Best Office Chairs With Flip up Arms & Folding Arms
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Best Office Chairs With Flip up Arms & Folding Arms

|Feb 19, 2024

Compromising your work performance with a poor chair seems unreal, and not many realize the huge impact of an office chair on work efficiency. But the truth is with a chair that hinders your movements, keeps your body stiff or stresses your body physically, kills your productivity in many ways you won't even realize.

Armrests or no armrests is a big debate when it comes to office chairs. After all, in some instances, having no armrests might really help, and in other scenarios, you cannot imagine workplace comfort without armrests. Hence a chair with flip-up armrests is what delivers the best of both worlds. Fortunately, there are many ergonomic chairs that I reviewed which offer the benefit of foldable arms along with other ergonomic functions too. Here are my top picks for the best office chairs with flip-up arms.

Top Office Chairs with Flip-up Arms

1. KERDOM FelixKing Elastic Mesh

This mesh office chair flip up arms by KERDOM is a modern multifunction office chair with multiple features. It has a smart ergonomic design, a convenient, easy to use structure and a two-minute assembly process. The chair has a comfortable seat for you to work, play or even relax for hours at a time without feeling a bit of pressure or pain.

It comes with a 1-year warranty which seldom sees any complaints because the high quality of this product and design is made to last. This swivel task chair has a five wheeled base suitable for quick movements and seamless workflow. The chair is also designed to protect hardwood floors from scratches or dents of constant movement.

2. KERDOM FelixKing Waterfall Seat Edge

Next on our list for the best office chair with flip-up arms is this modern-looking ergonomic office chair with flip-up arms by KERDOM. This ergonomic chair is considered the best option for comfortable seating when working on tough projects. It is a suitable pick for programmers because they often tend to spend an unhealthy amount of work hours in front of the screen. The chair is stable and durable, and it has easy assembly. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, and you can choose between the two universal colors, black and white.

3. KERDOM FelixKing Office Chair

Comfortable office chairs are rare to find, and this office chair with adjustable lumbar support is one of those. We love this ergonomic chair for many reasons but most importantly, the exceptional support you will enjoy for the lumbar region. It has a mesh back to spend those long hours in the office without sweating, and the chair offers complete adjustability.

Besides having flip-up armrests, the chair has 90 degrees storage armrests to make it compact and slide easily under the desk. The seating surface is higher than most chairs, so you won't complain about pressure on the lower back anymore. The chair has a thick surface with highly padded armrests too.

4. Hon Sadie Gaming Chair

Who says gaming chairs cannot be used for work, especially if they are this comfortable? This Sadie gaming chair is one of the best options for long work hours because it is a fully padded gaming chair with the most comfortable backrest and headrest. Although it is not suitable for people who sweat while working or might not prefer the hot fabric against their back, this is our best pick for those who spend time in cold weather.

5. KERDOM FelixKing Comfy Swivel

A breathable mesh ergonomic office chair is a good pick for office users who complain about tense sweats while working. This office chair is no less comfortable even though it doesn't have a headrest and is completely mesh at the back.

The chair has an ergonomic design, a space-saving setup and a fashionable look. It is our best pick for a big and tall office chair with flip-up arms because the arms move up to 90 degrees, so you can save space while working.

6. Logicfox Breathable Mesh Seat

If armrests in an office chair are the least preferred feature for you, then this chair is here to change your mind. With comfortable 3D armrests that are fully padded and ergonomic, the Logicfox breathable mesh seat chair is an office chair for long hours. And you would be amazed to know that part of the reason for this high performance is the armrests of this product. One of the best office chairs with flip-up arms, the chair provides you the option to slide closer to the work desk or be as far as you want and sneak in a quick nap.

Other than just the flip-up features, the armrests can be adjusted in height, angle, and alignment, too. This flip up arm feature can tidy up the space and create a compact workstation when not in use as well.

Besides this highlight feature, I liked that the chair has an adaptive lumbar support that can be adjusted in 2 directions. It provides sufficient waist support and cushioning, so if you are looking for an ergonomic chair for back pain, then this is it. The ergonomic chair offers a smooth recline, which as well can also be locked into multiple positions. The 40-degree angle range makes it a versatile chair for home and office as well as gaming. As for aesthetics, the chair is a professional-looking product with a great design.

7. Kerdom Office Chair: Adjustable Armrests

This high back office chair with flip-up arms is one of the best ergonomic office chairs with lumbar support. Besides a relaxing back and a seat tilt that gives you a smooth recline to work on, the chair is the best fit for people who complain about back pain or sciatica.

It is a chair made for a diverse crowd because of its pneumatic height seat adjustment, making it rise to the maximum and lower to the least for the shortest people.

8. Hbada Office Chair

Hbada manufactures the best office chairs with an ergonomic design but a compact structure, and this ergonomic chair from Hbada is no less. It is affordable and rated as one of the most suitable office chairs for home offices. The reason? Its design and the flip-up arms go all the way vertical and allow you to work nearest to the desk.

The chair also has a tilting mechanism that allows you to lean back and rest when you don't. It has smooth wheel casters that ensure quick movement, and the chair makes getting up from the chair to get a document struggle to go all away.

9. Nouhaus Ergonomic Chair

The Nouhaus is one of the better options from an ergonomic and price aspect for those who like a higher back and a more breathable mesh covering on their office chair.

Using a smooth tilt mechanism, the high backrest tilts (up to 135 degrees) to provide continual movements to your back. In addition, unlike many high-back chairs, the Nouhaus has a built-in headrest that can be adjusted in angle. And let's talk about foldable arms, which, despite its elaborate size, make this chair slide right under your office desks.

10. Logicfox Double Lumbar Support

Let's talk about another ergonomic office chair with flip-up arms so you can enjoy both the features of the best armless office chair and an ergonomic chair with supportive arms. This Logicfox ergonomic office chair is a comfortable design office chair with suitability for long work hours. I love how adaptive the lumbar support is for different users so everyone can find the chair made of their own. A mesh design with thick cushioning and a tilt feature of 9 to 130 degrees are highlights of this product.

With its flip-up armrests, the thing that I liked most about the home office desk chair is that it can maximize space efficiency and maintain a clean, organized area. You can flip the armrest up and tuck the home office chair under the desk, whether you're at home or in the workplace. As for ergonomics, the armrests are fully adjustable in terms of width and angle and the backrest can also be adjusted in height as well as tilt. I also love the lumbar support of the product, which meets your back and prevents any pain from arising. Moreover, the thick cushion of the seat provides a comfortable sitting session even for long hours. One of the best small computer chairs with arms, enjoy working in an ergonomic yet compact environment with the Logicfox ergonomic chair.

11. KERDOM Primy Drafting Chair

If you prefer a more petite and simpler version of modern ergonomic chairs, then a drafting chair is the top choice. This Kerdom Primy drafting chair is a sturdy, good, and supportive product, but that's not the highlight I am talking about. This tiny computer chair with flip-up arms has high-quality craftsmanship, which is proven as you spend time and years with this product without ever worrying about it losing its strength. Enough about quality and build. Now, let's talk about comfort. Safe to say, the chair is a highly comfortable product as well. Moreover, you will also enjoy how compact the chair is and the way it fits into multiple work settings.

With its height-adjustable footstool and 90-degree overturned armrest design, this high rotary drawing chair is a great space-saver for standing desks, sitting desks, and bars. Its circular foot ring allows you to move your feet more frequently, which relieves pressure on your legs and increases comfort. In addition to this, there is a curved backrest, which resembles the natural shape of the spine. This also relieves back pain during long work hours. One of the best chairs with many great office chair accessories, the Kerdom Primy is a product for people who want smart options for their tiny work setups.

12. KERDOM FelixKing Vertical Mesh

The Felix King office chair might not be the best desk chair folding arms, but it is one of the great products when it comes to tons of adjustable features and ergonomic qualities. This office chair with adjustable armrests has many highlight features, but supportive armrests are the best of all. The design is made for long hours of sitting when you don't want to compromise on work quality or physical wellness as well. Felix King's chair has an ergonomic design that is focused on the human form, supported by a Y-shaped backrest.

 When sitting, you will receive firm spinal support from the distinctive curved lumbar support design, which offers high elasticity. It offers a comfy feeling that keeps you from becoming fatigued even after extended periods of sitting. Another comfort feature of this product is the fixed headrest, which lifts up and down to cater to different user heights. The chair can effectively not only support the head well but also provide adequate support to the upper neck and shoulders. It is an ideal office chair with adjustable armrests and many other ergonomic features to prevent fatigue in a busy office space.

How Do I Choose?

Choosing the right office chair with an ergonomic set of armrests involves many details. From office chair arm extenders to removable armrests, armrests are also office chair replacement parts. But the important thing is to pick a product that suits your comfort and needs.

The armrests on an office chair should be adjustable. The user's shoulders should be relaxed, and their arms should be able to rest comfortably. When typing, the forearm shouldn't be on the armrest, and the elbows and lower arms should rest lightly.

Which One is Best for You?

All the above mentioned office chairs with folding arms are a result of features and factors that serve a wide range of audiences. But according to my top recommendation, the Kerdom Primy ergonomic chair is a complete product with all the qualities packed one would desire in an office chair. Get yours now and experience for yourself.


A chair with ergonomic armrests is a complete chair and can seriously improve your work efficiency as well as your ability to work for long hours and extended periods. To find the best ergonomic chair with armrests, it is important that you note down the features you need and then choose the product accordingly.

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