7 Low Profile Desk Chairs for Small Spaces
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7 Low Profile Desk Chairs for Small Spaces

|Mar 7, 2022

Not all of us have a wide space available at home for our workspace. If you have your office set up in a designated space of your room or your living room, you’d probably like to have a low profile desk chair that is functional but takes as little space as possible.

However, it can be a bit complicated to find a low-height computer office chair at the moment, as most manufacturers provide “big” options most of the time.

For that reason, today, we will be exploring a few compact office chairs that may be the perfect fit for your workstation. Hence, you will be able to build a comfortable and ergonomic workspace without necessarily taking up too much space. Additionally, you can also take a look at this high back vs. mid back chair comparison to figure out what the best option for you is.

Low Profile Desk Chairs – Top 7 Options for Small Spaces

1.  Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo low profile desk chair

This ergonomic chair has been designed to fit all kinds of spaces. You can easily adjust the features, so they easily adapt to your body proportions and environment, allowing you to be as comfortable as possible throughout the day. It is available in six styles: black, grey, green, black & white, red and blue.

This low profile desk chair will provide you with an excellent recline, as there are 5 lockable options available. Plus, the lumbar support will adapt to any seated position you may have. It can support up to 300 lbs, too. The woven mesh back will help you keep your body cool throughout the work session. This is a comfortable computer chair for all users.

2. Autonomous Chair Move

Autonomous Chair Move low profile desk chair

We have an additional option for you if you’d like a low profile desk chair. The Autonomous Chair Move is perfect for small spaces and is perfect for you if you work while standing or tend to leave your workspace now and then. It will get attached to any surface easily, and you can adjust its height within a range of ten inches. Additionally, this ergonomic stool can support up to 270 lbs.

3.  AvoChair

AvoChair low profile desk chair

This low-profile office chair provides you with everything you need to be comfortable throughout the day. It is built on an elastomeric mesh back. Additionally, most of its features are adjustable, including the height, armrests, and back tilt/tension.

Hence, you can be sure that you will be able to work for several hours without feeling tired too quickly.

This chair has an interesting design and is available in four colors: black, green, blue, and light brown/beige (Sun Tan). The AvoChair is also an eco-friendly office chair.

4.  Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron low profile desk chair

This comfortable computer chair is quite popular. You’ve probably sat on one without realizing it. It is an excellent choice for enclosed spaces and for general use, too.

This low profile desk chair has a contemporary design that combines diverse adjustability features, including adjustable armrests. However, the true highlight of this office chair is the comfort. The seat has been designed to keep you comfortable for prolonged periods, no matter how long you’ve decided to remain seated.

Still, comfort has a price, and although the Herman Miller Aeron is wonderful in this aspect, it is also very expensive.

5.  Mimoglad Office Chair

Mimoglad low profile desk chair

This low computer chair reunites several good qualities. It is an excellent chair for ergonomics, it’s stylish, and on top of that, it is very affordable. Despite being very compact, it can fit nicely in any office space, as the base is only 21.65 inches wide - and that’s the biggest part it has.

You will also find it very comfortable with padded armrests, which are adjustable, too. You can just flip them so you can save the chair under the desk while not in use. Additionally, you will find adjustable lumbar support that will help you be as comfortable as possible regardless of the position you’re in. The best part is that this chair can be found within a $200 range despite the inclusion of all these features!

6.  Hbalda Task Chair

If you’re looking for an affordable option, this task chair by Hbalda is worth taking a look at. The seat has dimensions of 19.7 inches wide and 19.7 deep, making it quite compact. Plus, the backrest has a total height of 17 inches. Whether you’re a small person or have little space available, this chair will provide you with the basic features you need to be comfortable.

This chair looks good and feels good. Although it lacks certain adjustability features, it includes very good features for its price range – it can be found for under $150.

7.  Ovios Farbic Office Chair

Ovios Farbic Office Chair

This is another cute low-profile office chair that you can use. It is only available in pink and white, so if you’re not a big fan of those colors, perhaps you should take a look at some of the other options listed here. However, it is small and includes ergonomic posture support, allowing you to correct your position from the first use.

The chair has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Plus, the adjustability and adaptability features it contains may make it perfect for diverse users. You will be able to sit on this chair comfortably for several hours.

8.  Branch Task Chair

Branch Task Chair

The Branch Task Chair is a bestseller. It is available at an affordable price but the quality is actually very good. Hence, if you prefer the classic look of an office chair with all the adjustability features you’d like, you should definitely go for it.

It has exceptionally good adjustability features for the price. You will be able to adjust the lumbar support, armrests, and seat (tilt, tilt tension, and height). All of these features, plus the breathable mesh backrest, compose one of the best low-height office chairs available at the moment.


Having little space available doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable all the time. These seats will provide you with the utmost comfort possible while you’re working, even if they’re not the best computer chair for back pain. Plus, they will accompany you for several years as they’re built to be sturdy and durable. These low profile desk chairs are perfect for any person out there.

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