Guide on Using Office Chair Armrest Extender
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Guide on Using Office Chair Armrest Extender

|Feb 5, 2024

Since back pain is an often realized issue in a workplace and many modern chairs come with office chair parts like a curved back or lumbar support to help that issue, another common problem with office chairs is the shoulder pain which is caused by an improper armrest setting. An office chair with adjustable armrest provides a comfortable placement for your arms and is fully adjustable. Moreover, you can also find an office chair armrest extender that ensures your chair is fully adjustable to give you all the comfort you need.

Though chair armrest extension is common in modern chairs, it is still hard to learn and get a hold of an ergonomic office chair with adjustable arms. This article will learn all about an office chair armrest height extender and a complete armrest extender guide.

What is an Office Chair Armrest Extender?

Does your chair have an armrest, but it's insufficient for your needs, or does it not move as forward as you would like it to? An office chair armrest extender is a simple device that can be mounted on your chair's armrest or even on the desk surface where you can easily place your arm.

The armrest extender is a long cushioned platform that supports the entire arm from elbow to wrist, preventing issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, a common complaint among mouse and keyboard users. An armrest extender can be used in addition to any chair or desk, and you can get wonderful support for your arms. Armrest extenders are most commonly used by people who complain about improper shoulder placement or stress in their upper back.

What is an Office Chair Armrest Extender?

When Do You Need an Office Chair Armrest Extender?

Armless or non-adjustable armrests are common in office chairs offered at chain retailers. If you choose non-adjustable armrests, be sure they are the right size. Armless desk chairs are common. Armless chairs may make it easier for you to move about.

However, many people require an armrest's support to keep their shoulders, backs, and necks from becoming fatigued. Such office chairs that are comfortable in every other way but don’t have a proper place to keep your arms may benefit from an armrest extender. A ergonomic chair with an armrest can also be equipped with an extender armrest for you to tilt back and relax.

When Do You Need an Office Chair Armrest Extender?

How to Choose the Best Office Chair Armrest Extender

Since we all know small computer chairs with arms is the one that provides multiple armrest settings. This includes managing office chair armrest height, controlling the armrest width, managing the armrest pivots, and several similar features. But when it comes to a chair that does not have built-in adjustable armrests, one needs to choose wisely. Here are some factors to help you choose the best armrests for office chairs.

How to Choose the Best Office Chair Armrest Extender

Type of Armrest

As there are many office chairs, there are also varying types of office chair armrests. These types range based on the functions, features, and benefits.

  • For most office chairs, either a T-shaped armrest aligned perpendicular to the seat or such armrests are mostly useful for height adjustment.
  • The second type of office chair armrest is the loop armrest which is also very commonly found in an office chair. These armrests are available in two styles: fixed and adjustable. The biggest benefit is that they can provide extra support for your arm while you recline on your chair. Some users, however, enjoy the aesthetic of a loop design.
  • The third type is fixed armrests which are not considered very ergonomic since they don't allow the freedom to move, but a fixed armrest is better than a chair with no armrests.

Type of Armrest

Type of Adjustment

The second main feature of an armrest is the type of adjustment of the armrest. Whether you are buying an office chair with an armrest or an office chair armrest extender, the importance of the type of adjustments remains the same.

Office chair armrests come with various adjustment options to cater to different body types and ergonomic needs. Some common types of adjustments on office chair armrests include:

1. Height Adjustment: This allows users to raise or lower the armrests to align them with the height of their desk or the level of their elbows. Proper armrest height ensures that users can maintain a comfortable and ergonomic posture while typing or performing other tasks at their workstation.

2. Width Adjustment: Some office chairs offer the option to adjust the width between the armrests. This feature accommodates users with broader or narrower shoulders, ensuring that the armrests provide adequate support without feeling too constricted or too far apart.

3. Angle Adjustment: The ability to adjust the angle of the armrests allows users to find the most comfortable position for their arms and wrists. Tilting the armrests inward or outward can alleviate pressure on the elbows and wrists, reducing strain and fatigue during extended periods of sitting.

4. Depth Adjustment: Certain office chairs feature armrests that can be adjusted forward or backward, altering the distance between the armrests and the seat of the chair. This adjustment ensures that users can position their arms comfortably while maintaining proper alignment with their body.

5. Swivel Adjustment: Swivel armrests rotate horizontally, allowing users to pivot them inward or outward to accommodate different arm positions. Swivel adjustment promotes natural movement and flexibility, reducing the risk of strain and discomfort during tasks that require reaching or shifting positions.

6. Padding and Material Adjustment: While not a traditional adjustment, some office chairs offer armrests with adjustable padding or materials. Users may have the option to add or remove padding to customize the firmness and comfort level of the armrests according to their preferences.

These adjustment options empower users to tailor their office chair armrests to their unique body dimensions and ergonomic requirements, promoting comfort, productivity, and overall well-being in the workplace.

Besides, flip-up arms on office chairs are a practical office chair accessories for users who value flexibility, space-saving design, and ease of movement in their work environment. While they may not offer the same level of adjustability as traditional armrests, office chairs with folding arms provide a convenient alternative for users seeking versatility and functionality in their seating options.

Type of Adjustment


This is yet another feature that is often ignored. If you are going to rest your arms on an office chair, then the material should be friction-free and must not cause any harm to the skin. Some armrests also have a cushioned cover on the armrests, which provides a more comfortable feel to the user.

Top-Rated Office Chair Armrests on Amazon

In our exploration of the top-rated office chair armrests available on Amazon, we dive into the world of ergonomic design and comfort solutions. These armrests are more than just accessories; they're essential components of a workspace designed to promote healthy posture and enhance productivity.

As we sift through the options, we'll examine the adjustability, materials, user feedback, and compatibility of these armrests to help you find the perfect fit for your office chair. Join us as we uncover the features and benefits that make these armrests stand out among the sea of choices, providing a summary ledge for your journey to ergonomic excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Repair Office Chair Armrest?

Most armrests are made up of plastics, so a broken or loose part can be fastened with just the help of glue. You can find the broken piece, glue it, and place it properly. Make sure to leave it to dry before you use the chair again.

How do I Widen my Office Chair Arms?

Most chairs have an easy arm pad adjustment, and all you need is to slide the armrests towards right or wrong, and they would easily move horizontally.

How do I Make My Chair Armrest Higher?

A push button is attached to the adjustable armrests. By pressing the push buttons, you can lower or raise the height of the armrest, and when you release the push, the armrest is locked in that position.

How do you attach an Armrest to an Office Chair?

It depends on the type of chair and the armrest you have. Some chairs have an easy attachment that can be mounted on the top of your existing chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

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