Tips to Ensure Your Desk Setup Is Ergonomic
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Tips to Ensure Your Desk Setup Is Ergonomic

AutonomousAutonomous | Jun 27, 2021

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Folks who sit and work for hours together should be aware that they need to be taking short breaks to encourage body movement.  Studies confirm that you may be prone to health issues like hypertension, obesity, aches, and pains of neck, back, and cervical issues without an ergonomic desk setup.

The solution lies in investing in a sit-stand desk. As you change positions, from sitting to standing or vice-versa, it relaxes stiff muscles and comforts you. Many of the desks are manually operated, and the latest in is an electric standing desk powered by electric motors. Studies by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Labor, USA, suggest that apart from an ergonomic setup for a desk, it is important that you sit and work in a correct posture. How do you ensure an ergonomic computer desk setup?

Ergonomics at work

Investing your time and budget into an ergonomic work area is bound to benefit your health and overall well-being. Here are the most important aspects.

1. The Right Height for Your Desk

When you adjust the height of a standing desk, ensure that your feet are parallel to the ground and resting comfortably on the floor. For folks who are short, a footrest may be helpful. For tall folks, consider raising the height of the desk and chair in your ergonomic desk setup. This ensures your knees are at a ninety-degree angle to the feet, thus giving you maximum comfort for your feet and hips. With the ergonomic desk position rightly placed, you are not straining your ligaments and tendons internally.

 The Right Height for Your Desk

Essentially, ergonomically correct desks provide a straight and in-line position of the shoulder, forearm, lower arm, and wrists. As you sit at the desk, you need to have ninety to a hundred and ten degrees at your elbows. Your forearms must be resting on the work desk as you work. If not, then your forearms should have the support of your chair's armrest. They should not be left hanging in the air.

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2. Position of the Monitor

Position of the Monitor

As you place the monitor or computer screen, ensure you have at least fifteen to twenty centimeters between your eyes and the screen. Your head should be in line with the computer and not bending at the neck.  This ensures that you are looking ahead and your head is in line with your spine, reducing the chances of any cervical issues.

3. Correct Keyboard Position

The best place in your ergonomic desk setup to keep your keyboard is in front of you such that your forearms are resting on the desk.  Ensure that your keyboard is placed at elbow level. You have a choice to keep a keyboard at an incline or flat on the desk surface. Ensure that the keyboard is compact so that shoulders and arms are close to your body.

Wrists operating the keyboard are padded softly with a horizontal recline to the desk surface.  Do not incline the wrists, which will give you a sprain.

Tip: Using keyboard shortcuts discourages the use of an external mouse.

4. Placing the Mouse

Keep the mouse at the same surface level as your keyboard in your ergonomic desk setup. While operating the mouse, ensure that you don't strain your fingers; relax your hand using the mouse.

5. The Correct Lighting

The Correct Lighting

While there is no specific number for the amount of light, you should have, ensure that you have as much natural light as possible. When you don't have natural light and need to supplement it, look for a light that gives too much dullness or too high a light. Both extremities will cause eye strain.

6. The Correct Seating

As you sit, ensure your chair has an adjustable back/recline, seat height, and seat tilt. Additional features like armrests, footrests, and headrests should be adjustable too so that your body fits into the chair comfortably.

The best sitting posture is when your thighs and hips are resting comfortably and supported by the seat. Keeping the thighs parallel to the floor with a ninety-degree angle at the knees ensures minimal stretch as you sit.  With your feet a few inches forward, the ninety-degree angle at your ankles is not always necessary.

 The Correct Seating

If you need to sit forward on the chair or completely pushed at the chair's back, a seat tilt may be helpful.

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The Best Ergonomic Desks

Our research has led us to the two best ergonomic computer desk setup, shared here for your ease.

1. SmartDesk Core

Specially designed for your comfort, SmartDesk Core is your solution for raising or lowering the desk between 29.4 to 48 inches. Powered with dual electric motors, you can change the setting by the touch of a button. The near noiseless electric motors hum at a pleasant level, not interrupting you at work.

SmartDesk Core

The sleek look and elegant design make it a much wanted ergonomic desk. You can choose from six different colors, and the desk sets in well with most office/home-office decors. The best part? You have a choice of three different colors for the solid, sturdy steel frames. The table is built for taking a payload of 265 pounds maximum. Opt for a SmartDesk Core in regular size (53” W x 29” D) or for an XL size. 

2. SmartDesk Pro

The SmartDesk Pro has an adjustable height from 26.2 to 52 inches and four programmable settings.  The upgraded electric dual motor operates at only 40 dB in your ergonomic desk setup. The electric motors work at a super speed of 1.3 inches per second; they are the best in their class.

SmartDesk Pro

With the latest upgrade, the desk can take a payload of three-hundred ten pounds. The SmartDesk Pro has a beautiful natural wood finish while offering you a choice of six different colors.  You can't resist this one.


Invest in your good health and well-being with the SmartDesk Pro or the SmartDesk Core for an ergonomic desk setup. Avoid health concerns and enjoy your life with a smart sit-stand desk.

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