The Most Expensive Office Desks in the US
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The Most Expensive Office Desks in the US

|Mar 17, 2024

Deciding on furniture goes beyond just practicality; it becomes a reflection of taste, comfort, and corporate identity.

In an effort to keep expenses down, many new and small businesses settle for cheap office furniture that serves its purpose. This may work for startups on a tight budget at first, but it could backfire as the company expands. The purchase of high-quality office furniture may do wonders for the perception of your business among both customers and employees.

Therefore, we've curated a list of the 5 most expensive office desks in the US that'll help you define your company's identity.

Top Expensive Office Desks in the US

1. Parnian Executive Desk

An opulent masterpiece, the Parnian desk costs over $200,000 and is the pinnacle of office furniture luxury. The exquisite craftsmanship of this most expensive office desk exudes an air of refined elegance. The Scottsdale-based designer Ali Parnian calls it a “trend-setting statement” that features ebony and Carpathian elm, two enigmatic and stunning woods. With its six distinct exotic woods and one-of-a-kind glass component, this expensive executive desk defies convention.

Not only is Parnian Furniture a reputable name in the business, but this unique invention is also exclusive to them. Their 'Power Desks,' which are custom-made for CEOs, business leaders, and celebrities, are a symbol of their clients' achievements and tastes.

2. Herman Miller AGL Table

As a prized piece of furniture from the Herman Miller Collection, the AGL Table exemplifies the company's dedication to producing high-quality, cutting-edge designs. Incorporating ideas from aviation design for maximum efficiency, the AGL Table is a product of a design philosophy that prioritizes form, proportion, and scale while reducing the amount of material used.

The AGL Table is a show-stopping addition to any dining or meeting room, thanks to its 29-inch-high design that puts it on a sculptural plane. It exudes an aura of wisdom and exquisite taste due to its efficient understructure and gentle, inviting edge, which together create a polished atmosphere.

With its high-quality materials, this expensive office desk is available with veneer tops in Santos Palisander, ebony-stained ash, or white ash. In addition to ensuring longevity, the powder-coated aluminum base gives it a sleek, contemporary look. The table’s leveling floor glides ensure it stays put on uneven floors. The AGL Table, with its classic good looks and long-lasting construction, is sure to be the focal point of any dining room or business conference room.

3. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

The multipurpose Jarvis small standing desk can help you get in the zone. With its adaptable design, Jarvis promotes a range of sitting and standing postures throughout the workday, which is great for health and movement. With the simple press of a button on an up-down touchpad or an OLED programmable smartphone, you can effortlessly alter the height of the bamboo standing desk frame. A powered grommet makes it easy to charge electronics without taking them out of your desk.

The Jarvis Standing Desk Is an original, expensive office desk of the Oregon-based manufacturer. Using the top-notch design, 'Fully', a Certified Corporation, is committed to elevating the standard of your job and workplace.

Additionally, bamboo, selected for its fast renewable properties and inherent beauty, serves as Jarvis's tabletop. The pesticide-and fertilizer-free bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than a comparable stand of trees. Lastly, Jarvis's standing desk converter is sent in packaging that is both recyclable and free of EPE.

4. Globus Workstation by Artifort

The Globus Workstation is an amazing mobile workstation that can be opened and closed simply according to the situation, designed by Michiel van der Kley for Artifort. The aluminum structure resembles an egg, while the shell is composed of Baydur, a polymer. Inside, you’ll find a swivel chair and a compact desk, perfect for stowing away your laptop.  

The Globus workstation is portable due to its wheels and manageable size. The meticulous craftsmanship of Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley elevates this to the level of an artistic masterpiece. Notable features are the break system and the mechanism for opening the shell. You can get it with a white exterior and your choice of leather or cloth for the seat.

Globus is a fantastical and expensive office desk of modern sculpture that would look great in a contemporary workplace or even in your own house, giving it a more spacey vibe.

5. Pottery Barn Livingston Executive Desk

Pottery Barn’s Livingston Executive Desk is the perfect example of how style and utility can coexist in harmony. This expensive office desk stands out in the Livingston collection, which is renowned for its naturally aged look, thanks to its deep grain that is complemented by a gray wash treatment. Perched on a plinth base, it radiates timeless elegance with its elaborate molding and fluting on the posts.

With its adaptable design and all-around finishing, this expensive executive desk is sure to be the showpiece of any area. Its businesslike appearance is unaltered, whether placed against a wall or in the room's focal point. The wood's natural grain and the gray wash finish both bring out the best in its exquisite traditional characteristics.

The modular pieces of the Livingston series fit together like puzzle pieces, making them ideal for individuals who want their workspace to look polished and professional.

Why Do You Need a High-End Desk for Your Office?

  • Comfort: Expensive ergonomic desk setups put the health and happiness of employees first, which in turn boosts their productivity.
  • Versatility: High-quality stand-up desks allow for easy rearrangement, meeting evolving needs and making the most efficient use of available space.
  • Employee Morale: A high-quality, comfortable workplace has a beneficial effect on morale since it creates a positive atmosphere that encourages workers to be happy and productive.
  • Professionalism: Expensive office desks give off an air of refinement and professionalism thanks to their eye-catching design.
  • Brand Identity: Purchasing high-quality executive or corner standing desks for the office sends a message to clients and visitors about the company’s dedication to brilliance.

Our Final Thoughts

Seeking a luxurious workplace isn’t just about spending a lot of money; it’s about creating a space that combines aesthetics, practicality, and comfort. These top five expensive office desks showcase outstanding design and craftsmanship while also making a real difference in workplaces.

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