Best Desk Setup for Productivity with 8 Incredible Tips
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Best Desk Setup for Productivity with 8 Incredible Tips

AutonomousAutonomous | Sep 11, 2020

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We are currently neck deep in the world’s largest work from home experiment. Without being able to work within our usual dedicated office spaces, how can we ensure that we’re able to perform at our peak whilst working from home? Remote work is challenging both mentally and physically, even for the strongest workers. To maintain a positive workflow, you need the right home desk setup to boost productivity. We’ve put together a concise guide on how to create the most productive desk setup.

1. Find your light

Whether it’s the crack of dawn, in the middle of the day, or super late into the dead of night, having the correct lighting to support your workflow at home is extremely important. The right source of both natural light and artificial light are crucial to building the best desk setup for productivity. If you’re able to, try to position your desk in the brightest room within your home. Natural light is an excellent way to boost productivity and focus, as sunlight greatly improves the mood and also helps to save on that pesky electricity bill. So seek out the biggest, brightest window that you can and see if your work desk can work within that space.

Natural and artificial light for productive desk setup

Remember, different activities require very different forms of lighting. For example, lighting that works for a person who edits and color corrects video footage will not work as well for someone dealing with reading text or tedious spreadsheets full of numbers. So why not consider a desk lamp that gives you options? The Ultra Wide LED Desk Lamp from Autonomous provides four different colour temperatures to suit a whole slew of activities. Or for more flexibility, consider the slightly smaller LED Desk Lamp with multiple color modes, brightness levels, and a moving hinged arm.

2. Get up and move

Sitting in the same position, for hours on end, every day of the week, is enough to make anyone go a bit loopy. Avoid feeling stagnant and the frustration of hitting a productive wall by taking lots of short, quick breaks to gain a new perspective on whatever activity or task you are in the middle of.

A great way of improving blood flow and physical activity whilst working from home, is investing in an adjustable standing desk. Medical professionals advise that ideally we should be standing for 15 - 20 minutes after every hour of seated work.

desk setup for productivity with moving and exercises

Autonomous offers an impressive selection of standing desks for both the home and professional office. Desks to suit various spaces, activities, and team sizes. Move from the perfect seated height to standing with just the push of a button and enjoy continued focus and better posture when you need it most. An adjustable standing desk is definitely one of the most productive desk setup options out there. Beside that, you can also perform some easy exercises at your standing desk when taking a short break. It will give you many benefits which you may not know.

Of course, there are other ways to encourage movement throughout the working day. Place your printer/scanner, filing unit, and other miscellaneous work materials or tools on the other side of the room. Or even better, dedicate the time and set alarms within the day to schedule a quick sweat or stretch session.

3. The perfect desk setup needs the perfect office chair

Wherever we work, we spend so much time in our office chair. WIth less than ideal home office setups, back pain and neck cramps are a real issue when it comes to working from home and work productivity. In order to build the best productive desk setup for you, it’s so important to source an office chair that is comfortable. A chair that causes discomfort to your back can lead to serious damage to your posture and in the long run not only interferes with your productivity but also your health and wellbeing. 

Standing dedsk & ergonomic chair for Productivity

When adjusting your ergonomic chair for the most professional desk setup, it’s important to remember the following:

  • The ideal chair height is one where your thighs are parallel to the ground while sitting, and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Your elbows should form a 90-degree angle with your desktop or laptop so that you can type without affecting your wrist or arm muscles.
  • The top of the monitor screen should line up with your eyes when you’re sitting straight up in your chair.
  • Your monitor should also be at a distance where you can read without tilting your head or hunching forward.
  • A posture-effective chair will help you to sit up straight to prevent back and neck pain.

Don’t underestimate a good ergonomic office chair. Although an ergonomic office chair may not fit within everyone’s design aesthetic, once you sit and work in one, you’ll immediately feel the world of difference. Autonomous offers a range of ergonomic office chairs in many different colors and materials, and at different price points to suit whatever your physical needs and personal taste may be.

4. Green is good

There are a number of reasons to include a healthy dose of plant life, including your actual health. We spend so much of the working day indoors and poor air quality within your home office can be really detrimental to your health and work productivity. Asthmatics and those that suffer from dust allergies would do well to look into purchasing plants for the home office.

Most productive desk setup with plants

Introducing plants into the space improves the air quality by filtering and reducing toxins found in the air such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Trichloroethylene, and distributes clean oxygen for you to breathe. Delightful aromatherapy benefits can also be enjoyed through many floral plant varieties. Plants help to BOOST our mood by lowering our blood pressure, energize the mind, and may even promote deeper, more rejuvenating sleeping patterns. Many scientific studies have even shown that plants are especially beneficial for those who are ill, greatly assisting in lowering stress levels among long-term patients.

Effective stress relievers and mood boosters, plants are amazing productivity boosters. Research from the University of Exeter found that by simply enriching a plain and minimal office setting with plants helped to increase work productivity from subjects by 15%. Overall, green houses were found to house happier and more productive workers. 

But how can I make a productivity desk setup with plants? Experts make it look easy enough, but sometimes putting an idea into practice ends up being way more challenging than first expected, or completely the wrong idea for your space to begin with! Whether you’re a natural green thumb, or you can’t tell the difference between a succulent and a pesky weed. Follow our guide for a complete eco-friendly home office setup with many easy and effective tips.

5. Organize your damn mess!

This is a no brainer. How can you possibly be productive when you’re drowning in clutter and spend most of your time looking for that damn charger? A disorganized desk damages your productivity and excess, unnecessary clutter can also be accountable for contributing to your stress levels. In the grand scheme of things, the chaos of a messy desk can cause mental overload and make your habits of unproductive procrastination worse.

Know how to organize your work desk for productivity

The key to an organized desk is creating a system. All of your work tools, stationary, and digital accessories need a designated home. Keep all of your important documents, bills, and paperwork labelled and stored in a simple filing cabinet. Preferably one on wheels for easy transportation. For stationary and other small items that you use on the daily, consider some sort of concealed draw storage that you can add to your existing work desk. And if you’re a tech head that uses multiple displays and need to keep all of your digitals well juiced, a simple cable tray is an absolute godsend when it comes to cable management.

When it comes to keeping things clean and organized, your desktop display is just as important as your work desk. A messy desktop filled with hundreds of files is likely to cause just as much headache as a stack of printed documents beside your keyboard. Take the time to develop a system of folders and sub folders and name all of your individual files appropriately for easy searching in the future. With this productivity desk setup tip, you’ll save yourself tons of time and headache knowing exactly where to find what you’re looking for. 

6. Get a little personal

Your home. Your office. Your sanctuary. Your rules. Take advantage of working remotely from home and make your desk space your own! Sure, keeping things minimal makes sense, but studies have also shown that having the ability to personalize the work space helps us cope better with distractions and stress. It gives us the feeling of more control and establishes a more positive relationship between our identity and our workplace. Having our personal items on our work desks motivates us to work harder, as it lends a sense of identity to a workplace, rather than simply a cog within a corporate machine.

Personalize your workspace

The most hilarious framed photograph of you and your friends is sure to boost your mood on a dreary Monday morning. Or an air diffuser with your favorite scent will surely help put you in the mood to settle in and knuckle down with work. However, it’s important to keep things balanced. Don’t make things too distracting. If you find yourself getting a bit too distracted by the row of bobblehead puppies or anime figurines, then you may want to pull things back a bit and decorate a bit more minimally. 

Personalize your space in moderation. Stick to personal items that will inspire you to be productive. A photograph of your children may help to keep you motivated, or simply setting your desktop screen display with an inspirational image can do the trick. What about a mood board with all of your travel goals, shopping wishlists, or that new car you’re working towards? A framed printout of your favorite motivational quote perhaps? Whatever works for you. You do you boo.

7. Stay hydrated

We’ve all heard it a thousand times over. Don’t forget the importance of drinking water! Studies have shown that a whopping 75% of working Americans do not drink the recommended ten cups of water a day! How many have you had today? There’s a strong link between your water intake levels and your level of productivity. Even the slightest bout of dehydration can make us feel tired and lethargic. Most of us are inclined to automatically reach for that seventh caffeine shot of the day, but beware, caffeine dehydrates us even more, pushing us towards that annoying cycle of perpetual fatigue and headache.

Desk setup with cups of water

There are plenty of Hydration Apps available to remind us of how much water we should be drinking on the daily. Or invest in an attractive, eco-friendly, reusable water flask that will encourage you to drink more water. Keep your flask topped up and on your desk as a constant reminder and avoid fatigue whilst working remotely from home.

8. Block out the noise

Productivity and work flow throughout the day is dependent on how well we can stay focused during every working hour. Studies have shown that staying attentive at work is impaired most by background noise. Isolating yourself from any distracting background noise can help greatly with improving and maintaining your productivity levels. As part of a productive desk setup, it’s a good idea to invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones as part of your arsenal. As much as your favorite tune can lift your spirits and energy levels, sometimes we just need some clear white noise to help us focus and get the job done.

Setup productive desk with noise blocking accessories


Does a good desk setup increase productivity?

Yes! The way a desk being setup has a major impact on your work performance. Using a standing desk and ergonomic chair for your workspace setup doesn’t only help reduce your stress but it also helps you combat obesity and weight gain due to prolonged hours sitting at work.

How should I set my desk for productivity?

You need to consider your space first and then plan a reasonable budget to set up a productive working desk. You can read the above tips to get more information and advice for your desk setup idea.

What do you need for a productive desk setup?

Basically, you should have an office standing desk, a good office chair, a dual monitor or laptop with a stand at the perfect angle and other must have office desk accessories depend on your job.

In a nutshell

To build the perfect desk setup that allows for maximum productivity during this global wave of remote work, you need to create a space that is a joy to spend time in. Light your work desk correctly, the more natural light the better. Bring a bit of the outdoors in and introduce office plants into the space. If you’re terrible at keeping things alive, succulent plants are a great, easy, and affordable option to decorate your desk. Keep things organized and designate a home for each of your tools. Keep hydrated and active at work and switch things up at regular intervals. Most importantly, support your posture and overall health with ergonomic furniture and accessories that will keep you mentally focused and physically sound.

Desk setup for productivity

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