also great to improve creativity. With improved optimism, yellow encourages focus and promotes innovation. Creative industries in IT, UX design or advertisers can use various yellow chairs and accessories to improve the mood of an office space.


Often associated with nature, green is a great color to choose for spaces which need to come to life. It can work to ease anxiety. But at the same time, research has shown that not too many people are choosing the color. However, things might be changing, especially in modern offices where there is no real limit to the colors which can be used.


Purple can be seen as a special color. It is often associated with luxury and it represents one of the spaces easiest to work with for leading positions in a company. CEO, managers or directors can choose purple as a distinct chair color in an office.


As one of the colors which truly stands out, red is not easy to integrate into an office. It is known that the colors increased brain wave activity. At the same time, it impacts the cardiovascular system as it boosts the heart rate.


Orange can also be one of the colors to boost energy and creativity. However, it is believed that too many orange objects in the office can come with some drawbacks. It is why many people consider important to add orange colors with a select number of pieces and a chair can be a great beginning.


As one of the relaxing colors which offer a grounded feeling, brown is recommended for multiple spaces. It represents one of the recommended choices for chairs which need to remain neutral. It is used in offices with other neutral colors, such as gray. But a brown color is also one of the solutions which are popular when it comes to maintenance hassle as it is not as sensitive as other lighter alternatives.

Other considerations when choosing an office chair

The color of an office chair is not the sole area to consider when choosing the right design. It is how this color integrates into the workspace that matters the most. For many workers, an office chair is a gateway to the working environment and it is not actually seen while working.

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Vibrant bright colors bring enthusiasm

Those suffering from a lack of enthusiasm can take the opportunity to use vibrant colors both for the chair and for the office environment. The colors include bold choices such as green and bright yellow. They often come with the feeling of extra energy and positivity.

Used in various popular branding, these colors indicate the idea of positivity, which is often lacking in some work environments. At the same time, it is also worth knowing some of the most interesting color combinations which can be applied in these spaces.

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Consider the light

Light impacts the perception of a room and an office is no different. Even the right colors can look weird when the light is not good. Most modern offices come with some type of overhead lights. Natural light is also involved in most modern buildings. However, it is not always easy to see which colors work best for certain lights. It is why many designers choose office furniture in relation to the color of the walls and of the floors. This is the easiest way to deal with color both at work and at home.

Keep it clean

Another important area which needs attention comes with office tidiness. Even the best-looking chair and work desk cannot do wonders when it comes to improving how a chair looks. It is why keeping documents and accessories organized is highly recommended. Furthermore, most chairs can be easily integrated with a modern desk. If workers are trying out an old-school desk with a new chair, the visual impact might not be the one looking for. It is why modern office chairs work best with modern desks.

Keeping a workspace organized should not be too complicated. It means that people have the ability to use drawers, files and file organizers to their best capacity. Cabinets are often stored in the desk area. It goes without saying that they should also come in a color which matches the one of the desk and the chair. All the accessories and organizers should have a matching visual identity.

Boring furniture impacts productivity

A lack of productivity can be seen in many offices. It is often attributed to various causes but it has been shown plain and uninspired office furniture could result in reduced productivity. It can also be the case that modern office furniture can come with a more work-like feel in comparison. Regardless of the cause, a new office chair in the right color can be the small boost needed to improve productivity.

However, the color of the chair should not be the only criteria to watch. Its ergonomics and functionality should be at least as important. For most workers, having a proper chair can be the first time in their career where proper posture and good health work together for improved productivity and creativity. When an office chair is supportive and when it also looks interesting and attractive, it can lead to new motivation.

Final considerations

Different colors can come with different feelings. At the same time, many chairs can also use a combination of colors for the seat pan, backrest or armrests. It is why it can be important to find the right solutions when it comes to integrating these multi-color designs in the design of the office.

The right office chair is the first step towards better posture, especially when sitting for multiple hours every day. Together with an attractive desk and an organized workspace, it can be the foundation to the mood workers want to create. The great news is that simple changes can significantly impact the visual representation of the workspace. Most chairs can also be easily paired with various types of floors and carpets for a more custom office look.

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