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Home Office Shed: Build Your Own Outdoor Office
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Home Office Shed: Build Your Own Outdoor Office

|Apr 4, 2022

Current trends show the famous outdoor office shed as one of the best alternatives you could look into if you need a specific space to work from home. These pods offer you different benefits, are available in various styles, and more. 

What Is a Home Office Shed or Pod?

A backyard office shed, also known as a garden working from home shed is basically a small, enclosed space that you can use to work from home. Although many people build it from scratch, others choose to buy prefab pods. 

Sheds and pods are immensely convenient due to many reasons, and they have become more famous since hybrid work is popular. Nowadays, thousands of workers have them at home, and you can easily become one of them if you want! 

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Five Benefits of Having a Shed at Home

Having a working-from-home shed might benefit you in many different ways. You can, for example, choose how you decorate it, which may be fun, relaxing, and entertaining. Take a look at other advantages you could enjoy: 

 1. You Can Balance Your Work with Your Life

You Can Balance Your Work with Your Life

One of the best things about a shed is that it allows you to balance your work time and leisure time. Instead of completing your daily to-dos in the same place you sit down to watch Netflix, you can have completely different surroundings. 

Separating yourself from the space where you relax is important, especially if you want to reduce distractions and guarantee that you do your job correctly. Thus, having a shed may be much better than you think! 

2. You May Save Money

Even though some workers buy furniture and other items one by one while they assemble their home office, that might be much more expensive than purchasing a shed. 

With a shed, you simply need to add an office chair and desk set. Overall, you may also add decorations if you want, but that’s completely up to you. 

3. It Can Embellish Your Backyard or Garden

It Can Embellish Your Backyard or Garden

Having a prefab office pod in your garden can embellish your surroundings since most sheds are very beautiful. Designs come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose an option that fits the style you want to go for. 

garden office pod might be the perfect addition to your garden, and in many cases, you could use it for different purposes. You may, for example, organize your office but also leave a designated space to turn into a lounge area. 

4. It Separates Your Surroundings

Working from home might seem like an ideal option for many, but one of the most challenging aspects of it is that there are hundreds of distractions all around you, especially if you're outside in your garden. 

Nonetheless, if you get a soundproof office pod, you can separate your work from your leisure time. Once you're done with your to-dos, you can enjoy the nature around you. 

5. You Can Customize it However You Want

You Can Customize it However You Want

Customizing your backyard office shed is definitely one of the best benefits you can get from it. It can become your personal project, and you can have fun and relax while you're working on it. 

Working from home shed are available in a number of different stores, and you get various models. However, if you want your backyard to truly stand out, customizing it might be the best option – and the most entertaining one! 

Types of Home Office Shed

The perfect working from home shed probably exists for you, but to find it, you must first know what you're looking for. Check out some of the options you might encounter: 

1. Personal Pod

Do you want to build office sheds?  It's the smallest option available since its design can only fit one person. Even though others might enter your home office pod, you may not be able to include many pieces of furniture. 

The personal pod is the ideal option if you're looking for a small room to work in. If you're going to be alone with your thoughts and you don't want to get overwhelmed by having extra space, then this alternative might be the one for you. 

2. Modern Shed

Modern home office shed

A modern shed usually stands out from all its competitors since its design is often extravagant, over the top, and has something that catches your eye. 

Some modern sheds, for example, often include fun-colored walls or are made of different materials to create specific effects and textures. 

Modern home office pod options are ideal for people who want to have stylish backyards. If you're looking for a fun shed, a contemporary alternative with extravagant designs might be the perfect space to work in. 

3. Gaming Shed

Just because you're an office worker doesn't mean that your backyard office shed needs to be boring. On the contrary, you can take advantage of the fact that you're working from home and choose designs that fit your personality. 

Thousands of people love gaming, and if you enjoy spending time playing, a gaming home office pod might be the perfect addition to your work life. 

With LED lights and fun colors, gaming office sheds are a new trend since they combine the best of playing games with functional features. Thus, these types of pods may be a perfect addition to your backyard if you want a gamer-style twist to your modern environment. 

4. Sheds with Special Features

home office shed with Special Features

Generally speaking, sheds are simply the place where you can work while you're in your backyard. They're the ideal spot to spend hours completing your to-dos because they protect you (and your technological devices) from harsh weather conditions, they isolate you from distractions, and they embellish your surroundings. 

Nonetheless, some outdoor office sheds for sale have special features, for example, underfloor heating. If you're looking for something specific, examining all your options with great detail is essential since you have to consider whether or not the models have what you need. 

How to Set Up Your Home Office Shed

There are different factors you should keep in mind if you want to have a working-from-home shed in your backyard. As it was mentioned before, some people build the pods themselves. However, even if you don’t do that, you still need to organize your surroundings to make it work. With the following tips, you might get an idea of what you must do to have the garden office of your dreams: 

1. Pick Your Backyard Space

The spot you're choosing is the first aspect you should keep in mind when you're setting up your shed. Picking the wrong place might hinder you in the future, so make sure you evaluate your surroundings before deciding. 

On the one hand, you probably want to avoid placing your shed under trees or anything else that could damage its shingles or roof.  

Additionally, you should keep the sun's movement in mind, and try to avoid it as much as you can. In many cases, it might not be possible for your shed to be in the shade the whole day long, but you can at least guarantee that it's not under direct sunlight all the time. 

2. Choose the Style

Choose the Style of the home office shed

Since there are so many backyard office shed options available, you have virtually endless alternatives. Thus, it's all about the style you want to achieve. 

Some people want to make sure their shed matches the rest of their house. While that’s a fantastic idea, it's not the only factor you might want to consider. On the contrary – others prefer making their pod look completely unlike their surroundings. 

3. Consider Various Options

Once you know what you want, you have to get a list with different options to evaluate. The ideal outdoor office shed combines beauty and functionality in a way that works for you, so you have to give it a bit of thought before choosing. 

Some options might be more affordable but offer fewer attractive features, whereas others may be completely different. Thus, it's also about balancing your needs and prioritizing what you care about the most. 

4. Organize Your Shed

Organize Your home office shed

You bought your backyard office shed and now it's here – what should you do next? Clearly, that's a very common question among workers who've never worked in a shed before, so you shouldn't worry. 

After you install your pod, you should organize your home office furniture and the rest of your items and assemble an office that works for you. Get the power cords you need, add some decorations, and make it a fun day by playing some music while you assemble your ideal workstation! 

5. Decorate and Have Fun!

The process of choosing the perfect backyard office shed might be somewhat stressful at times, but overall, it should be very fun. You're assembling the workspace you want, and you should take advantage of that to tap in your creativity, combine different things, try new styles, and more. 

Having fun means you need to let go of control for a moment, and that's much easier if you already have your shed. Therefore, you only need to be willing to try different things! 

List of 10 Best Sheds You Should Consider

After reading all the mentioned information, you should have a clear idea of what you must do to assemble your backyard office shed. Now, take a look at the following five pods you can find on the market – these are all top-quality options, so you can't be disappointed! 

1. Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous home office shed

The WorkPod by Autonomous is one of the best alternatives, if not the one with the highest quality. It's completely ready to be installed, and once you do that, you can start working right away.

You may find different models available if you're checking the Autonomous Pod out, which may be convenient if you're still not sure of what type you're looking for. At the same time, if you want to know more, you can book an Autonomous Pod tour

2. Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

Stay away from contractors' tension. Avoid the surprise of hidden charges, and conserve your precious time. The WorkPod Versatile is a cutting-edge prefab studio shed that's incredibly simple to put together and is furnished with everything you need to live your life.

Use your free-standing WorkPod Versatile as an entertainment den to play and create, a quiet office to block out the noise and buckle down on work, or an extra bedroom for friends and family.

WorkPod Versatile can be anything you want it to be. You could even use Airbnb to post it for rent. WorkPod Versatile is made to function for you.

3. Studio Shed's Prefabricated Backyard Office Shed

Studio Shed's Prefabricated Backyard Office Shed

This outdoor office shed model is made of solid hardwood, and it's available at a much less expensive price than other alternatives.

Although the backyard office shed by Studio Shed may not offer many extravagant details, its flat lines and simple design make it ideal for any backyard, particularly if you want to save some money. 

4. Garden Office Pod by Warwick Buildings

A personal shed you should never forget is Warwick Buildings’ Garden Office Pod – it's one of the coziest nooks you may find, and it can give your surroundings a homely feel. 

Your backyard can completely change with the Garden Office Pod. It offers you a fun and cozy design, but it also gives you functional features. 

5. Modern Shed's Large Shed

Modern Shed's Large Shed

When you're assembling the ideal backyard shed office, you might quickly feel overwhelmed if all the options you find are small. However, you should keep in mind that there are large alternatives as well, and the model by Modern Shed is one of them. 

The Large Shed by Modern Shed has a beautiful architectural design and a shocking inside color. Additionally, since its exterior is made of Maplewood, it's immensely trustworthy and can endure harsh weather conditions. 

With thoughtful and clean concepts, Modern Shed has given customers outdoor office shed options you may not want to miss – the Large Shed is one of them!

6. Sett Studio Garden Office

Sett Studio Garden Office outdoor office shed

While this outdoor office shed is a bit small, it is highly functional and has been designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, as it includes Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS). Furthermore, it includes a large window that will give you a clear view of what's happening in the garden at all times. This home office shed is also soundproof, thanks to the solid walls.

The Sett Studio Garden Office started as a custom order for a photographer who was looking forward to providing his clients with privacy while also removing potential distractions from

7. John Lewis Crane Garden Studio

This garden studio is another excellent option for working from home shed. It has a relatively small design but is spacious enough for you to build an office shed. The only thing you'll need is a pre-prepared base. Additionally, it has a traditional look to it that will likely look harmonious in your garden. It has four windows, so you don't feel "isolated" while working on it.

The John Lewis brand has diverse prefab backyard offices available for sale, but this one is one of the best designs available at the moment. Hence, if you’d like a separate space where you can simulate “going” to work, this backyard office shed can be an excellent choice.

8. Pod Space Custom Mini Pod

Pod Space Custom Mini Pod

This pod is smaller than most of the options listed in this article, but it is fully customizable. The main drawback of this option is the price, but you get full creativity in how your outdoor office shed will turn out in exchange. After it is finished, you'll still have enough space for you to work on your daily responsibilities while being in peace and isolated from the rest of the world.

Pod space is a UK-based company where you can make custom requests. Hence, if there's something, in particular, you have in mind, perhaps this company can make it a reality for you.

9. The Ickworth by Crane Garden Buildings

This office shed has a classic style, but you can choose from six different colors. The total price also includes the delivery and installation of the shed. Unlike other options, this one has two opening windows that can help you have a bit of fresh air whenever you feel like it while you’re working. Plus, you can choose between four different sizes based on your needs.

Additionally, the price of this shed is quite affordable compared to other options. Hence, if you wouldn’t like to spend that much on a workstation pod, this option may be worth it.

10. The Bunkie Premier Deluxe

The Bunkie Premier Deluxe outdoor office shed

The “Premier Deluxe” by The Bunkie is another excellent option for an outdoor office shed. It has enough space for all the office equipment you need, and the architectural concept it has is one of the best we’ve seen in office sheds. It is quite flexible and can be used for multiple purposes.

Both sides of the shed are equipped with glass, allowing you to take advantage of natural light as much as possible while also being protected from glaring. You don't need a permit to get this home office shed installed in your home. The main drawback of this shed is the price, which can go beyond $40,000.

Things to Furnish Your Home Office Shed

Once you’ve decided what the best prefab backyard office is for you, the next step is to buy all the equipment you need to work on your responsibilities on a daily basis. We’re talking about an appropriate office chair and a desk where you can work comfortably throughout the day.

Please note that, depending on the size of the shed, you may be limited to including a few potions. Still, the list below provides you with some of the must-haves for any shed office that can fit in any of the options listed above with ease.

We also recommend you take a look at some DIY office pods if you’re feeling like building a fully-personalized home office shed.

1. Office desks

Office desks in outdoor office shed

You can find tons of office desks available in the market. You can choose a traditional desk or a height-adjustable desk if you’d like to have something more ergonomic. Plus, a standing desk will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing, allowing you to forget about most of the physical complaints caused by being seated for too long.

2. Ergonomic chairs

Although a standing desk can be a must-have for an office and also an outdoor office shed, please note that you’ll still need an ergonomic office chair that accompanies you throughout the workday. Most chairs have the perfect size to fit any outdoor shed, so there's nothing to worry about in this regard. However, please make sure that the chair you choose has all the adjustability features you need to be comfortable, especially appropriate lumbar support.

An office desk and an ergonomic chair are the primary pieces of furniture in any workstation. Hence, it would be best if you made careful decisions as they will become permanent companions while you’re working.

3. Office accessories

Office accessories in outdoor office shed

You can also include many office accessories in your backyard office shed. These accessories can be file cabinets, desk lamps, speakers, among many others. Try to think about the things that may make your work life easier in the long term. Make a list, and then start looking for all those items you think will be necessary for you to work with ease.

Keynote Takeaways

This article has provided you with a wide list of outdoor office sheds where you can start building an external office at home. The idea of having a separate space for work can contribute to the division of your work and personal life, allowing you to have a better work-life balance in the process. This can prevent you from overworking and becoming burnout if you tend to work outside work hours.

You can also try building a DIY backyard gym shed where you can spend part of the day relaxing and releasing some of the tension you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Outdoor office sheds for sale are available due to many brands, but before you buy them, you must understand why they benefit you and what you should keep in mind before assembling them. Now that you do, all that's left is deciding the model you want for your backyard!

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