15 Popular Shed Color Ideas For Productive Workspaces
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15 Popular Shed Color Ideas For Productive Workspaces

|Oct 29, 2022

Are you thinking of rejuvenating your office shed by giving it a pop of new colors this year? Painting your office shed is not just a therapy, but the end results make you admire your shed even more. Even though everyone loves giving a new look to their office shed, most of them are often confused when it comes to picking the right shed color.

There are multiple shed color schemes that might have gone through your mind when you first thought of painting your shed, but it is not necessary that they all were worth a shot. Therefore, having the right knowledge of the trending outdoor shed colors is vital.

Office shed paint colors are often chosen according to the weather and vibe, so people often change to go for the same colors every year. However, if you are trying to do something unique, you should think of some classy color combinations that are popular these days.

We know that you might not be aware of all of them; that's why we have shared the complete list below. So, let’s have a look at them. 

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Popular Shed Colors For Productive Workspaces

Are you tired of looking at the same walls every time you work from your shed? Is it getting boring, dull, and depressing? Have you considered that it might be time for a change? A redesigned shed might just be the solution.

A new environment may help you to be more productive and motivated. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to change offices, so we recommend you redesign your shed. You can change a couple of furniture items or change everything and give it a completely new look.

Here are some popular shed colors ideas for productive workspaces.

1. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are among the best shades that you can give to your office shed. If you have a wooden pod for the garden and you wish to change the way it looks, you may think of painting it with earthy hues like olive green, sandy nudes, or some clay-toned shades. You can do the same to any office pod's exterior as well as the interior to make it look luxurious and comforting.

Earthy Tones shed color

2. Gray Green

Gray-green is another exciting shade that you can try to give a new look to your shed. This is one of those shed color options where you can either use gray and green shades distinctly or mix both to create a new look. Since this color combination is very sophisticated and radiates positive vibes, it will be great for a modern backyard studio

3. Botanical Shades

Botanical shades have a soft element in them that adds vibrancy to the shed and compliments the greenery around it. You can think of using this shed color shade if you have a backyard gym where you go to energize and activate yourself. Having a happy tone like that of the botanical shades will radiate positivity and make you feel refreshed. 

Botanical Shades shed color

4. Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a pale-yellow or green-yellow type of shade that looks electrifying and joyful. If you have a small office pod and you wish to make it look more spacious, you should think of going for this shade. You can even consider adding complementary curtains to make it look more amazing. 

5. Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are a treat for people who are fans of nude colors. Warm neutrals help you bring versatility and warmth to your shed. If you are preparing a shed for winter, you should go for shed color schemes that have warm neutral hues.

Some of the common warm shades include sandy beige that has subtle red undertones or a greige shade that is a combination of beige and gray. The uniqueness of these outdoor shed colors is that they appear brighter in daylight. 

Warm Neutrals shed color

6. Citron Shade

Citron shade is a dark lemon color that you might be familiar with if you have seen the Citron fruit. Since this is a bright shade, it looks great in a home gym pod where you wish to add exciting bright hues. Citron shade brightens your shed and makes it look energizing. This shed color is also great for promoting a cheerful workspace, so you can choose it for your office shed too. 

7. Deep Aubergine

Deep Aubergine color is a dark purple shade or brownish purple similar to that of eggplant. Since we have talked a lot about bright hues, we should share a dark shade too, like deep aubergine. This shade is great for people who are a fan of dark hues. You may think of blending this shed color in your office pod by using some neutral furnishings and monochromatic design elements. 

Deep Aubergine

8. Monochromatic White

White is the best choice if you wish to promote minimalism. The shed color is highly sophisticated and makes your workspace look spacious. However, it is better to ensure that you choose a monochromatic white theme if you are incorporating it in your office shed, as this will make it redefine the way your shed looks. 

9. Shades of Aqua

Shades of aqua like the blues, greens, and peacock tones all look amazing in a shed. That’s why they are among the top shed color schemes these days. Such a shed color not only helps you add a nice texture to your shed but promotes soft, positive vibes that are great for your productivity. 

Shades of Aqua

10. Cool Feather Gray

Cool feather gray is a very popular neutral shed color scheme these days. Being a sophisticated color scheme, it makes your garden office shed look luxurious and spacious. To ensure that you give your shed the best look, you can add some complementary colored curtains and redefine the way your shed looks. 

11. Faded Terracotta

Faded Terracotta is a natural brown-orange color that promotes coziness and warmth. To add a greater definition, you can pair up this color tone with earthy hues or lighter shades like cream, sage green, or even deep browns. Overall, this shed color will be ideal for those people who love to have a calm and peaceful space to work. 

Faded Terracotta shed color

12. Muted Palettes

You might have noticed that we gave a fair share of nude colors throughout this article. The reason behind that is they are increasing in popularity these days. Muted palettes like those of limewash finishes and plaster create a textural effect on your walls that looks satisfying and vibrant. Since it blends pretty well in any home office shed, it is considered one of the great shed colors.

13. Red

If you are a fan of the color red but don't want to use it on a large scale, painting your shed red would be an excellent idea. This is because even though red can be a bit overpowering as it is a bright color, using it in a building as small as a shed would likely not be harsh to the eye.

Red shed colors

14. Tan

Tan is one of the most popular shed colors. This is because they can help create a modern and luxurious look. It is also a color that blends well with other colors.

15. Green

Green has many shades, which can range from bright, eye-popping green to warm, light greens. Green is a popular option when considering modern shed colors as it can fit almost everywhere. Green can also be used if you live near the woodlands to give more of a natural, homely look to your shed.

Green shed colors

What Is The Best Color For Your Shed?

Now that we have looked at some shed color ideas, and we're sure you also have some in mind, how do we choose the best color for your shed? Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while deciding on a shed paint color:

Ask your neighbors

You might think of this as ridiculous because it is your shed and not theirs. You might not even like your neighbors, but it is still in your best interest to ensure that the color of your shed fits in with the rest of the houses on your street. Besides, their opinions might even help you choose the right color more quickly.

Use a color that matches

Painting your shed a color that stands out from the rest of your is not a good idea. The best way to ensure that you don’t choose a color that looks mismatched is to paint your backyard office shed the same color as your house or fence.

Use a color that matches

Your environment matters

Before deciding on a shed paint color, you must consider the type of climate you live in. Lighter colors, like white and yellow, reflect heat, making it suitable for warmer climates. In comparison, dark colors absorb sunlight which makes them perfect for colder regions.

The Perfect Color Scheme

According to research, colors affect our mood. This is why it is important to have a perfect shed color scheme so that working in your shed automatically puts you in a good mood. To create the right color scheme, you have to select colors that go well with each other, along with colors that would complement each other. You can use contrasting colors for the trim to make your base color pop. 

Before finalizing a color scheme, you should use software programs to see how they would look. These programs allow you to play with colors to help you find the color scheme that works best with your shed. Some of this software will also allow you to upload a picture of your shed and then mix and match colors according to it. Furthermore, they will help find a color with the same shade.

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Lastly, you can go to your local paint shop and ask for swatches. You can bring these home and compare them with your shed to find the perfect shed color scheme.

Colors For Positive Energy

While it is important that your shed should be of a color that fits in, we must also look at the psychology behind colors. Something as simple as choosing the right color for your shed can help bring positivity to your life. Here are the best shed colors for positive energy:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Grey

Colors For Positive Energy

Colors For Productivity

What more could you want than a color that makes your shed look good and also contributes to your productivity? Yes, you read that right; some colors improve productivity. Given below are some colors for productivity:

  • Teal
  • Off-white
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Brown 

Colors For Productivity

Feng Shui Colors

The Chinese concept of Feng Shui colors says that these colors ensure harmony among people in their surroundings. The Feng Shui colors of the year 2022 include green, white, silver, golden, and purple. These are also good color ideas for home offices as they are said to increase enthusiasm, motivation, and positive energy. 

If you don’t already have an office shed and want one without the hassles of the whole building process, then you should go for a studio pod. These take around 1-2 days to build and come with bookshelves, a closet, a coffee table, a convertible sofa bed, and a desk. It is waterproof, weather resistant, aesthetic, and can fit right into your backyard.

In conclusion, if you are already consuming a lot of money and time, why not do it for something more than just aesthetics? This guide will help you select a color that looks not only good but also serves other purposes. The right shed color will not only fit but also bring you a lot of positive energy, productivity, enthusiasm, and motivation.

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