2024 Feng Shui Office Colors for Health and Wealth
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2024 Feng Shui Office Colors for Health and Wealth

|Jan 25, 2022

Did you also think that the only factor making you a good or a bad employee was your motivation to work? Several tiny factors combine to either make an office a place of productivity or dullness. Thanks to the scientific research and the study on the impact of the environment on the human mind, we are now way past just blaming the employees for the lack of efficiency in the workplace.

This means that you must consider the multiple variants that can affect the employees' final efficiency. From office well décor to desk placement in the bedroom, the right desk chairs to keeping various tiny accessories each thing contributes to the final impact. Similarly, 2022 feng shui office colors will be an area of interest ever since the feng shui office layout has been given sheer importance.

This article will cover the feng shui office wall colors and the feng shui home office colors for the right amount of productivity.

Feng Shui Office Paint Colors

According to feng shui (a Chinese philosophy), the office wall colors can make your workplace more productive and directed towards success. From the colored desk chairs to the right selection of feng shui office chair colors, each plays a vital role in the overall result. Even the desk placement you practice in your workplace as a result of Feng shui philosophy can impact your workplace motivation. Here are some colors for your office and their translation as per the feng shui principle.


Red 2022 feng shui office colors

Red is a rarely seen color in professional workplaces, but if your office is all about passion, courage and romance, then red is an amazing pick as per western culture. Since the feng shui principle demonstrates red as the color of happiness, you will see many creative firms opting for a bright red wall pairing it with some other less bold colors. Using red in your office can also bring excitement to your clients.


Yellow color in the workplace is a representation of sunlight and happiness. Yellow can brighten up any space, and for an L-shaped desk feng shui, yellow is the best choice as it makes a place seem bigger and more radiant than usual. Moreover, seeing the yellow color painted on the walls, you also get a welcoming atmosphere. The best thing about yellow is that you get several hues to adjust the brightness level accordingly.


Blue 2022 feng shui office colors

Blue is a popular feng shui color that represents water. It evokes sentiments of calmness, peace, and quiet. If you're stressed out at work, blue can help you stay in a good mood.

Blue should be used in certain feng shui Bagua locations in your home, such as the north for career, the southeast for money, and the east for health.

Light Purple

Here is one of popular 2022 feng shui office colors you should know. As stated by feng shui, the light color purple falls under the fire category. This lavender shade brings peace and gives birth to clarity, which is a great thing one needs in the workplace. Lavender or light purple is also ideal for places where there is a lot of client interaction and meetings with people you need to generate a positive first impression. Light purple also suits well with wooden furniture.


Green 2022 feng shui office colors

The proximity to nature in the workplace is a leading factor in productivity. Many people keep a good luck plant, while some simply opt for the color of nature, i.e., green. Because nature contains so much green, it can bring the outside inside, calming your mood and reducing stress levels.

Use green paint to bring your mind and attitude back into equilibrium. It nourishes and cures by replicating natural feng shui healing vibrations. To get the best effect, choose a variety of green tones and tints.


Are you surprised to learn that white is one of the five feng shui workplace colors? Don't be that way. White, which belongs to the metal element, encourages concentration and clarity. When used alone, though, it can be too jarring, which is why many clinicians choose to paint one wall in their office a contrasting color and keep the rest white.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2022 Feng Shui Office Colors

What Color is Lucky for Business?

What Color is Lucky for Business?

Many businesses consider the color red as the lucky color for their business. This is because red particularly catches attention due to its brightness and loudness. Red is also a famous color you would see on the most famous logo because red has something that leaves the impression remembered.

How Do I Feng Shui My Office?

To feng shui your office, you will need to play with various tiny factors in your workplace. For starters, you would need to place your desk in a dominating position in the room. This means it should be central where the viewing angle is maximum and widest.

Secondly, make sure the back of your desk or your chair is kept against a solid wall with a solid color, so you and your desk stand out in the room. The wall facing your back should be different from other walls to make a statement.

Then it would help if you choose the right chair since feng shui is about appearance and looks. The more comfortable the chair, the more confident and energetic while working.

Also, it would help if you created a great influence through your surroundings. Surround your workspace with motivating images and things, such as motto pictures or images representing what you aspire to achieve.

Which Colors Attract Customers?

Which Colors Attract Customers?

It is also on the type of business you have when it comes to attracting customers. For creative businesses, loud colors such as red and orange can be a good mood booster and depict fun. For more professional and serious settings, blue and green exude calm, so you are not subjected to disturbance and interference by bright colors.

What Color is Good Luck for Money?

Gold is the most potent hue if you want to attract affluence, renown, and fortune. Because of all of these factors, it is the most effective shade for attracting wealth. You may also effortlessly interpret the hue gold. Even if they are unfamiliar with Feng Shui, those who contact the color gold will feel stimulated.

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