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Best Feng Shui Colors for Office to Decorate Your Workstation
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Best Feng Shui Colors for Office to Decorate Your Workstation

|Nov 2, 2021

What feng shui color for office is best for your home based on the direction that the room faces, according to feng shui design principles? In feng shui, harmony is stressed between the individual and both the external and internal environment. The home office, a place where wealth and abundance are of most importance, is where achieving this harmony is particularly important.

How exactly should you decide on what feng shui color for the office to use, based on the principles of feng shui? Do you plan on making your workspace a more profitable and productive one? How about painting it a feng shui color for a home office that will boost your productivity? Scroll down to find out how.

Room Direction for You

Room Direction for You

North facing rooms

Basically, any aquatic shade is the best feng shui color for offices facing north since it’s associated with water elements in feng shui philosophy. Pale lucky colors for 2021 of blue and green can be used to highlight the water element. Bolder blue and green colors may be used to accent your feng shui office.

South-facing rooms

Fire-related feng shui office colors success include red, orange, and yellow, representing the fire element's energy. Rooms facing south should avoid all shades of blue. You will experience a dampening effect on the fire position in your home since the element of water dampens the energy.

East facing rooms

East facing rooms

If your room is facing east or southeast, choose a feng shui office chair color of browns, tans, and green. These colors represent the wood element. When decorating rooms that face east or southeast, avoid using bright red, orange, or bright yellow colors to over-energize the room and unbalance the stabilizing energy of the wood element.

West-facing rooms

In rooms facing west or northwest, the metal element energizes them. White and gray are good choices. Metal accents help to enhance prosperity throughout the room as well.

Southwest or Northeast facing rooms

The earth element is emphasized in rooms facing southwest and northeast. Light yellow, light brown, and tan should be the main colors in these rooms. This type of home office should incorporate earthy colors.

Incorporating Feng Shui Color for Office


Green feng shui color for office

Green can emphasize the symbolism of the feng shui color for office and symbolism in your home office. Using green as an example, it represents growth, new beginnings, and the connection to nature.


The element of fire is primarily connected with the color purple in feng shui. Although lavender's softer shades promote calm, imagination, and clarity, this dark shade represents power and mystery.

Earthy or brown tones

In addition to helping to ground an office space, browns, tans, and other natural colors can also make it feel more welcoming.


Blues feng shui color for office

The color blue evokes feelings of safety and healing as it is associated with the water element.


As a feng shui color for office associated with possibilities, focus, and purity, white symbolizes a high energy level in feng shui. Using white as a primary color isn't recommended for home offices as too much white can be unsettling.

Décor and Fixture Arrangement


Instead of softer and more passive elements, consider bright, angular lines to bring energy and dynamism.



The walls should be decorated with vibrant, inspiring artwork, and there should be adequate lighting for detailed work. You should ensure that there is good airflow. You can open the windows when it's nice out, and if you can't, you should consider getting an air purifier (especially if you have no windows in your home office). Increasing productivity has been shown to occur when the office is filled with natural light.

Decorative pieces

The northwest or west corner of your room can also be accentuated with metal objects, such as jars full of coins.

Furniture for Your Office Space


Make your workspace more productive and focused by removing any clutter and getting furniture that makes you more focused. This process will help you determine who many pieces of furniture you need in your office.

Once you have this answer, you can move on to what you really need. The simplest and best way to bring good feng shui energy into your workplace is to create an office environment that represents the respect, motivation, and growth you strive for.



Depending on where you put it, your bamboo standing desk should be in a focal point, and then you move outward from there. In the center of the room is the best place to place your desk at home. A solid wall and some support plants (aka the wood element) are necessary for good health, according to Feng shui.

Once you have established your walnut standing desk in a powerful position, you'll have a clearer sense of who's approaching and what opportunities are actually available. Try limiting collaborating with unprofitable business partners or signing one-sided contracts if your oak standing desk is in a good place.

Also, it would help if you didn't put the desk near protruding elements of the wall or under a ceiling beam. Chi or sha energy such as this drains a person's life. Feng shui identifies fatigue, among other things, like inattention, emotional triggers, and tiredness. 

Other furniture and accessories

Other furniture and accessories

Make sure to consider the function of the office, and be decisive about the type and amount of furniture that is required. Time and money will reduce the stress of the process and will be saved as well. Consider investing in a supportive black reclining office chair if you intend to sit at work for several hours each day

A cluttered workspace will clog your desk and take up a lot of your time, warns the expert. One difficulty in the feng shui process is when you share your office with someone else. It would help if you learned to set healthy boundaries.

Sharing office file cabinets, desks, and storage devices with their children have resulted in cluttered offices. Their office became a clutter of distractions due to toys, drawings, and homework.

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