How to Find the Ideal Desk Chair Height in Your Office
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How to Find the Ideal Desk Chair Height in Your Office

Karen Kimonye|Oct 20, 2020

What Is the Standard Office Chair Height?

In North America, the standard desk height is 29 inches, however, there’s no standard office chair height. Different office chairs have different desk chair height ranges, but if you measure from the seat to the floor, the typical computer chair height range is 16 to 21 inches.

Note the above office chairs are standard ergonomic office chairs. Some ergonomic office chairs for tall people can be adjusted beyond 21”. Other types of office chairs, including drafting chairs, have a higher range of desk chair heights.

Also, there are office chairs for short people that can go as low as 14.5”.

Does the Ideal Office Chair Height Exist?

From an ergonomic standpoint, office chair manufacturers have built office chairs with optimized height to ease negative health effects on your thighs, shoulders, lower back, neck, and even arms. This allows you to work comfortably, ultimately boosting your productivity.

Here’s how the ideal office chair seat height should look like when you’re seated:

  • Your feet should firmly touch the floor and your knees should be bent at 90 degrees.
  • If you’re working on the computer, your forearms should be at the same height and parallel to your desk, and your elbows should assume a 90 – 110 degrees open-angle.

The two parts above don’t always coexist harmoniously, which makes creating an ergonomic workstation trickly but not impossible.

Factors to Consider When Calculating the Ideal Chair Height

At this point, you know there are two outcomes that you should look for to achieve the ideal desk chair seat height. Let’s focus now on how to achieve each outcome.

Two Feet Firmly Touching the Ground

While sitting on your target office chair, adjust the height lever until your feet touch the floor completely. And keep your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Don’t over lower your chair because this will exert pressure on your sit bones.

Another way to find the best desk chair height where your feet are touching the floor is by standing up. This allows you to assess a chair quickly when you’re shopping in a store.

To find the perfect office chair seat height, stand in front of the chair.  Adjust its height so that the top of the seat or cushion is just below your kneecap.

Forearms Parallel to Your Desk

The second part of finding the ideal computer chair height, especially if you work a lot on your computer, is to make sure your forearms are at the right height and parallel to your desk.

Adjust your office chair seat height so your elbows form a 90 – 100-degree open-angle. Continue adjusting your chair’s height so your forearms rise above your desk and are parallel with or slopping slightly towards your desk. The proper seat height makes sure your shoulders are relaxed and your wrists are in a neutral position. This prevents Repetitive syndrome injuries, such as carpal tunnel over time, and reduces arm and wrists fatigue.

But raising your chair to accommodate your arms may cause your feet to dangle off the floor. The solution? Using a footrest can prop them up. It’s easier to accommodate your feet position than your arm’s; however, without a keyboard tray or a height-adjustable desk; this is hard to do.

Office Accessories that Help You Achieve the Ideal Chair Height

Height Adjustable Desks

Height adjustable desks are becoming a popular trend in many American workplaces. They limit the time you spend sitting, which starves off a variety of potential health risks. A height-adjustable desk allows you to raise and lower your keyboard and monitor easily to proper heights. Also, it helps you to maintain the right desk chair height because you can raise or lower it to accommodate your height requirements.

Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray helps to bring your keyboard to you so you don’t have to adjust your chair or desk. It’s an essential ergonomic accessory that adds pressure on a few muscles and tendons.

Monitor Arm

A monitor arm is a highly adjustable accessory that attaches to your office desk with a bolt-through or clamp mount. Thus, with a monitor arm, you can maintain your chair at the right desk chair height because you can easily adjust your monitor as needed throughout the day. This allows you to work at the correct height range. Also, you can adjust the monitor arm to your preferred position to ease eye and neck pain while maintaining a healthy posture.


A footrest prevents your feet from dangling and it elevates your feet at a height comfortable for your body. With a footrest, you can eliminate the desk chair height problem.

Final Thoughts

The office chair seat height is crucial in creating an ergonomic workspace. If you adjust your chair’s height properly, it’s much easier to align the desk and monitor, keyboard, and mouse correctly. Sitting for extended periods often results in excessive and one-sided lower-back strain, irritating pain, and poor concentration. However, adjusting your desk chair height correctly is crucial in achieving a healthy sitting posture. Having the right seat height not only helps you achieve a comfortable, ergonomic sitting posture, but it also helps you get in and out of your chair easily.

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