Productivity Gadgets for Desk and Home Office
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Productivity Gadgets for Desk and Home Office

|Feb 18, 2024

From PJs to peak performance, the home office can be a tricky beast. But fear not, productivity warriors! With the right home office essentials, You can make your room into a sanctuary in order to concentrate and get things done.

Think standing desks that banish backaches and boost energy, noise-canceling headphones that drown out distractions, and ergonomic keyboards that keep your fingers flying in comfort.

It's not just about the big-ticket items. Office equipment like monitor arms, dual monitor stands, and wireless chargers can streamline your workflow and free up valuable desk space.

Ditch the distractions, embrace the efficiency, and get ready to conquer your to-do list with a smile. This is your home office setup, and it's time to make it a place where you thrive.

Ready to dive in? Keep scrolling for our top picks for essential home office gadgets that will transform your modern home office workspace and supercharge your productivity.

Best Home Office Productivity Gadgets

Following are the best office productivity gadgets that you can get:

1. TREBLAB Z7 PRO - Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Turn up your concentration and drown out the outside world with the TREBLAB Z7 Pro. The six self-adjusting microphones in these hybrid noise-canceling headphones will keep you in perfect harmony with nature, and the transparent mode will allow you to keep an ear to the ground. Qualcomm AptX technology allows for rich, detailed sound, 45 hours of battery life on a single charge (or 5 hours in just 20 minutes!), and crystal-clear calls. With IPX4 water resistance and Bluetooth 5.0, you can stay connected no matter the weather, while plush memory foam ear cushions and soft protein leather guarantee all-day comfort.

2. Monitor Arm

You can adjust the height of this aluminum alloy powerhouse by a generous 20 inches and rotate it 360 degrees to find the ideal viewing angle. No matter if you're working alone or have a dual-monitor setup, these arms will securely hold your precious display. They can hold screens ranging from 18" to 28" and can withstand a weight of 26 pounds each. Sleek integrated channels eliminate unsightly cable clutter, and a streamlined installation process gets you streaming in no time.

3. The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand

Use the Office Oasis as a shield from the chaos of dual monitors! With its ergonomic lift, this bamboo monster can support up to one hundred pounds with ease. Convert it into a printing station or store supplies underneath; it will save you a ton of room. This stand is both long-lasting and impressive, thanks to its high-quality construction. The Office Oasis is your two-monitor fantasy realized; say goodbye to desk clutter and hello to maximum productivity.

4. Uncaged Ergonomics KM1 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Ditch the wires and embrace efficiency with the Uncaged Ergonomics KM1 wireless keyboard and mouse combo. This duo boasts quiet, smooth keys for effortless typing, while the ergonomic wireless mouse fits like a glove (in various cool colors!). One USB dongle powers both, keeping your workspace clean and streamlined. Say goodbye to clickety-clack and hello to comfortable productivity - the KM1 is your key to a quieter, happier workday.

5. R-Go-Tools Split Ergonomic Keyboard

This innovative design splits into two halves, allowing you to customize the position for maximum comfort and preventing wrist bending. The ultra-thin profile further promotes natural hand placement, while light keystrokes reduce muscle tension. But that's not all! Built-in R-Go Break software uses color signals to remind you when it's time to stretch, preventing overuse and keeping you productive. Lightweight and portable, the R-Go keyboard fits seamlessly into your workspace, whether at home or in the office.

6. R-Go-Tools Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

A game-changer in the fight against repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), this design allows you to use your forearm to control the mouse. With a scroll wheel and modifiable buttons, it cradles your hand and puts you in charge. In addition, the integrated R-Go Break software notifies you when to stretch, allowing you to remain productive without experiencing any discomfort. The R-Go Wireless Vertical Mouse, which comes in different sizes to accommodate left- and right-handed users, is an excellent tool to improve your health and your work environment.

7. VogDUO 100W 4-Port Leather GaN Charger

Leave the era of bricks and tangled wires behind - the VogDUO Leather GaN Charger is a true powerhouse. Wrapped in meticulously hand-stitched Italian leather, it conceals a GaN tech marvel capable of charging four devices simultaneously, even your laptop. Need speed? A single port delivers a blazing 100W. Worried about safety? Rest easy, as built-in security safeguards your devices. For the road warrior, it folds flat, asserting dominance in airports.

8. Lizvie Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger

Discreet surveillance meets smartphone convenience with the Lizvie Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger. This ingenious cube, disguised as a regular charger, packs a 1080p HD punch, capturing day and night footage while juicing up your phone. Motion detection triggers instant alerts, so you never miss a thing. Live stream, record, and playback easily via the free app. All wrapped in a stylish design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Ditch the bulky cameras and charge into peace of mind with the Lizvie Hidden Spy Camera, your pocket-sized security solution.


1. What are productivity desk accessories?

Productivity desk accessories encompass a range of tools designed to enhance efficiency and streamline tasks in your workspace. From ergonomic keyboards to wireless charging solutions, these accessories redefine how you work.

2. How do I choose the best productivity gadgets for my office?

Select the best productivity gadgets by considering your specific needs - whether it's noise-canceling headphones for focus, ergonomic tools for comfort, or multifunctional devices like the VogDUO Leather GaN Charger for efficiency.

3. Can office productivity gadgets improve my home workspace?

Absolutely! Home office productivity gadgets, including monitor arms and wireless combos, can optimize your workspace, promoting a productive and comfortable environment.

4. Are desk productivity gadgets suitable for any office setup?

Yes, desk productivity gadgets cater to diverse office setups, offering versatile solutions for both home offices and traditional workplaces. Explore the curated collection to find the best fit for your needs.

Best Home Office Productivity Gadgets FAQs


Revolutionize your workspace with the best productivity gadgets and desk productivity accessories! From TREBLAB headphones blocking the noise to R-Go ergonomic keyboards enhancing comfort, embracing efficiency, and eliminating distractions. Optimize your posture with monitor arms, streamline tasks with wireless combos, and stay charged in style using the VogDUO Leather GaN Charger. Discreetly monitor your surroundings with the Lizvie Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger. This curated collection of home office must-haves, including productivity desk accessories, is your key to transforming your workspace. Supercharge your productivity and thrive in your haven of peak performance, bidding farewell to workplace woes.

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