8 Best Small Computer Office Chairs With Arms
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8 Best Small Computer Office Chairs With Arms

|Feb 19, 2024

Office professionals from all around the world are taking advantage of working remotely, including the ability to create their own schedules and participate in zoom meetings while still in their pajamas. Nobody, however, discusses the negative aspects of working from home. 

Because our furniture is often not designed for eight hours of work a day, these new working habits have hurt our bodies and health. On the other hand, large, comfortable seats that feel like heaven and are used to our bodies can be found in typical workplaces. 

One of the things we can do to upgrade our office setup is getting a chair with arms, as it will help us maintain a proper posture and feel comfortable throughout the day. If this interests you, please keep reading the following guide on chairs with armrests.

The 2 Most Premium Small Computer Chairs with Arms

It is indeed hard to imagine a chair with arms to be petite. After all, those protruding structures take up a lot of space and make it difficult to plan an office setup in a limited space. But worry not, a small office chair with arms is indeed a reality.

Today, I will bring to you the market's best small office chair with arms options, which I personally reviewed. So read on for a first hand experience and recommendation before investing in one.

1. Aeron Chair - Size A - Small

Most people don't prefer a chair with arms because of the hindrance it causes when you need to hurry closer to the work table. But a small computer chair with arms gives you the best of both worlds. And when I talk about the best of the best in this regard, then Aeron Chair Size A is one of my favorite picks. This narrow office chair with arms comes with a hefty price tag, but it is for all the right reasons. The chair has a fully functional back support despite having a petite dimension. This includes basic back support, an adjustable lumbar, and a posture fit support that resembles the natural curvature of the spine. Moreover, it is an ideal ergonomic chair for back pain, and the tiny armrests play a vital role in this regard. The armrests are height-adjustable and movable and can work as stationary armrests, too.

You can also choose from leather or padded armrests depending on your preference for cushioning effect and aesthetic. Another ergonomic quality of this product which impressed me is the breathable design that keeps you comfortable and cool for long hours. Moreover, the chair comes in three sizes, so every individual can pick the one that suits their needs. Enjoy prolonged sitting and lumbar relaxation without worrying about compromising on comfort.

2. Steelcase Series 1

Our second pick from the series of small desk chairs with arms and an expensive office chair is the Steelcase Series 1. The Steelcase Series 1 is better than an office chair without armrests thanks to the petite size that doesn't burden anyone despite having fully functional armrests. Starting with the aesthetics, the chair comes in three color options all of them equally suitable for a professional workspace. After choosing the preferred fabric, you can also play with the upholstery color. Next, the frame color can be black or gray, according to your choice. Safe to say that the chair offers complete freedom without compromising on quality.

As for armrests, the adjustability works four ways. I liked how you can conveniently adjust the height, width, depth, and pivot of the armrests. However, you can get Steelcase without arms, too, and later on, purchase armrests from their office chair replacement parts collection. The chair also offers an option to choose from wheels for carpet or hard floors. You will also enjoy the weight-activated adjustment system, which relieves any tension from the body and provides a comfortable sitting experience for long hours. This is further supported by the adaptive seat bolstering, which ensures a pressure-free sitting experience at most.

Our Picks for Affordable Small Computer Chairs with Arms

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Core

The Autonomous ErgoChair Core is an amazing chair with lots of flexibility, excellent comfort, and a stylish design. Unlike some overly flashy office chairs, I liked how this one looks classy and comes in two color variations, making it a terrific addition to almost any workspace. If we could describe this chair with one phrase, then it would be 'Work while walking'. The chair is a new definition of mobility and a reason an active lifestyle is possible in the workplace. The ErgoChair Core is a small chair with arms that are fully adjustable and comfortable in all regards.

The ErgoChair Core has a whopping weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is truly hard to believe considering the size of this small office chair. For another comfort point, the chair has a breathable mesh that keeps you cool throughout the day. Other adjustable features include a retractable footrest, a lumbar support that cushions the area needed, an adjustable headrest, armrests, and tilt angle too. The seat is also wide enough with a curve to support pain-free sitting. Though the assembly of the chair is a 10-step process it is fun and challenging in a refreshing way.

2. KERDOM Comfy Swivel Task Chair

The KERDOM Comfy Swivel Task Chair is for you if you want to correct your posture and ease all those bothersome pressure spots along your back. Your lumbar curvature can relax, and your spine can be gently raised thanks to the form of this chair. Additionally, the seat cradles your pelvis, allowing you to rotate and move freely while yet feeling comfortable.

3. Logicfox Double Lumbar Support

This ergonomic office chair with folding arms is designed for a space-saving work setting and helps you have a cleaner and tidier workstation at the end of the day. Just flip the armrests up and slide the chair under the desk and here you are done for the day. I really liked how the chair has a breathable mesh design, which might look uncomfortable but delivers a highly padded fee. It has adjustable height, a double lumbar support, and a seat pan that is both wide and comfortable for prolonged use, which made my experience really easy. With its adjustable 2D lumbar support, this ergonomic office chair fully supports your waist and eases lower back strain. 

The product's smooth recline with numerous locked modes and up to 40° seat tilt range is another excellent feature, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This home office chair's cushion is composed of a highly elastic sponge, which eases pressure on your thighs and hips.

4. KERDOM FelixKing Elastic Mesh

A versatile office chair with adjustable armrests, the Kerdom FelixKing office chair is worth all the praise. With a whopping color option of eight different colors, the chair is a vibe for an aesthetic office setup. It is made up of nylon, hence enjoys a low weight capacity yet strong durability. The seat material is made up of polyurethane, and the frame is made up of alloy steel. The ergonomic chair offers suitable waist support in addition to three support points - the hands, hips, and back. The seat's height is easily adjustable to accommodate a variety of purposes, and this made my experience very comfortable.

As for performance and structure, I was impressed that the seat possesses great stability; it won't fall when lying down. From a space point of view, the chair itself has a compact structure and design, and you can also flip the armrests up to slide it under the desk when not in use.

5. Skyline Decor Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Office Chair: with Arms

Let's say you're seeking a modern, comfy, high-performing office chair with lumbar support that can be adjusted. The ergonomic chair you need in such a situation is this one. You may change all of its settings with a few button presses to match your figure. 

The Skyline Decor Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Office Chair is offered in six distinct ergonomic mesh colors that conform to your body and provide a basic appearance appropriate for any workplace.

6. KERDOM FelixKing Waterfall Seat Edge

No need to invest in office chair arm extenders, as the Kerdom FelixKing with a waterfall seat edge design is a chair to transform workplaces. Designed to last, it provides you with hours of comfortable use, day after day. It is intended for a workplace where the work routine is tough and requires presence in front of the screen for more than 4 hours at a time. As for looks, I loved the chair’s sleek look, which feels like a contemporary version of a traditional ergonomic chair that offers a variety of adjustments for customized support. The material is fully breathable and airy mesh, which provides a solid, natural temperature regulation. It has a high-density supportive cushion and can support up to 300 pounds of weight and 8+ hours of work. Enjoy a lightweight structure thanks to the aluminum base which is easy to move around.

Why Should You Buy a Small Chair with an Armrest?

The ordinary office worker spends a lot of time sitting down. Therefore, it is surprising how often armrests go undetected. Despite not being the most attractive component of a chair, they are still quite important. When asked, most office workers acknowledge the value of armrests, especially in light of the long office hours, and they concur that a chair with supportive armrests positively impacts health. 

Some of the main benefits of owning a small chair with armrests are the following: 

It Helps to Maintain a Natural Posture

Employees must maintain the correct sitting posture for their health because they spend most of the workday in their seats. Armrests make it easy for the occupant to maintain a natural posture. According to biology, the muscles may exert their most significant force when the body is in its natural position or when all joints are relaxed.

Why Should You Buy a Small Chair with an Armrest?

More Comfortable Rest

Small pauses while working can be helpful and increase productivity for modern employees. Armrests on the chair are crucial since sitting at the desk for extended periods without resting and getting up and moving about might be detrimental. The ability to relax in the chair during lengthy meetings, where most office workers must sit and listen for hours, is an additional advantage. 

Bottom Line

Now that you've read this article, you can select the ideal office chair for your needs and say goodbye to your arm and joint strain. Imagining a chair without armrests in these times of extensive workload is a mere mistake. Hence, you must choose the right type of armrest so the chair's design and structure aren't overwhelming.

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