What Are The Colors That Attract Money?
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What Are The Colors That Attract Money?

|Jan 2, 2024

Colors are nothing but the pockets of energy. If you can use those pockets of energy precisely, there is a possibility that you will attract money. There are plenty of colors that attract money. You can either use a single color, or you can use a combination of colors. If you consider the recommendation, we would suggest you use a combination of colors. 

So, we are about to share the colors so that you can choose the specific one. Also, you can use a combination of colors during various financial situations. The selection of the colors will depend on the situation. 

What color attracts money?

There are plenty of colors that you can check. However, before choosing the color, you have to make sure that it is compatible with you. So, here is the list of colors that attract money:

  • Red

Red emits an energy that is bright as well as powerful and is the best color to attract money. It symbolizes life and emits a huge amount of energy. According to Feng Shui, red is a versatile color. Hence, while using the red, you should be quite careful. It will stimulate wealth, and that is the positive aspect of this color. However, it is also capable of stimulating negative energy towards wealth. 

To make use of this color, you have to direct it positively. Once you do that, it will express various positive energies such as happiness, attraction, affection, strength, energy, beauty, love, progressiveness, and control. The countries that follow Feng Shui consider red to be one of the prominent color inspire productivity

colors that attract money

  • Blue

Another color that can attract wealth is Blue. It emits the energy of calmness, stability, and peace. Besides, this color is the epitome of faith, truthfulness, reliability, support, confidence, and guidance. So, if you include blue in your clothing and your accessories, you will look trustworthy.

Once you look trustworthy, you will attract a lot of opportunities. To be precise, people will become more open with you. Hence, choose the blue - colors that attract money if you want to gain money as well as people’s trust.

best color to attract money

  • Orange

Orange is an underrated yet powerful color. If you want to fathom the immense energy of this color, you have to understand its inception. Well, it is a combination of red and yellow. Both these colors are powerful. Hence, there will be no complaints regarding the high-energy orange. 

Therefore, you can apprehend why the orange color is one of colors that attract money and also can attract wealth, prosperity, and numerous emotions. Besides, orange is the color that denotes improvement, progress, determination, and understanding. So, include orange in your life to attract a considerable amount of energy.

colors that attract money

  • Gold

Gold is the most powerful color if you are thinking of attracting affluence, fame, and wealth. Due to all these things, it is the most powerful color that attracts wealth. Also, you can interpret the color of gold effortlessly. If someone comes in contact with Gold color, they will feel energized even if they don’t know Feng Shui. 

Apart from representing wealth, it also represents monetary success. For that reason, people use gold to represent things that come with high value. Gold itself has a high value when it comes to money. It is a costly substance which even the pharaohs used. So, if you integrate this color in your bags, clothing, purses, and other properties, it will signify monetary liberation.


  • Brown

Brown is not a catchy and strong color like others. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the capability of this color. It can not only express wealth, but it will also attract money. It emits the energy that will help you to control your finances meticulously. You can also control your emotions with the help of this color’s energy.

If you can decorate your office and home with brown color, you will witness powerful results. One of the convenient ways to incorporate brown color in your daily life is by using brown leather wallets. It is one of the common colors of wallets.

  • Yellow

Yellow is a powerful and expressive color. It expresses positive energy as well as attraction. When it comes to the properties of energy, it is almost as similar as red. It signifies agility, activeness, ingenuity, creativity, agility, youthfulness, and beauty. 

If you start using yellow color, there is a possibility that you will get a lot of opportunities. The yellow color is competent in attracting opportunities towards you. Once you attract opportunities, it will be easier for you to earn money.


  • Black

Black is a delicate color. Therefore, you should use this color cautiously. Whenever you are engaging with its energy, you should be quite careful. It is the paradigm of quality, richness, control, strength, prestige, intelligence, dignity, pride, and power. Due to all these traits, black is one of the colors that attract money and can be used for color for office chair in your workplace.

However, if you fail to manage these energies, you may come across arrogance, darkness, intolerance, and other things. If you have a business or can show your authority, black will be a powerful statement. So, consider black if you are searching for the colors of wealth.

what color attracts money

  • White 

It will be a half-done discussion if we don’t include white in this list. The energy of white color is compatible with almost everyone. Since ancient times, people consider white to be the color of good energy, influence, and royalty.

Also, it conveys confidence, assurance, dignity, affluence, and peace. Therefore, don’t forget to include this color for the office standing desk and ergonomic office chair in your home as well as your office.

colors of wealth

2024: Painting Prosperity with Red, Green, and Yellow

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, the colors of prosperity in 2024 are unfolding in a vivid spectrum, dominated by the dynamic hues of red, green, and yellow. These vibrant tones symbolize not only financial abundance but also resilience, growth, and optimism.

Red, the color of passion and determination, takes center stage in the narrative of prosperity. In 2024, businesses and individuals are embracing challenges with unwavering commitment, navigating uncertainties, and turning obstacles into opportunities. The resilient spirit painted in red is a testament to the unyielding pursuit of success.

Red - color of prosperity

Green, representing both prosperity and sustainability, has become a guiding light in the year ahead. The global consciousness is shifting towards eco-friendly practices, with businesses adopting sustainable models and individuals making choices that benefit both the environment and their well-being. The green brushstrokes on the canvas of prosperity depict a world that thrives in harmony with nature.

Green color for prosperity

Green color for prosperity

Yellow, the color of optimism and innovation, adds a bright touch to the unfolding narrative. In the technological landscape of 2024, innovation is a driving force behind prosperity. From groundbreaking startups to established industries, the yellow streaks signify a future shaped by creativity, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of progress.

What color represents success?

As we journey through the chapters of 2024, let's paint our aspirations with the dynamic hues of red, green, and yellow. Together, we can create a masterpiece of prosperity that reflects not only financial success but also the resilience, sustainability, and optimism that define this transformative year.


1. What color makes people want to spend money?

In marketing and branding, vibrant colors like red and gold are often associated with attracting attention and creating a sense of urgency, potentially encouraging spending.

2. What color is good luck?

Different cultures have different beliefs about lucky colors. In many Eastern cultures, red is considered a color of good luck and prosperity.

3. What color represents wealth?

Green is often associated with wealth, as it is the color of money in many countries. Additionally, gold and purple are also sometimes associated with luxury and abundance.

4. What to keep in the wallet to attract money?

Some people believe that placing a certain color of money (such as green) or specific symbols (like a picture of a prosperous deity) in the wallet can attract wealth. However, these practices are more rooted in cultural or personal beliefs rather than scientific evidence.

5. What color represents prosperity?

Green is often associated with prosperity, growth, and abundance. It symbolizes fertile fields and the potential for wealth and success.

6. What color represents success?

The color often associated with success is considered to be gold or shades of yellow, which are seen as symbols of achievement and prosperity.

7. What color represents blessings?

White is often associated with purity and blessings in various cultures. It is considered a symbol of positivity, light, and divine presence.


All the colors that we have mentioned above emit powerful energies. You have to make sure that you are capable of handling those energies. Besides, you should be able to use those energies positively

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