17 Best Office Desk Decor Ideas For 2023
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17 Best Office Desk Decor Ideas For 2023

Autonomous|Feb 11, 2021

Many who work in an office environment will agree that their cubicle is much like a second home. Since the average worker spends around eight hours at the workplace, this hardly comes as a surprise. If you are one of them, why not get creative with your office desk setup?

The same mundane environment can not only become boring, but it can also affect your productivity. Even if you are up to your elbows working from home, the monotony can still affect you. 

A great way to break through this is to add a personal touch to your office desk. Here is a list of the 17 best office desk decor ideas to make 2022 your most productive year yet!

1. Go Green With Desk Plants

A bit of greenery around the workspace can add so much vibrancy to a dull white or grey environment. Not to mention, these little pots of nature come with a myriad of benefits. From purifying office air to uplifting your mood to improving your health, plants do it all!

Suffice to say that a plant pot is a perfect addition to your desk setup for productivity. So, add the magic touch of aesthetics to your workspace with cacti, philodendrons, Devil's Ivy, or something else. When it comes to desk plants, your options are pretty much endless!

Best Office Desk Decor Ideas

2. Stylize Your Desk With Washi Tape

Most creative souls will swear by washi tape, and for good reasons! These stationary items come in tons of colors and patterns and have oh so many uses. However, their end purpose is to enhance the look of an item and give it more personality.

Well, who is to say that the item can only be a journal or a photo frame? Washi tape is an excellent way to try out some office desk DIY ideas. You can place the tape along the edges of your desk or even create a cool design with it on the tabletop.

Expect the bright colors and trims to give you that visual and mental push for a productive workday!

how to decorate office desk

3. Let There Be Light

When you think of ambiance lighting, your typical office overhead light will likely not come to mind. Lamps are the go-to for most people when they are in search of more tasteful lights. 

Let's face it, fluorescent lights may get the job done, but they are not the most appealing. So consider illuminating your workspace with a more ornate lamp instead of a traditional business-style one. There you have it, another splendid yet simple work desk decor idea!

desk decorations for work

4. Take Tech To The Next Level

In theory, sprucing up a work environment may seem pretty simple. However, when it comes to it, how to decorate an office desk is a question on several minds. Well, one easy trick to doing that is jazzing up some items you use regularly.

Tech-related items, like mousepads and keyboard mats, often look plain and bland. Switch these out for custom mats to bring some life to your office desk. Whether you opt for images of your favorite TV shows, musicians, cartoons, or anything else is entirely up to you!

You can also opt to embellish your technology itself. For instance, you can make keyboards more attractive by adding stickers for a colorful and unique touch.

5. Bring Out Your Inner Bookworm

Books can do more than serve up entertaining stories; they can also act as decor! If you store them the right way, of course. Instead of stacking books on your desk, why not buy a pair of chic bookends? You will find plenty of humourous and attractive options in stores. 

You can also choose to let out your creative flair if you DIY them or use unusual items in their place, like painted rocks or toys. If you are searching for some stand-up desk DIY decor ideas, look no further! These bookends are way more appealing than traditional ones that may be practical but lack any personality. 

Bring Out Your Inner Bookworm

6. Choose Colorful Desk Accessories

From your laptop to notes to stationery, your office desk likely holds a lot of items. Well, using some of these items as accent pieces for office desk decor ideas can instantly brighten up your workspace.

Say you have a white desk, add a few bright items, like a red lamp or a green pen stand, for a bit of color pop. While this might seem like too simple an idea, it can elevate your decor quite a bit. Desk decorations for work do not get easier than this!

Choose Colorful Desk Accessories

7. Spruce Up Storage Items

Storage items on a work desk like SmartDesk Core can differ in size, from little pen holders to large organizers. However, they have one thing in common: they are all equally customizable. 

While you can always purchase decorative storage items and switch them out for old ones, DIY is also an option. All you need to do is get a few design print outs and stick them onto your holders with tape. It is as simple as that!

8. Wrap Those Wires Up

An office environment is pretty incomplete without at least a few chargers and extension cords lying around. That said, having wires running across your desk can be quite an eyesore and ruin your office aesthetic. 

Well, there are always work desk decor ideas to make even the ugliest wires look appealing. Try wrapping your cords or in some brightly-colored tape or jute to give them a more stylish touch. 

Wrap Those Wires Up

9. Make Your Coffee Craving Chic

Office desk decor ideas do not have to stop at work-related items. Most people prefer to get through work while sipping on a beverage of their choice, say coffee or tea. Well, since these cups spend so much time on your desk, why not dress them up so they can serve as decor?

Once again, when it comes to cups, you will find plenty in the market that might appeal to you. Or, if you prefer to be artistic, you can get a plain white cup and decorate it as you please! 

10. DIY Calendar To Keep Those Dates

With the world transitioning into the digital era, physical calendars may seem like a thing of the past. After all, most people rely on their phones to know the date, day, and even time. However, that does not mean you cannot use them as attractive decor pieces!

A DIY calendar is not only simple to make but also a super fun project. Not to mention, you end up with beautiful decor item that is also pretty practical, helping you keep appointments.

DIY Calendar To Keep Those Dates

11. Décor Accents with Floating Shelves

A unique way to stylize your office desk would be to add desk decor ideas or accents with floating shelves. Floating shelves can make your work corner look more aesthetic. Well, who doesn’t like aesthetics? Obviously, everyone loves them. You can add some scenic frames or your favorite quote framed on this shelf.

Placing some collectibles would also be a great idea. However, remember that overcrowding is never good for your productivity and peace of mind. In addition, we also think of adding floating shelves when we are short on space, so remember to keep only a few things on these shelves. 

12. Stylish Tray for Essentials

Stylish Tray for Essentials

These are necessary office desk accessories ideas. Adding a stylish tray for having all your essentials in a place can be another great way of avoiding clutter yet having a stylish office desk decor. You can add a uniquely designed tray underneath your desk to put desk accessories like your pens, papers, or any other small accessories that could create clutter on your desk otherwise. 

13. Keep Calm with Candles

What is the one thing that matters the most when you are planning an ergonomic yet stylish desk setup? It is peace of mind. And the best way to do that would be to add those items that are relaxing and calming and help you think better. What we mean by this is that the decorative candles can be some amazing desk decorations that would keep you calmer and more composed. 

14. Keep Pens and Pencils at Hand

No one likes leaving their workspace to fetch a pen or pencil to note down something important that they might have encountered while working. So, it is better to keep such accessories within your hand’s reach. What you can do here is add those office desk decoration items that will help you keep your pencils and pens in place. This can be a fancy pencil holder. 

15. Add a Natural Mouse Pad

Keep Calm with Candles

Your workplace ergonomics matters the most when you are thinking of redesigning your office desk décor. In that regard, it would be better if you add a cork desk pad or a natural mouse pad to your office desk. This mouse pad will not just help you have a smooth and seamless work experience but will also ensure that your workstation looks aesthetic. In addition, you may also think of adding a vegan leather desk mat as that would work as well. 

16. Make it Personal with Your Favorite Memories

You know that you spent a lot of time at your workstation. If your workspace is dull, you will likely get bored and become unproductive eventually. An element of personalization is always better as it builds an emotional connection with your workspace. You feel more motivated and more engaged. So, adding some snaps or photo frames of your loved ones on your desk or a shelf nearby would be a great way of doing that. 

17. Dreamy Scandinavian Office Décor

If you are a fan of the latest minimalism trend, you would love to have a dreamy Scandinavian office desk décor. You may think of going cordless by equipping your desk with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Adding a cable tray can also help you manage any lingering cables. In addition to this, you may think of adding some abstract artwork frames in your workspace to make it look more aesthetic and dreamier. 

White Desk

white desk

All minimalism trend lovers appreciate the addition of a white desk. A white desk not just looks sleek but is also quite a pleasant addition to your workstation that makes it look more spacious. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you keep fewer accessories on this desk to maintain the aura and peace of mind that it creates. 

Wood Desk

wooden standing desk is a piece of furniture that would catch the interest of any office worker who is a fan of aesthetic office desk decoration ideas. You can add a wooden standing desk and equip it with a natural mouse pad to make it look unique. Even if you have a wooden deck, you can keep it clutter-free and make it look minimalistic all in all. 

Black Ergonomic Chair

Black has got something which attracts everyone. So, adding a black ergonomic chair is always an interesting addition to your office desk décor. A black ergonomic chair gels well with any color, so if you are among those who are not sure which color would be the right one for your office, black is there for you. 

White Shell Chair

White color has got a strong connection with peace of mind and minimalism. If your workplace's walls are painted with a light color, adding a white shell chair will let your furniture blend with the wall paint's color and give your room a unique aesthetic look. 

Black Stool


You might be a worker who likes active sitting and is more comfortable working while standing. In that case, going for a black stool would be a great idea in terms of colors and your satisfaction. Nevertheless, always remember that your workplace ergonomics matter the most while evaluating your office desk décor, so you should choose a standing desk stool designed while considering workplace ergonomics.

Wrap Up

You may not have much control over your workload, but you do have complete control over your workspace. Office desk decor ideas are the simplest ways of taking control of your space and letting your character shine! You may also form better connections with your colleagues as they get to know a bit more about you.  

Adopt some of these decor ideas today to infuse this year with both productivity and personality!

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