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Backyard Gaming Shed
Play without distractions and hone your skills.
Distraction-Free Gaming
Having a small games room in your backyard is the ultimate way to develop your game minus the distractions. Just steps from your home, it can become your inner sanctuary.
Your Gaming Shed: The Pod is the backyard gaming shed you’ve dreamt of. Hone those skills and develop your game to become the best you can be.
What customers say about Autonomous ADUs
Overall, the WorkPod is a fantastic investment for anyone in need of a private space. I use it for both working and gaming. The setup is perfect, with room for all my gear and a cozy vibe that's just right. Whether I'm battling it out with friends or diving into a solo adventure, it's the perfect gaming shed.
Jeffrey B.
Jerome, Michigan
I'm absolutely hooked on my WorkPod turned gaming shed! It's the ultimate hangout spot for me and my gaming crew. The WorkPod's spacious interior allows me to set up a gaming console for fun gaming sessions after work. Plus, the ambiance is so chill, making it the perfect place to unwind and game.
Chad W.
Fayetteville, Arkansas
The WorkPod transformed my backyard into the ultimate gaming destination! It's the perfect spot for me to immerse myself in my favorite games. With comfy seating, top-of-the-line tech, and killer vibes, it's where I go to escape reality and enter the virtual world. Its sturdy construction gives me confidence that it will last for a long time.
Patrick D.
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina
Designed to make a difference.
Your private space
Built with insulating materials that protects you against the elements and sound-proof.
Easy and fast setup*
Easy to set up by yourself or contractors in a matter of days.
Build on any terrain*
Doesn’t matter what the terrain is - Pod can be built on any ground with strong foundations.
*For optimal results, we recommend hiring professional help to assemble your Pod.
*Please ensure the ground is on solid terrain and not vulnerable to subsiding. Otherwise, additional prep will be needed.
Gaming console or PC
A gaming console or gaming PC is the first thing you need to play games. Consoles such as Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X are among the most common ones in the market. These gaming machines are highly customizable, thanks to custom faceplates provided by Sony and customized models provided by Microsoft. On the other hand, a gaming pc would provide even more customization options.
Gaming TV
The gaming TV market is now more competitive than ever. Big brands such as Samsung and Sony are releasing amazing QLEDs and OLEDs to target high-end gamers with their impressive picture quality and features. You can also use a gaming monitor for low input lag; however, the screen size would be an issue as you won't find many options in monitors above 32 inches.
Making a backyard gaming shed look like an attractive gaming room, so don’t forget to add some figures and characters from your favorite video game. You can also place the characters received from special editions or collector's editions of your newly purchased games. Long and competitive gaming sessions need some refreshments to boost your energy. Place some snacks and drinks to make your gaming experience better.
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More Inspiration.

Imagine a separate gaming room where you place all your favorite collectibles and other accessories with a large screen dedicated only to the immersive gaming experience. A place like this is a dream for every gamer, and this dream can come alive. Just follow the steps to properly set up your gaming shed right within the boundaries of your home.

Planning and Designing Your Backyard Gaming Shed

Choosing the right shed size and style for your gaming needs

The first step is to choose the right size and style for your game room shed. The size is dependent on the style you choose and the purpose you want to use your gaming shed. Most people want a shed only for themselves, so they can go for smaller sizes, such as 10 by 12, which would be enough to fit in most of the essential items, plus some extra seating space. For sheds, you can use prefab ADU or backyard tiny houses that can convert them into your gaming room.

Considering electrical and internet connectivity requirements

Electrical and internet connectivity is a must in a gaming shed setup. You will not only need electricity for running your gaming console/pc but also for lighting and other electrical equipment. To make everything functional and attractive, make sure you leave enough sockets to plug in all the necessary equipment, including other extra gaming setup accessories and collectibles.

Ventilation and climate control features

Similar to a house, you need ventilation for your gaming shed as well. However, make sure you don't leave a lot of windows, as they won't work well with OLEDs. More light coming in reduces the brightness of your tv, and it makes it difficult for you to make the shed pitch black. One great method of improving the climate inside without windows is installing an air conditioner. In this way, you will be able to maintain the ambiance even during the daytime and control the climate as well.

Creating the Ultimate Gaming Environment

Flooring and wall treatments

The flooring and wall for the small gaming room should be attractive and modern. The best material you can use is wood. Wooden floors are quite popular among gamers, as they complement the dark and aesthetic lighting of the gaming rooms. The second option that you can go with is the luxury vinyl, which is quite easy to maintain. Choose wood if you want a more premium look, and choose vinyl if you want easy maintenance and long life.

Proper lighting for gaming sessions

Lighting is another essential item that you need to set up. For proper lighting of your gaming shed, you can use RGB smart lights available on many websites such as Amazon. The lighting must be set up smartly. The most attractive way to install led strips is to put them on the ceilings of your room as well as the back of your led tv. The strips can also be installed on the tv unit where you will be placing them.

Comfortable seating options

For comfortable seating, make sure to use an ergonomic chair or a sofa. Long L-shaped sofas are quite popular among gamers are they offer more space for seating while keeping the back relaxed during long working hours. On the other hand, ergonomic chairs work well if you want to sit at less distance from the monitor or tv.

Storage solutions for gaming equipment and accessories

For properly setting up all your important equipment, you will need a proper storage shelf or desk. This will allow all your collectibles, consoles, or gaming PCs to sit under proper lighting and dedicated space.

Sound system for immersive audio experiences

The sound system attached to your gaming console is the backbone of your gaming setup. A home theater is an ideal option for you to get the best gaming experience. The home theatre contains a sound bar with speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers can be attached to all corners of your room to create 3d audio. One of the best home theaters in the market includes Samsung HW-B57C, which comes with a wireless Bluetooth tv connection.