30 Creative Workspace Ideas to Trigger Your Creativity
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30 Creative Workspace Ideas to Trigger Your Creativity

|Dec 7, 2022

Your workspace is where you spend most of your day. After many long hours in a drab office, it can be hard to find inspiration. A new movement in the decor world is to make a creative home office space. No matter your personal decor preference, there is something you can do to boost the creative vibe in your office.

The sudden rise of new businesses is behind a massive increase in office spaces. Meeting potential customers at home may not always be fruitful for those working from home. If your business grows and you need to expand your team, working from home or hiring freelancers all the time is not a good idea. Any business that gets an office space is on the verge of success with these cool office ideas. 

Any workspace that allows or facilitates creative work is a creative workspace. As well as team spaces for collaborative creativity, this includes individual spaces for lone creative geniuses. There is a misconception that a creative workspace's furniture and interior are all that matters. 

While they may look nicer, seem less depressing, and have a uniform look, there's a severe lack of privacy and personal space, which is essential for many to be productive and efficient. You will not inevitably develop neck and back pain or sore wrists and fingers if you spend hours at a desk in a cool office space. 

You can stay comfortable at work by following proper office ergonomics, including chair height, equipment spacing, and good desk posture. You should assess these aspects if you recently moved to a new office space. 

Why creative office space is a Productivity Investment

Creative office space consists of private offices around the perimeter and cubicles that do not follow the typical cool office design layout. In addition to encouraging creativity, flexibility, and collaboration, the environment is well-designed. Dedicated creative rooms facilitate cross-functional collaboration and house all the tools and technology necessary to support creative work. A project team environment that encourages the exchange of ideas will make thinking visible during the creative process.

In this article, we will cover:

  • What is a creative workspace?
  • Why should I make my workspace creative?
  • How do I make my workspace more creative?

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What is a Creative Workspace?

A creative office space is a room or office in your home that inspires your creativity. While what you find inspiring may not be the same as someone else, many creative workspace ideas work for everyone. The key is finding a way to put your own unique spin on the design. There is no right way to trigger your creativity, so do anything that is right for you to make your own creative home office space.

Why Should I Make My Workspace Creative?

There are many reasons to incorporate a cool office design in your home office. Firstly, harnessing your creativity can help you be more productive at work. Secondly, working in a creative space can help boost your mood and make your workday fly by quickly. Finally, it's nice to spend time in a room you love. The good vibes spillover from your workday into the rest of your life, improving your overall well-being.

Creative workspace ideas

Why Creative Office Space is a Productivity Investment?

Many people think creative office space is hard to achieve, but in reality, it's undemanding and only requires you to have a bit of imagination. You can start from a corner desk idea if you’d like to try a different office layout or maybe build something specific for your niche, like a photographer desk setup.

Over the years, many studies have demonstrated the relationship between design and performance. It is something that most companies don't take into account as it has been widespread that "all that matters there’s a place where you can get things done." Many offices are turning around this approach as an office with a poor design may lead to poor performance and mindset issues.

This isn't an isolated case. Many companies are losing money due to poor design decisions – like Gensler. According to a report, the architect firm is losing almost $330 billion yearly due to design-related problems. When an employee doesn't feel comfortable in the space they're working in, it can be quite complicated for them to come up with innovative ideas and new approaches to the issues they deal with every day.

Besides expenses, what other reasons could you have to start building a creative office space or home workspace ideas?

1. Increase the overall well-being of your employees

As mentioned, a plain office design may not have any particular effect on your employees’ mindset. It is necessary to accustom the surroundings taking into account employee well-being.

For instance, the good idea is to include colors like yellow or green. The former foments creativity and optimism, while the latter represents balance. Another good approach is to integrate your brand colors into the office design. It can create a better sense of unity and harmony and may also help your company overall to deliver the message you want to your clients and employees.

creative office space Increase the overall well-being

2. Make things exciting

It can be a bit tricky to be innovative in a creative office space where the environment doesn't exactly reflect or foment these values. Thus, it will be extremely hard for someone to start coming up with new ideas or approaches to already existing problems.

When your environment doesn’t stimulate your mind in positive ways, you’re less likely to use your full capacity.

3. Reflect the work ethic

We've already mentioned a few times that creating a creative office space will reflect your company's values. Although that can be hard to achieve, a change of aesthetics may help enhance the atmosphere and reflect your company values simultaneously. When your company's appearance goes in accordance with what you believe in, it will be easier for people to trust you, and therefore, the employee retention rate may increase over time.

One of the best ways to reflect the company values is by integrating the brand colors in the office layout. It doesn't have to be in the walls – you can use this opportunity to come up with interesting ways of implementing such creativity room ideas in the way you place the furniture. Here you can find a list of office paint colors for productivity.

creative office space Reflect the work ethic

4. Creative spaces increase productivity

According to studies, it has been proved that an aesthetically pleasing environment helps each individual develop better ideas and concentrate better. Implementing a cool office design is not only about the aesthetics – there are many other factors that come into play.

If you want to improve the overall performance of your workforce, the best thing you can do is change the atmosphere they perceive at the workplace so they can think more positively about their current job.

5. Enhance the imagination

As we've mentioned already, it can be quite complicated for people to be innovative or creative if their environment reflects opposite values. For instance, studies say that white is one of the worst colors you can pick for your office as it is linked to negative feelings.

On the other hand, a creative office space that allows employees to unveil their imagination freely without feeling like they’re ‘trapped’ will benefit both ends. Not only will your company increase its productivity, but your employees will feel better at their jobs and will actually enjoy being part of the team.

creative office space Enhance the imagination

How Do I Make My Workspace More Creative?

If you’ve already decided that you’d like to turn your workspace into a place that foments creativity, we’re here to help. It can take a while to achieve optimal results, but in the end, we must say that there isn't a specific way to make a workspace ‘more creative’, especially because not all companies promote the same culture or follow the same values.

If what you aim is to increase the productivity and performance of your team, one of the best approaches is to look for ways to enhance their creativity. Here we have a few tips you can use to make your creative office ideas a bit more employee-friendly.

There are some specific elements you can add to your office to trigger your creativity. Each idea can be done on a budget, or you can go all out and completely transform your office. You may want to incorporate only one of these creative office ideas or several. It's your office, so do anything that suits you best. Here are some of the best creative home office space ideas.

1. Add plants to your workspace

A close connection with plants is proven to improve your mood and overall well-being. Plants are available from most home improvement stores for a relatively low cost. If you are looking for a specific plant for your green home office, consider shopping at a greenhouse where they particularly order your plant. This is perhaps the easiest of the cool offices ideas to implement.

Workspace with plants


  • There are so many plants; you can easily find one that meets your style
  • You can get fake plants if you can't keep real ones alive
  • Plants clean the air
  • Plants make you feel connected to nature
  • You can put the plants in exciting pots that match your decor
  • You can get large or tiny plants depending on your space


  • You have to water plants regularly
  • Some plants are poisonous to house pets
  • Plants can be messy (for example falling leaves or if a pet knocks one over)
  • Plants can bring insects into the house
  • You need to match your plant with the lighting (for example, some plants need bright light and others need darker spaces)

Multiple studies demonstrated the relationship between plants, creativity, and stress reduction:

  • A UK study demonstrated that the presence of plants in the office is helpful to increase productivity by at least 15%.
  • A US study discovered that at least ten percent of employee sick days were due to the absence of nature (and natural light) at the workplace.
  • At least 10 UK studies found out that being surrounded by greenery can boost your mood and self-esteem. The studies say that these effects can be greater in the younger generations.

2. Hang art on your office walls 

Art, whether professional or amateur, is a beautiful way to bring creativity into your workspace. Art is also one of the most personal creative office ideas. This is because art is subjective. What you like is unique to you, so find a picture that you find inspiring and hang it up on your wall. Alternatively, find several smaller pieces of art and hang it on your wall or place some framed art on your desk. 

Creative workspace with art


  • Art inspires creativity 
  • You always have something nice to look at
  • You are not locked into a specific type at art (for example you can hang wire art, a painting, photography, or inspirational quotes)
  • Hanging art is easy
  • You can match the frame to your match your style
  • You can switch out pictures around your house if you get bored


  • You need to patch holes in the wall if you want to move the art around
  • Some art can be expensive.
  • Depending on the size of the artwork, you may only be able to hang it in one spot.

3. Have you considered making things transportable?

Moving things around at an office may seem crazy, but it can help you achieve great results. When the office has space that has little variation, it can be hard for people to ‘think different’ as they'll feel glued to their office. You can start by implementing rotating desks as creative ideas for home or putting things on wheels, for instance.

Have you considered making things transportable?

4. Make and hang an inspiration board in your office

Inspiration boards are of the most popular creativity room ideas. Inspiration boards are large panels that are decorated with pictures and words of items you find inspiring. The images can be of family and friends, your dream car, a beautiful landscape, or anything else you think gets your creative juices flowing. 


  • You can see all of your ideas in one place.
  • Inspiration boards help you stay on track.
  • Seeing your ideas can help you come up with a newer, better idea.
  • Building the board is fun and a way to express yourself.
  • Images on the board can help you set goals.


  • You may get overly focused on one idea from your board.
  • It may not match with the rest of your office decor.
  • You may feel bad if you don't reach one of the goals on your board.

    5. Customize your tabletop

    Custom ordering your desktop is a great way to trigger your creativity. Instead of purchasing a typical desk, you can try a DIY office desk by buying the legs separately and searching for a unique tabletop. Consider using natural wood, stained glass, or recycled materials for your desktop. 

    Customize your tabletop


    • You can find the perfect tabletop for your style.
    • You can make your own tabletop (for example by repurposing an old door or a big slab of wood)
    • You can choose the exact size of your tabletop (this is a massive bonus for small offices)


    • May be more expensive to buy pieces separately
    • Can be time-consuming to make sure your top and bottom are structurally compatible
    • May have to pay shipping costs twice
    • Your top and bottom may arrive separately

    6. Add unique lighting fixtures

    Lighting is one of the most underrated cool offices ideas. Lights can completely transform a space, bringing it from drab to fab. Depending on your decor style, try adding an attractive light to your desk. Or for something more glamorous, install a chandelier on your ceiling. Choose a light fixture that inspires your creativity. 

    Creative workspace with lightnings


    • Lights add ambiance and atmosphere
    • Lights come in all shapes and sizes so you can easily match your decor
    • You can put lights on tables, on the ceiling, on the wall, or freestanding on the floor
    • Lights extend how late into the day you can use your office


    • The lighting fixture can be costly
    • You may need an electrician to install the lights
    • You may need extension cords to move lights around the room 

    7. Add a recharge space

    Sometimes all one requires to boost their creativity is a mental break. Create a break space in your office with a small coffee maker or teapot. Bring in some special office mugs to complete your corner. Anytime you need a boost in creativity, walk away from your work, make yourself a hot drink, and recharge your batteries. 

    White creative workspacePros

    • Make coffee or tea right in your office
    • You have a dedicated break space/routine
    • You can offer friends or coworkers coffee when they visit 
    • You get to buy a new mug and a new creamer set


    • You may not leave your office for hours
    • You need to buy a new coffee a maker
    • You need to buy extra coffee or tea than what you have in your kitchen
    • You have more dishes to clean

    8. Add a small water feature

    Water is known to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to a person. Sometimes, to be creative, you need to take a step back and let your brain relax. Consider adding a small water feature to your office. The sound of water can help bring your peace of mind and force you to relax and recharge. 


    • The sound and sight of water is known to have a relaxing impact
    • You can find a feature that works with your style 
    • Water features are available in big or small sizes
    • If you are handy, you can build your own


    • Some water features are expensive
    • You need access to a plug
    • Your pets may try to drink from the water feature.

    9. Make your space transformable

    This is one of the most straightforward creativity room ideas. You may be able to do it with your current office. Essentially, the idea here is to move your office furniture around your office to freshen up space. Sometimes just rearranging the furniture can brighten up your room and spice up your mind.

    Transformable creative workspacePros

    • You are not locked into one design for your creative home office space.
    • You can change up your office whenever you get tired of the current layout.
    • You can buy many individual pieces instead of one entire set.
    • You keep adding to your office design as you find accessories or furniture you like


    • Your furniture choices may be somewhat limited. 
    • You cannot do this if you have built-in shelves or a built-in desk.
    • Your office may feel like a work in progress as you may want to buy individual furniture pieces rather than a set.

    10. Hang a whiteboard on your office wall

    This is a simple creative office space idea to help your workspace trigger your creativity. Whiteboards are found in many offices, for a good reason. When you have an idea, write it down on your whiteboard. Leave it up for as long as you want and then erase it when you have moved on.


    • You always have a space to write down new ideas.
    • Seeing your thoughts written down can help develop your ideas further.
    • You can have small meetings in your office with a spot to write down the group's ideas.


    • The whiteboard may take up a lot of space on your wall.
    • You have to make sure to clean it regularly, so the ink doesn't stain.
    • You need special markers and cleaners.

    11. Have a fun stuff drawer

    A fun drawer is perhaps the best of the cool offices ideas. Everyone has a junk drawer in their house. This is a similar concept, except the drawer is filled with items that trigger your creativity. It could be some chocolate treats, pictures of a white sand beach, or handheld games. Open the drawer and pull out your inspiring charms whenever you need a creativity boost. 

    Organize Everything and Reduce Clutter


    • You have your favorite treat right at your fingertips.
    • You always have a way to get an energy boost.
    • You can distract yourself for a few minutes when you need a break.
    • You always have something to look forward to
    • It's fun to buy small treats for your drawer.


    • You need to restock your drawer regularly.
    • You may get distracted by all the stuff in your drawer.
    • You may need to clean your drawer regularly to make sure there is no expired food inside.
    • Your family makes sneak treats out of your creative home office space drawer.

    12. Add more color while keeping things ergonomic

    You don’t have to sacrifice one thing for the other. For instance, including an office chair for the designer will help you keep things ergonomic while enhancing your relationship with your room layout. It is suitable for creative office ideas.

    Add more color while keeping things ergonomic

    13. Paint an accent wall

    Accent walls are a significant trend in home office design. Balance out the neutral colors of your creative office space with an eye-catching accent wall. Paint one wall in your office, a color that gets your creative juices flowing. 


    • Your workspace features your favorite color
    • It's only one wall, so you don't need very much paint
    • It's a quick and easy change
    • You can at any time change the color if you get bored
    • You can add a funky design or stencil to customize your creative space design


    • Proper painting requires prep work (for example washing walls, taping borders, and priming)
    • You need to do two coats and wait for the paint to dry.
    • Your office may smell like fresh paint for a few weeks.
    • You need to move all of your furniture to paint.
    • Your office may be in disarray for a few days.

    14. Make Your Desk Streamlined and Simple

    Toss your garbage and file all paperwork you need to keep after decluttering the desktop and surrounding office space. Install a catch-it space for all incoming clutter on your office desk accessories. Ensure that there are trays for documents, boxes to hold other items, and trash cans in the catch-it space.

    Make Your Desk Streamlined and Simple

    15. Keep Movement-Inducing Supplies on Hand

    Excess weight and other health problems are the end result of prolonged sitting. There's no need for anyone to sit still for more than an hour at a time. You can set an alert on your phone or calendar to remind you to move around. As well as storing supplies out of your reach, arrange your cute office decor so you can easily access them. Keeping folders or paper clips away from your desk will force you to get up periodically.

    16. Maintain a Paperless Office

    Papers and cubicle decor can quickly pile up at your creative office space as they enter every day. Make sure yours doesn't devolve into clutter that makes you reach for the donuts your coworker brought. You can toss all those annoying papers in one of four categories: discarded, addressed, handed on to someone else, or piled for storage.

    Maintain a Paperless Office - cool offices ideas

    17. Make Healthy Snacking a Priority

    Keeping healthy snacks nearby in clear containers will help eliminate junk food from your cool office space. In addition to protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats – think of your snacks as "mini meals." Try serving or storing all the good stuff like veggies and hummus, or cheese and crackers.

    18. You Can Organize Tasks and Breaks During The Workday Easily

    This is another cool office idea for you. As a reward for working nonstop for hours, it's common to grab a coffee loaded with cream and sugar. You should instead schedule your workday in chunks with planned breaks in between. During your breaks, go for a short walk, stretch, or read something that refreshes you. Rather than holding meetings in windowless conference rooms, you can hold them while walking with colleagues.

    You Can Organize Tasks and Breaks During The Workday Easily

    19. Maintain a Lively Work Environment

    When employees get stuck with a problem, a lively office environment can give them the perspective they need to get through it. Having some private meeting rooms for employees where they feel comfortable and happy to work is much better than having open offices, as you would also agree.

    20. Make Your Inspiration Stand out

    Inspire creativity and inspiration with items such as paintings, photos, or art pieces for your home office layout. Think about how each item in your office will contribute to the culture and collaboration of your office when choosing what you should add to it.

    Make Your Inspiration Stand out

    21. Provide Employees with Some Private Space

    Some employees need a private place to think, plan, and work accordingly. Open offices aren't suitable for them. Your employees will benefit from meeting room pods as they provide privacy, concentration, and focus, which boosts their creativity.

    22. Create Separate Playrooms for Energetic Breaks

    Some companies have playrooms where your employees can relax, take a break, and have fun. Playing with the frame for a short period of time not only breaks up your work but also relaxes your mind. It's amazing what creative ideas you can come up with after just a few minutes of playing games.

    23. Organize Everything and Reduce Clutter

    Cluttered desks can lead to cluttered minds and a loss of creativity in the workplace. Make sure when you add items to the office, you should keep them in an office storage & organization solution, so other employees feel fresh and relaxed while seeing those elements.

    Storage & Organizers

    24. Make Your Environment Bright and Healthy

    Employees who are stressed cannot come up with creative ideas. Add plants, windows, and sunlight to reduce employee stress and have a creative mindset. This is one of the popular cool office ideas every business does today.

    25. Lighting

    Light adds new dimensions to a creative space that supports well-being, productivity, and creative living. Continue with the trends found in choosing the right room by considering how freedom and comfort are affected. Work and creative environments are made better by the best desk lamp or lighting conditions in a variety of ways, including satisfaction, productivity, creative output, and well-being.

    Final Thoughts

    There are so many creativity room ideas that you can indeed find one that works for you. Each person is unique, so you don't need to follow any rules when designing your home office. Implement some or all the above creative office ideas to trigger your creativity. It's your office, so don't hold back.

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