The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace
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The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace

|Jun 25, 2021

Your office workspace is a blank canvas that’s waiting for you to paint. Now, if you aren’t a painter, you shouldn’t fear. We only meant this figuratively, but that doesn’t mean painting isn’t out of the question. This is one way to spice up your workspace, but we also have a few others that can help boost your creativity and productivity during those long working hours. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about office wall decor trendy.

What Trendy And Creative Office Wall Décor Ideas Should You Include?

The internet is a wonderful and vast place where many amazing cool wall art ideas live. It’s the area where you can keep up with the various trends and create effective office art ideas that can boost your productivity and creativity.

However, there are so many ideas out there that it can be difficult to find the ones that work. Nonetheless, we have searched far and wide to help make your workspace makeover process easier.

Your office or home office is the best place to do up the wall spaces to show your creativity or increase your productivity.  How? Well, this blog has a host of cool wall art ideas for you to be creative for office wall décor; to do things that motivate you; to hang paintings, clipboards, signs, posters, or charts, and more to stay happy and productive.

Here are some creative office wall decor ideas as you consider desk aesthetics too. Continue reading to find out our top trendy home office wall décor ideas and how you can include these in your workspace today.

1. Photography is a Great Addition

If you love photography, adding a beautiful piece that you admire is an excellent way to enhance your working space’s appearance. You can display this photography by printing photos on acrylic signs and hanging this on your desired wall. Photography offers an excellent sense of satisfaction and works as a reminder of your aspirations.

The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace

2. Printing Wise Words

There’s no shame in needing a little extra push now and then. Like photography, printing inspirational quotes or statements can help keep your motivation up while you’re facing difficult or tiresome periods in the office.

The Right Motivating Teamwork Quotes for Your Workplaces

3. Art for Your Heart

Your brain might cause you to procrastinate doing dull work, but a piece of art from your favorite artist can inspire you to keep pushing forward. You can select any masterpiece that speaks to you. From here, you can print wall design for office on a large poster or canvas. This can boost creativity while also reducing stress.

The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace

4. Increased Organization with a Dry Erase Board

Have you ever experienced the feeling like you forgot something important? This is common for most people, which is why writing things down is always excellent. Sticky notes can come in handy, but you can easily lose these scrap pieces of paper.

The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace

Otherwise, these notes can cause a lot of clutter. Luckily, hanging a dry erase board on your office wall is a great way to remain informed on the things you need to do while also adding a little color and contrast to your blank walls.

5. Calendars Can Never Be Overused

Not only are calendars practical and helpful, but many incredible and trendy designs can enhance your office's appearance. A decorative and trendy calendar offers the space needed to note done everything you need to do. This ensures you never miss any meetings or deadlines. We recommend choosing a blank calendar that you can fill in and erase when necessary.

Calendars Can Never Be Overused

6. Bring on the Clocks

A trendy office décor design that isn't likely to go away anytime soon is a large clock wall. In instances where you work with clients or companies in different time zones, these office spaces can be very useful. Not only can you boost your productivity and creativity from a well-designed clock wall, but it also offers a stylish and modern solution for improved organization in your workstation.

The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace

7. Floating around in Creativity

Want to immerse yourself in a creative mindset and let your imagination run wild? Floating shelves are great for this, especially if you're wanting a more minimalist design. There's nothing more uninspiring than a blank wall that just seems to stare back at you. However, the simple act of hanging a few floating shelves can easily transform this space and make it ready for business.

The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace

This shelving allows you to display various items that inspire you and encourage you to work through those pesky moments where you don't feel like putting in the effort. Maybe you want to display your favorite book to remind you of your aspirations. Otherwise, it can house family photos. Whatever brings you joy and motivation, place it on these shelves and watch your performance flourish.

8. Use a Pinboard or Grid Wall

A pinboard makes it easier to put up things and take them off.  You can constantly change the imagery of your wall with personal pictures, a vacation that you last went to, or a group of office colleagues.  Some folks prefer a grid wall. These are available on many e-commerce websites at relatively low prices. These could be made from bamboo or metal. Once you fix the frame, there is no looking back to add, remove or modify the set-up.  Oh, is that picture from the last vacation you went to Mazu Pizu in Peru? Awesome trip!

Use a Pinboard or Grid Wall office wall décor

9. Pet Pictures

Pets? Who says pets? They are family!  Yes, for all you pet lovers, there is nothing better than having your family around you. You can build up a workstation with pet-friendly office trends. Create a life collage with your dog Bruno growing up with your kids or on the fun trip you went to last month.  Pets are adorable, and they give you so much love. Having a picture of them near your work desk always gives you positive energy and a smile. Would you agree, Bruno? Woof woof! Ah, he says yes!

Pet lovers could always consider adding pictures of their pets or general drawings of a cat or a dog or a particular bird that you love the most.

Pet Pictures

10. Place Cool Bookshelves

A neatly arranged bookshelf is one of the most elegant ways to do up home office wall decor.  Just make sure that you don’t place the heavy books too far up on the wall. You could use different types of wooden frames to put up on the wall.  You can arrange your books as per themes and topics. Alternatively, for those who love perfection, arrange them to increase or decrease the books' height for an orderly look.

Many folks prefer to use floating shelves that are available easily instead of large bookshelves. These are multipurpose shelves, and you could always choose to redo your theme from bookshelves to keeping souvenirs and other decorative stuff on these shelves after some months.

Place Cool Bookshelves for office wall décor

11. Graphic Wall Stickers

Thank God for these graphic wall stickers! Yes, if some of you don’t like to paint or don’t like to get your hands dirty, these are a great choice.  You can choose from a scenic view that welcomes nature into your office or a fine and relaxing modern art.  Go for inspiration quotes, a portrait of the writer(s) who inspires you, or a sports personality.  You can also choose from various musical instruments or your favorite band performing.  The list of ideas is plentiful.

Graphic Wall Stickers

12. Natural Prints

You will be inspired as you add greenery or other colors in the form of natural prints at your home office. As you work through the day on your computer screen, these natural prints of plants, greens, or other flowers break your monotony of thought. Your mind freshens up and is recharged for more action. Do you know you can always look up more office design ideas as you do up your home office?

Natural Prints for office wall décor

13. Floral Decor

A floral décor in my home office? Sure! Floral decors can be done using live or artificial plants.  Go ahead to consider various designs and patterns, from wreaths to a bunch of flowers in a small vase. Use a particular theme or add a variety of them.   Add life to your office walls to keep you happy and motivated for your work with these creative office room decors.  Many people are divided over keeping a potted indoor plant for the maintenance it may require. After all, it’s a personal preference.

Floral Decor

14. Plants on Grid Walls

Don't be surprised to see climbers being used for your creative office room decors. What? Yes!  Many folks prefer to add greens in their home office using small vases and having a climber.  Support the climber with a thread tied to a higher point over your desk and let it grow.  Any form of life brings in pleasantness and makes your office feel alive.

Plants on Grid Walls

15. Go 3D With Origami

Various folks office wall décor using Origami crafts they or their kids have made. Origamis is a cool office wall art idea. Remember to use different color papers to add spice to the wall or stay with plain white paper; the choice is yours.   Creations like these, when neatly arranged, add a form of life to your home office.  As you pause and take in the hard work that you have done, you can see that you have added homemade decorations to your walls, bringing in a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Go 3D With Origami

16. Let there be light

The use of light in office spaces is sadly missed by many. The positioning of your windows on the walls of your office, opening of curtains, and the kind of bulbs you’ve put up, all have an impact on your office décor. If you can, bring in a lot of natural lighting to your office. It’s not just good for the plants, you know. Lighting actually plays a huge role in boho themed office decor also since the space has to look open and airy.

Let there be light office wall decor

17. Monogram

You want your space to be yours, and you want people to know it. A customized, elegant monogram on the wall will make a chic touch to your office room décor.

18. Glass board

Glass board office wall decor

White boards are a thing of the past, and don’t do much when it comes to your office wall décor. Adding a glass board not only looks cool, but it also gives you a space to write and communicate your ideas.

19. Cloth hangings

As far as office art ideas go, woven or cloth hangings are both tasteful and personal. They add a creative look to even the blandest of office spaces. We’re not just talking rugs and carpets on the wall (though those are also appreciated). If you’re a sports agency, some autographed T-shirts from famous sportsmen might do the job. A fashion industry office might go with a one of-a-kind vintage dress. The office is your oyster!

20. Personal color-play

Personal color-play office wall decor

Who says you have to hire an expensive artist to paint your walls? Your office can be your very own customized space. Keep a creative office wall for yourself and go crazy with paint, wallpaper, pictures or whatever quirky material you want and really let your inner personality have its own place at work. Make sure you choose colors that are tasteful and impactful, but most of all, colors that you will love seeing as your office wall décor every day.

21. Bamboo wall

If you’re opting for an earthy wall design for the office, you can go with a bamboo wall. I’m sure you’ve seen bamboo structures, they’re beautiful and a great way to bring a natural element to your workplace. Decorate your wall with different bamboo structures and mix in some green elements to make the room come together.

22. Cabinets

This may sound like an odd choice for office wall décor, but hear us out. Open cabinets on the wall work really well as both storage space and for aesthetics especially in your home office wall decoration. If you’re utilizing a space that already has cabinets, it’s even better because all you have to do is take the doors out and throw some fresh paint in the mix.

23. Big clock

Big clock

Clocks may seem like an outdated idea but you can modernize it to your liking. A huge clock taking up an office wall serves as both a quirky wall design idea and helps you stay on track just by glancing up from your desk.

24. Mirrors

Mirrors are super functional for keeping your office attire in check, and also serve as eccentric office wall décor. Whether you’re placing thin vertical mirrors side by side or a larger mirror singularly placed in the center of a wall, they really help bringing a place to life. Something to keep in mind is the reflection of light. You want your mirror to appropriately reflect light without throwing it in your eyes.

25.  Wood wall

Antique and beautiful wood pieces to decorate a wall looks classy and is very easy to do. Pick a wall with contrasting shades to the wood pieces you plan on keeping and add some shelves to keep your décor items on.

Wood wall

Importance of Color in the Workplace

Different colors are associated with different traits. In fact, you can never deny the impact on mood and behavior colors can have. Red for example has always been a symbol of leadership and power. If you’re a CEO you might want to take notes on what color to splash across your walls next. We’re saying that metaphorically, of course. Tasteful application of color matters a lot too.

According to the Chinese calendar the lucky colors for 2022 are red, black, yellow and white. You can explore those if you’re looking to go for a feng shui setup especially. While there may or may not be one color of the year for each person, knowing them certainly helps.

A blue wall may seem redundant but the color blue inspires creativity. For writers and artists this may be a good choice. Communication and decision making are dominated by the sunflower favorite: yellow. Hues of yellow across the room in the form of paintings and natural light can help you think clearly and be more open with your words.

If you’re wondering what color attracts wealth (because we’re trying everything, right?), the typical answer is Gold. Gold hues are considered to attract wealth. We also love some gold frames and light structures for your office wall décor so let’s stick to some of the shiny stuff.

Green is generally associated with calm and relief. You may not realize the importance of a plant in an office or a dark green chair, but as something you’ll be looking at while you rub your temples, this goes a long way. A lush green painting is a wonderful idea for an office space to help you get away from the work world while you take a break. Explore different office wall painting ideas till you find one that’s suitable for you.

White is always a safe choice since it is associated with honesty, and peace. White in office wall décor always looks crisp and clean, whether you are opting for white walls to make your office space look more open, or a modernistic look with white shelves and minimal art. It will always help you with all your professional office décor ideas.

Importance of Color in the Workplace

What Office Furniture Can Be Used to Enhance These Trendy Office Wall Décor Designs? 

Including office art ideas and home office wall décor in your workspace is an excellent method to enhance your productivity and creativity, but you can reap even better results by also incorporating ergonomic office furniture. An office ergonomic chair, like the ones available from Autonomous, is equipped with the correct support and comfort. This ensures you work for more extended periods.

These modern and trendy office wall design ideas are a great addition to any workspace, but these additions can easily stick out like a sore thumb if you have outdated office furniture. You want your work equipment and décor to flow together to ensure you don’t get distracted by contrasting aesthetics in one space.

The Trendiest Office Wall Décor for a Creative and Productive Workspace

Luckily, a modern home standing desk from Autonomous can easily balance your workstation out. The versatility of this adjustable standing desk not only aligns with the aesthetics of your workspace, but you also gain exceptional ergonomic features that help you work for longer and with more focus.

How to Choose an Accent Wall in Your Home Office

As you choose an accent wall for your home office wall décor, here are a few points to consider.

Focal points

Fireplaces, a large wall clock, a bay window, a large painting, or more could be the focal point you decide to accentuate.  What strikes a visitor as soon as they enter your home office?  What is it that you wish to highlight?  Perhaps it's a bookcase or a meeting table with your company's logo or branding.  

If you aren't very sure of things, read our blog on the graphic design workspace for some ideas.

Focal points

Creating a focal point

If you don't have a focal point, you could always create one. How? Use of lighting, shades, soft furnishings, a wall painting or a niche, and more are ways to create a focal point. Accentuate walls against which these forms of art are placed for your accent wall.

Using colors & shades for focal points

You may sometimes decide to use a particular wall to make it look large or look brighter for the small space or room size it has. That's fine too. Use a dual-tone shade to paint your walls to highlight and make this wall stand out.  You may highlight a particular type of stone finish or a design or just the stone pillar that becomes the focal point. You could always refer to our ideas on small business office design.


Why is office wall decor important?

Office wall decor plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and inspiring work environment. It can enhance the aesthetics of the space, reflect the company's values and culture, and contribute to employee morale and productivity.

What types of office wall decor are popular?

Popular types of office wall decor include:

  • Artwork: Paintings, prints, or photographs that add visual interest and inspire creativity.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Typography or vinyl decals with motivational quotes to uplift and motivate employees.
  • Company Branding: Logos, mission statements, or core values displayed prominently to reinforce the company's identity.
  • Wall Murals: Large-scale graphics or murals that transform the office space and create a specific atmosphere.
  • Whiteboards or Corkboards: Functional decor that allows for brainstorming, organizing, and sharing information.

How can office wall decor improve productivity?

Thoughtfully selected and strategically placed wall decor can enhance productivity by creating a visually stimulating and engaging workspace. Inspirational images or quotes, calming nature scenes, or artwork that reflects the company's goals and values can inspire employees and boost their motivation and focus.

Are there any guidelines for choosing office wall decor?

When choosing office wall decor, consider the following guidelines:

  • Align with Company Culture: Select decor that reflects the company's values, mission, or industry.
  • Consider Employee Preferences: Take into account the preferences and interests of employees to create a space that resonates with them.
  • Maintain Professionalism: Ensure that the chosen decor maintains a professional and appropriate tone for the work environment.
  • Balance Aesthetics and Functionality: Strive for a balance between visually appealing decor and functional elements that serve a purpose in the office.

How can cool wall art contribute to employee well-being?

Office wall decor can contribute to employee well-being by creating a pleasant and inspiring environment. Natural scenes, soothing colors, or artwork that evokes positive emotions can help reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being.

What are some cost-effective options for cool wall art?

Cost-effective options for office wall decor include:

  • Printed Posters or Art Prints: High-quality prints of artwork, motivational quotes, or photography that can be framed or mounted.
  • DIY Projects: Create customized artwork or displays using materials such as corkboard, fabric, or recycled materials.
  • Vinyl Decals: Affix removable vinyl decals with inspirational quotes or company branding to add visual interest.

How can office wall decor support collaboration and creativity?

Wall decor can support collaboration and creativity by providing a visually stimulating and inspiring environment. Interactive elements like whiteboards or corkboards allow employees to share ideas, brainstorm, and collaborate effectively.

Are there any considerations for office wall decor in open office layouts?

In open office layouts, it's essential to consider the overall aesthetic, noise levels, and the impact on employee focus. Opt for decor that enhances the overall atmosphere without causing distractions or hindering productivity. Wall dividers, acoustic panels, or artwork strategically placed can help create visual separation and mitigate noise concerns.

Wrapping It Up

For office wall décor you’ll like and appreciate over time, you must keep your preferences in mind. Add in colors and elements you feel comfortable with and would feel happy looking at time and again. Remember not to overdo it though! You don’t want your colleagues walking in and thinking about how cramped your walls look, nor do you want to fill them so much that your office starts to look suffocated. Stick to the cute basics and you’ll be good.

Having a well-designed workspace with ergonomic furniture and a creative office wall design has the potential to skyrocket your productivity and creativity. Home office wall décor creates a comfortable environment that you and your employees can work in for those long hours while ergonomic furniture ensures that these employees are supported during extended periods.

However, it's recommended to pay close attention to your desk décor. Making sure your desk space isn't overcrowded can help you remain focused. Only keep things that you need on your desktop to ensure you don't clutter your working area, get distracted, and feel overwhelmed.

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