15 Best Office Chair Mat Options to Protect Your Floors and Carpets
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15 Best Office Chair Mat Options to Protect Your Floors and Carpets

Autonomous|Sep 17, 2022

Are you looking for the best floor mat for an office chair but don't know where to find it? Don't worry! You can check a list of the best options available here. 

After investing a lot of money in making your floors look shiny, thinking of a way to protect them is a must! Therefore, you should find a good chair mat for your office or room if you are a remote worker. 

However, there are tons of options on the market! How can you find the best one? Read on to find the answer. 

Things to Consider When Buying an Office Chair Mat

Before searching for the perfect floor mat for office chairs, you should know the most important things to keep in mind when buying one. These are: 

  • Floor: If you want to choose the perfect chair mat, you need to know your office's type of floor or if you plan to use carpet.
  • Material: When it comes to office chair mats, the most common materials are polyvinyl (PVC), polycarbonate, and tempered glass. You must choose the one that fits your type of floor, needs, and budget.
  • Thickness: Depending on the type of floor, you will also need a chair with a specific thickness. Consider both aspects and discover if you need a thin or thick one.
  • Shape: Check your workspace set up to define the ideal chair mat's shape. The most common models are the rectangular ones and those with a lip. 

Top 15 Chai Mats You Can Find in 2022

You can always DIY a chair mat. However, there are many expert brands making strong and durable examples that will save you money and time. 

Therefore, now that you know the aspects you should consider before buying a chair mat, check out this list of the best options on the market! 

1. Mount-It! Clear Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Mount-It! Clear Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Are your office's floors made of wood? If you think your chair will damage them, the Mount-It! clear desk chair mat for hardwood floors is the best way to go! 

Thanks to its non-slip textured surface, this mat stays in place and allows you to roll your office chair smoothly, preventing its wheels from damaging your expensive hardwood floor.

This mat is 47" long x 35.5" deep, so it covers a lot of space. It also has a cleverly designed lip at the front that provides extra coverage and protects the floor even when you pull your chair closer to your desk. 

In addition, this floor mat for an office chair is ideal for several settings. You can use it at home if you have set up your workspace in your bedroom, a company's office, or anywhere else! 

2. Rectangular Office Chair Mat by Somolux

As it is 48" x 36", this polycarbonate chair mat is an excellent option if you want to cover a large space in your office or bedroom. 

Somlux designed a very versatile transparent computer chair mat you can use in different settings without altering their decor or colors. 

While it looks thin and easy to wear out, this mat is sturdy, and even the toughest office chair wheels won't dent it. 

One of its most striking features is that it does not contain dangerous chemicals such as other plastic models. Therefore, you can be sure that your office will be free of BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates, and tin. 

Additionally, you can use this chair mat to protect various types of floors, including tile, hardwood, laminate, concrete, and linoleum. 

3. Rug Chair Mat by Anji Mountain

Rug Chair Mat by Anji Mountain

If you are looking for an option for hardwood and low pile carpets, the Anji Mountain rug chair mat is the one you should consider. It is rectangular and has 36-by-48-inch dimensions, which means it covers a good proportion of the surface. 

Since it is made of polyester with PVC core and non-slip backing, this chair mat for carpet deadens the rolling wheels' sound. Furthermore, it is available in 16 different designs, and each can embellish or add a personal touch to your office. 

Anji Mountain's chair mat is suitable for low-pile carpets, tile, hardwood, linoleum, laminate, or concrete floors.

4. Office Chair Mat by Mysuntown

This handy computer chair mat is 36" long x 48" wide and has a 20" x 10" lip for those who want to protect large floor areas, including those under the desk. 

This option is made from 100% recycled PET and features an anti-slip smooth bottom and a low friction matte surface. Therefore, it's suitable for laminate, hardwood, stone, and tile floors.

This desk chair mat is the best choice if you want something that will keep your office chair from sliding around and damaging your expensive floor, but you're looking for a versatile option. It's transparent and goes well with all decorations. 

5. Chair Mat with Anti-fatigue Area by Mushyn

Chair Mat with Anti-fatigue Area by Mushyn

This one is another chair mat for carpet and varied floor types worth considering, especially if you have a standing desk. 

Mushyn created a perfect chair mat for those who want to protect their floors while using their computers or performing other work tasks, but it's not a traditional alternative. 

This chair mat for carpeted floors has a non-slip backing that prevents it from moving or scratching easily. Plus, it's CA PROP 65 compliant, which means it's free of phthalates and heavy metals. 

However, its most attractive feature is that it comes with anti-fatigue foam support. In other words, this desk chair mat can relieve pressure on your feet, whether you're sitting or standing, while protecting your floors. 

This model is suitable for low pile carpet, hardwood, linoleum, laminated, tile, and concrete floors! 

6. Tempered Glass Chair Mat by Lorell Furniture

If you prioritize versatility and are looking for an office chair mat that works for all types of surfaces and floor designs, Lorell Furniture has an option for you! 

This tempered glass chair mat is durable and has smooth, rounded edges. It's safe and works well with all kinds of workstation setups. 

Are you worried about choosing a fragile alternative that can break easily? That won't happen if you buy this desk chair mat. It is made of tempered glass and can support up to 1,000 pounds.

In addition, this floor mat for office chairs is transparent and does not alter existing decorations. You can use it in your office or remote workspace! 

7. Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat by AmazonBasics

Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat by AmazonBasics

Thanks to its lip shape and 47" x 53" dimensions, this chair mat for carpet is ideal for large spaces or big office desks.

AmazonBasics' mat alternative is made from 100% recyclable, non-toxic polycarbonate material, so it promises a safe work environment while protecting your thick, shaggy rugs. 

This office chair mat is transparent and goes well with all types of decoration. Also, if you choose this one, you don't have to worry about finding another model soon. It can last for years as it is sturdy and holds up to 500 pounds in weight. 

The brand focused on comfort and safety. Therefore, it equipped the chair mat with clips that hold it firmly in place and prevent it from bunching up. 

In addition, this model has a smooth surface where all kinds of wheels can slide well. 

8. Heavy-Duty Office Chair Mat by DoubleCheck

Finding a good chair mat for carpets is possible! DoubleCheck Products catalog includes a model with a 36" x 48" dimension and a 20" x 12" lip that provides high protection for low to medium pile carpets. 

Made with ⅛” thick polycarbonate, this chair mat is very firm and allows you to roll your chair without causing dents or scratches. 

Plus, this desk chair mat is a great option for healthy offices, as it's non-toxic and fits in with any color scheme or décor. 

This chair mat has received some negative reviews as it's not a good choice for hard floors or plush rugs, but other users say its studded bottom is a great addition. 

9. Crystal Clear Heavy-Duty Chair Mat by MuArts

Crystal Clear Heavy-Duty Chair Mat by MuArts

While this computer chair mat is clear, it is 0.2" thick and durable enough to protect both hard surfaces and carpets. 

It is available in various materials, and you can even buy multi-unit packs if you have multiple desks in your office. Therefore, it's an option worth considering if you want to save some money. 

Another attractive feature is that this office chair mat supports up to 1200 pounds in weight! You can sit freely for hours and slide when you need to without worrying that the wheels might damage your expensive floors! 

However, it's only 35" x 47" in dimension. If you want to protect a larger area, you can get better options on the market. 

10. Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat by Dimex

If the previous one is not for you because you are looking for a chair mat to protect larger areas or use under larger desks, this option designed by Dimex is what you need! 

This chair mat has 46-by-60-inch dimensions. While you can buy it in other sizes if your office is smaller, it's one of the larger options listed here. 

In addition, it is made of vinyl, a durable and wear-resistant material that will remain intact for years! 

Is your floor carpeted, and do you want something similar to a desk chair rug? This office chair mat is a great option, too, since it has spikes on the back.

11. ESS Collection Chair Mat by OFM

ESS Collection Chair Mat by OFM

Among the options that guarantee better stability, there's the ESS Collection chair mat designed by OFM. 

This computer desk mat has a non-slip top surface and molded cleats on the bottom to hold firm on carpets up to 0.25-inch thick. 

Do you want more protection? It has an extended front that provides coverage under larger desks. In addition, this chair mat for carpet has a transparent exterior that perfectly matches any decoration and colors. 

If you want to use this mat on other types of floors, you can buy the same design but without spikes. Keep in mind that it is made of polyurethane! 

12. Upgraded Office Chair Mat by Sallous

Do you prefer bolder decorations? If so, Sallous' desk chair mat is an option you should check out. 

Thanks to its design and materials, this chair mat is ideal for those who want to mix textures in their offices. 

The brand behind this mat wanted to offer a high level of protection, and they created a model with ⅙ inches in thickness and 63" x 51" in dimensions. In other words, it covers huge areas! 

This chair mat is made of fabric that reduces the noise of wheels or footsteps. While it was designed for hard floors, it has a cloth look that goes well with any décor. 

13. Gaming Chair Mat by GTRACING

Gaming Chair Mat by GTRACING

While this isn't an office chair mat, you can use it if you've set up your remote workspace at home and want to protect your floors. 

It's ideal for you if you are a fan of video games and are looking for the perfect mat to match your gaming furniture, as it is available in various sizes and colors. 

GTRACING says that this chair mat is very durable, so you won't have to invest in a new one for at least a couple of years. 

Are you worried about the environment? It is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials that protect both you and the planet. 

14. Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat by Gorilla Grip

Are you still looking for the best chair mat for carpets? Check out Gorilla Grips' recommendation! 

The brand has created a studded chair mat to protect the rugs under your desks, chairs, or other furniture. It is made of 3-millimeter-thick polycarbonate plastic and is resistant to curling and bending. 

Designed with durable studs underneath to grip surfaces without slipping, this computer chair mat is ideal for low to medium-pile rugs. 

You can find Gorilla Grip's chair mat in two sizes: 36" x 48" and 29" x 47". 

15. Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Chair Mat by Marvelux

Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Chair Mat by Marvelux

Last but not least, there's the chair mat designed by Marvelux. It comes in various sizes, meaning you can find the perfect model for almost any chair or office setup. 

As the main feature, this desk chair mat is made of high-resistance thermoplastic polycarbonate, promising greater durability and resistance for more years. If you choose this one, you don't have to worry about your office chair casters damaging your floors! 

Do you want a chair mat for a carpet? This Marvelux product has a stud pattern designed to keep your chair in place if your floor is ½-thick carpet. 

Final Thoughts

Don't waste time looking for how to protect a carpet from office chairs or trying to find a tutorial to make a hard floor mat yourself. The options listed above have everything you need! You only have to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

If you want to make sure that your floors remain intact over time after investing a lot of money in them, a chair mat is one of the office accessories you must have!

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