Top Positive Energy Colors for Your New Home Office
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Top Positive Energy Colors for Your New Home Office

Autonomous|Jan 5, 2023

As you start with your new home office setup, what colors can you consider bringing positive energy to?  Well, there are lots of options, but is it a critical element? Working from home has multiple benefits and its own share of cons.  With telecommuting, you can spend more time with your family. With a separate home office, you have peace, quiet, and your own work area for higher productivity. As you plan to spend much of your time at your home office, you may want to consider what positive colors to add to the room that gives you an atmosphere conducive to working.

Will you need to redo and select from an entirely new home office design? Well, not really. The wall colors, choice of furnishings, and more can affect the aesthetics of the room and even your mood and motivation to work. Yes, believe it or not, color psychology suggests choices of different colors to suit your work area and keep you enthused. Here are some reviews on a color scheme for your home office.

What is Color Psychology?

The in-depth study of human behavior affected by the science of colors is called Color Psychology.  It aims to determine how colors impact our daily routine work and the decisions that we take.  While few colors are soothing, others may force you to buy; some are reflective while others are vibrant.  Color Psychology is primarily based on the scientific research that has been done to study how the human brain is affected by different hues of each color. Traditions also impact this science of colors in many regions globally, where some colors are supposed to bring in good luck and some bad luck and evil.

what is color psychology

Here are more details on positive colors for your home office that can brighten up your day. Also, don't miss reading our blog on the best colors for productivity.

The Best Positive Energy Colors for Your New Home Office

Colors play an important role in creating moods, energizing human beings, adding pleasantness and soothing people, and more. So as you wonder what color that energize youyou, here are our recommendations of the best colors that add positivity to your home office.

1. Green

As soon as you see something green, it adds peace and tranquility to your mind. This color is quite relaxing to the human mind. green is one of the good colors to paint your room that we observed even as we grew up. Green has energies associated with it that create space that talks about growth and an overall sense. While in reality, you may find that You can use various tones of green for depicting an early growth of a plant to a slightly yellowish green depicting wilting of plants.   Green is also the color of many vegetables, which signifies freshness and good health.

The Best Positive Energy Colors for Your New Home Office: Green

Try different shades of green for different purposes. For example, use a light green color or green ergonomic office chair in contrast with a dark green color, and you are creating a space that has more light in the room. In contrast, you can showcase the pattern of growth of life.

2. Blue

Blue stands for water, ocean giving you a feeling of endlessness, expanse, and more.  Shades of blue are supposed to create and promote a sense of calmness, slowing down your heartbeat, easing off your blood pressures, and lowering your metabolism.  Most folks associate blue with fun, and dark shade mixed with hues of white signify snow or surf and can indicate fun to some folks. Associated with aquatic life, you can try different shades of blue in your new home office. Consider a different color office chair using perhaps dark sofa cushions with a touch of light blue sofa upholstery. Else bring a shade of a blue wall, with the remaining three being a lighter shade of blue or completely white. As your mind and body relax and are rejuvenated and fresh for another day of the challenge with a blue ergonomic office chair.

Positive Energy Color: Blue

Some folks may prefer to add in softer elements of fire and heat to balance the feeling of warmth during winters. For example, throw in a rug that gives you a sense of warmth, adding a shade of yellow draft curtains, or add yellow lighting to the room.

3. Gray

A balance between black and white, the color gray is associated with style and elegance. Why?  It is a neutral color that balances other colors easily and equally. Use it, in contrast, to set off large spaces from looking bare and cold to add life to them. But isn't gray color associated more with a gloomy mind? Well, yes, some folks do associate it, but once you choose the right shades of gray, contrast it with some more colors in your new home office, you can have some wonderful combinations to go with.  Contrast your walls with a center band of gray, add white to the sides or a light blue and look at the effect you create as you switch on the lights. Gray neutralizes many vibrant colors when used in the right amounts in your interior designs.

Grey is associated with style and elegance

We recommend that you use gray - positive energy colors in a moderate amount. We would rather suggest adding grey as grey ergonomic office chair to soft furnishings to blend with other colors on the wall. Why? With soft furnishing, you always have an easier choice to manage a second set of cushion covers to change or contrast to add vibrance if you feel the room looking dull and vice versa.

The gray color stands for form, productivity, gloominess, strength, power, and more.

4. White

This universal color is the origin of all colors as studied in science. Remember the prism experiment that you may have done in elementary school? The color white is a spectrum of all colors, and they all emerge or merge into white. While white is known for a truce, peace, and harmony, you can't ignore the other emotions associated, which range from cleanliness, creativity, control, and of course, elegance and luxury. You will find white being used in various cultures like Japan and Scandinavia, representing abundance. White also signifies simplicity that you can find for various occasions.

White is one of the best positive energy wall colors

White, one of the best positive energy colors, also has beige, egg white, and more. White is a common color neutralizer as you stand to merge colors to neutralize them or lighten them. Adding white standing desk to your interiors gives a feeling of space and maximizes peace in your mind. This lays a foundation to bring in positivity for your mind as you step into the challenges of another day of meetings, decision making, and more.

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While you choose colors to consider what gives you positivity and energy, it is important to know how you can change them with the weather and occasion if you are residing in a cold country. Choose positive energy colors that can easily contrast with others in the room or bring in different elements to brighten your day for energy and rejuvenation.

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