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10 Best Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk in 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 17, 2020

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Everyone wants to save the planet’s resources, but they need quality furniture to stay productive while they’re working remotely. We’re going to talk about the best reclaimed wood standing desk and provide you with 10 options. That way, you can read about them and find the one that meets your needs. Of course, the first step is to learn what a wood sit-stand desk is.

What Is a Reclaimed Wood Desktop for a Standing Desk?

A reclaimed wood standing desktop is something that has been recycled. They are more economical and eco-friendly, but they’re still made of real wood. Sometimes, the wood comes from unused structures throughout the world that you may repurpose yourself. However, most of the time, it comes in the form of particleboard or MDF.

Before we discuss the best standing desk solid wood top, it’s important to focus on the primary types of recycled wood you may find here.


Particleboard is made from all the waste or byproducts generated at sawmills and factories. Wood shavings and sawdust get collected and treated to form wood paneling. These are mainly used for office interior design purposes. You shouldn’t use this option for a wood sit-stand desk because it isn’t sturdy enough.


Fiberboard, often called MDF, is manufactured from fully recycled wood products and scraps from the processing plants. Wood chips and dust can get glued together and then pressed to form thick sheets. They’re stronger and more durable than traditional particle board. MDF is primarily bound with resin to make it one of the best reclaimed stand up desk materials available on the market.

Soft Board 

Softboard is also manufactured from waste wood and recycled items. It doesn’t use resin to bind the particles together. Often, it uses flax to strengthen the sheets of soft board. It’s highly insulating and strong, but it’s difficult to use as the best reclaimed wood standing desk top material.

a reclaimed wood desktop for a standing desk

Best Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk in 2021

1. SmartDesk Core from Autonomous

If you are searching for the best reclaimed stand-up desk, the SmartDesk Core from Autonomous might be ideal. It comes in a variety of colors, such as black, white, and white oak. You can also choose a black or white steel frame to go with it.

We like that this desk features programmable and is adjustable height settings. If you’re looking for a reclaimed wood desktop for your standing desk, this could be the right choice. Made of MDF, it’s durable and strong enough to hold 300 pounds of weight (including the tabletop). You can also choose the XL version, which is longer and wider to accommodate all of the things you might use each day.

There is also a natural bamboo version, which is made entirely of bamboo wood. It’s also sustainable because this material grows quickly and isn’t in short supply.

This standing desk can go from 28 to 47 inches tall with a lifting capacity of 300 pounds. It also raises itself up at 2.3 inches per second with a noise level of just 45 decibels.

SmartDesk 2 Home Office from Autonomous

2. SmartDesk Pro from Autonomous

The best standing desk solid wood top could be the SmartDesk Pro, also from Autonomous. It’s quite similar to the other model we talked about, but there are a few differences. Its powerful motor allows it to raise up at 2.3 seconds per minute, and its noise level is just 45 decibels. Most people hear that when they go to a noisy restaurant, so it’s not overly loud.

This standing desk comes in white oak, black, or white. You can get the classic or XL tabletop in white or black, but the white oak and bamboo only come in classic. Of course, you can feel good about purchasing the bamboo top because it’s sustainable and eco-friendly, too.

Those who prefer reclaimed wood are going to like this option because of its MDF material. It also rises from 25.4 inches to 51 inches tall, making it a bit better for tall and short people.

SmartDesk 2 Premium from Autonomous

3. SmartDesk Corner from Autonomous

Could the SmartDesk Corner from Autonomous be the best adjustable wooden desk out there? We think it could! Whether you choose walnut, white, or black, you get sturdy MDF quality that is going to last a long time.

The best part about this standing desk is that it holds up to 330 pounds of weight and lifts it quickly and quietly with the press of a single button. It also has a triple motor system, which is smooth and doesn’t produce jerking motions.

There is a short and long side to this table to create the “L” shape. You can position it the way you want so that it fits in your space. We like that it can do that because it allows for customization. It rises from 28.5 inches to 47.5 inches tall, making it suitable for people of various heights.

L-Shaped SmartDesk from Autonomous

4. SHW Electric Reclaimed wood Adjustable Desk

SHW is a popular brand and offers an engineered wood adjustable computer desk in cherry. The handset is digital and includes four memory presets to change the height easily. It’s fully motorized, as well, and can lift the desk from 28 inches to 45 inches tall.

This desk offers strong legs with a telescopic adjustment transitioning system. It’s more durable and is going to raise and lower your desk with precision and without jerking motions.

We like that the legs and feet are made of industrial steel, so they’re durable and sturdy. This desk isn’t going to tip over while you’re using it. Though not a necessity, it does include grommets at the top to organize the cords.

SHW Electric reclaimed wood Adjustable desk

5. ALFA Furnishing Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk Top

If you want a reclaimed wood desktop for your standing desk, ALFA might be what you require. It comes in three different colors, and they’re all made of engineered wood. Moreover, we like that it holds 260 pounds on the tabletop, which means you can have all of your office equipment on the desk without fear.

The double motors allow it to adjust the height smoothly, and it rises from 28 to 45.5 inches. However, we feel that the speed isn’t very quick at only 1.4 inches per second, as some of the other models go 2.3 inches a second. Still, it’s faster than with a single motor.

You can spread out and have room for everything because the surface measures 48 inches long by 30 inches wide. There’s sufficient space for your laptop, second monitor, and keyboard, among other things.

ALFA Furnishing reclaimed wood standing desk top

6.  Tangkula Reclaimed Wood Desktop for Standing Desk (with Frame)

The Tangkula brand is not as well-known, but we like the innovation in the design. This standing desk features wheels, so it’s easily movable. We aren’t sure if you can lock the feet in place, but it can turn into a side table or coffee table, as well.

It does use MDF, making it an option for adjustable wooden desk. However, it only holds 66 pounds of weight. The slim-line style looks great with any desk décor, and the white color makes it pop. However, we aren’t sure that this is wide enough for most people’s needs. If you want a minimalistic desk, then this could be the right choice. The one thing we aren’t pleased with is that it is a manual-crank desk, so you have to use your arm’s strength to raise and lower it.

Tangkula reclaimed wood desktop for standing desk

7. UNICOO Reclaimed Wood Adjustable Desk

Could the UNICOO Adjustable Desk be the best reclaimed wood standing desk? We think it could if you prefer various colors and like MDF for its solid construction and durability. It comes with a steel frame to support about 225 pounds of weight. This ensures that you can set it up to be your ideal workspace.

The desk comes with seven buttons, four of which are preset. You can adjust the height and program it to make it easier to stand and sit throughout your day.

We like that it comes with advanced functions. You can protect yourself from accidents and injuries with the collision avoidance system. It’s also designed to shut off if the motor runs for a full two minutes to prevent overheating. Lastly, if the desk tilts a little while raising or lowering, the auto-balance function kicks in and shuts it off so that your computer doesn’t fall.

UNICOO reclaimed  Wood Adjustable desk

8. ApexDesk Elite Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk Top

Different desk shapes can make for a better working environment. The ApexDesk Elite Series comes in various colors, and they’re all made of engineered wood. There’s a concave space in the middle, which helps you sit closer to the desk and be more comfortable and ergonomically correct.

The desk features grommets at both ends to help you hide and organize the cords. Plus, it is 60 inches long and moves 1.5 inches per second. You can adjust the height from 29 to 48 inches, including the top. If that weren’t enough, it supports 225 pounds of weight to accommodate even the busiest of workspaces.

ApexDesk Elite

9. Tangkula Standing Desk with Crank

The Tangkula brand made the list again with a second wood sit-stand desk. However, we must say that it uses a hand crank, so it’s not as easy to adjust as the electric versions. It’s important to have various options, which is why we included it.

Luckily, the hand crank folds in, so you’re not going to hurt yourself or damage the desk. We also like that it has two steel bars between the legs for more stability. The simple design makes it lack that extra oomph, but we do like that it raises from 29.5 inches to 44.5 inches tall.


10. Seville AIRLIFT Pro Reclaimed Wood Desktop for Standing Desk

The benefits of adjustable wooden desk are endless, and you’re sure to like the Seville AIRLIFT Pro. We like that it comes in many colors, and the surface is 54 inches long by 28 inches wide. You’ve got plenty of room for your mouse, keyboard, monitors, and computer, as well as a few odds and ends.

It rises up to 51 inches tall and gets as low as 25.6 inches. However, it only lifts about 1.5 inches per second, so it isn’t the fastest on the market. Still, we like the heavy-duty steel frame that can hold 264 pounds easily.

Seville AIRLIFT pro


Is MDF the Best Reclaimed Wood for a Standing Desk?

We believe that MDF is an excellent option for a standing desk solid wood. Compared to particleboard and plywood, it’s stronger and dense because of its manufacturing processes. Often, it can withstand tough work environments and offers a no-sag surface for shelving and desks.

Is It Safe to Use a Reclaimed Wood Adjustable Desk?

Many people worry that even the best adjustable wooden desk is dangerous to their health. While the chemicals used to treat and glue the MDF panels can be strong and hazardous, very little is used. Therefore, there are no health risks associated with using MDF based on the amounts needed to produce the items.

What Are the Best Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk Designs?

If you’re like most people, you want something that’s interesting and unique. The best reclaimed wood standing desk top might actually be something that’s useful and practical. However, we like these standing desk designs for their innovative styles and features.



Everyone wants to use sustainable products, and you can do that with the best reclaimed stand-up desk. They’re made from engineered wood, which often means MDF. This is durable and strong enough to hold everything on the desk without it falling or sagging.

While the frame should always be made of steel, the best reclaimed wood standing desk top looks natural but is more eco-friendly. The Autonomous products we reviewed here are all made of MDF, except for the bamboo ones. However, bamboo is also eco-friendly because it grows quickly and is naturally sustainable.

Therefore, you can’t go wrong with any of the Autonomous SmartDesks we reviewed today. You can also find other options available, such as double desk.

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