How to Protect Carpet from Your Office Chair
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How to Protect Carpet from Your Office Chair

|Jul 16, 2022

Is your office chair creating dark impressions on your carpet, making it look bad? Are you worried about how you can protect your carpet and maintain its chic look for years? Is your office chair hindering you from doing that? If that is so, you must learn the best way to protect carpet from the office chair.

Office chairs often create a deep recess on your carpet that makes it look unappealing. The main reason behind that is the pressure that is put on the chair casters or the chair’s legs as you sit on them. And the ideal solution is to get a protection mat.

The protection mats protect the carpet from office chair wheels by limiting the pressure that is imparted on the carpet as you sit on the chair. It even helps protect carpet from furniture legs if you choose the right floor mat.

But is this the only solution? People often think of going for office chairs without wheels in the hope that this will help them protect the carpet. They even often remove the casters to protect the carpet, but these solutions are not what we would recommend as they negatively impact your office interior, making it look less appealing. Thus, the only solution that we are left with is getting a protection mat.

Although we have answered the question about how to protect carpet from office chairs by informing you about carpet or floor protection mats, the question remains: How will you pick the right one for your office? 

What to Consider When Picking a Mat to Protect Carpet from Office Chair?

If you have desk chairs with wheels and your office is carpeted, you must consider the following things before you pick the right desk chair mat for your office. Knowing the same things would be helpful even if you have a desk chair with legs. 



There are two types of backing that a desk chair mat can have; it is either a gripper back or a flat back mat. The gripper backing is ideal for carpet protection, while the flat backing is used for protecting floors. The selection of the backing is vital to know because it should align with the type of surface you are trying to protect. In our case, we have to protect the carpet, so you will need a mat with gripper backing. 

Size and Shape

Knowing the size and shape of the mat is significant because it defines how much of the carpet's area you will be able to protect using the mat. So, in order to pick the right size, you must consider your office space that is covered with a carpet and is more prone to get damaged due to desk chair wheels or legs.

As far as the shape of the mat is concerned, there are two most common ones that you will find in the market. One is rectangular, and the other is a lipped carpet mat. The rectangular mat is ideal if you have a standard rectangular office desk. However, if you have a u-shaped or a corner desk, you should go for the lipped mat. 


Material to protect carpet from office chair

The material used for designing a desk mat is among the most important aspects that you must consider while picking one for your office use. It is this material that defines the degree of protection you will be able to provide to your carpet. The selection is often affected by the budget that you have. We have shared some details about the most common materials below to give you some idea. 


PVC is the most affordable material when it comes to carpet protection mats. Since they are low cost, they offer limited protection, yet people consider them for their office use. However, if these mats have to bear too heavy loads, they will get cracked. 


It is seen that the polycarbonate material is the most durable of all mat materials on the market. It is the same material that is used for bulletproof gazing, so you can imagine its durability. Since it is a crystal-clear material, your carpet would remain visible and look elegant. Nevertheless, such a premium choice also comes with a relatively big price tag, so you must evaluate your budget before making your call. 



Affordability is the basic barrier that people face when picking any office furniture or accessories. You must evaluate your budget and plan which mat would be the most suitable choice for you. Always remember that the value you are attaining from any purchase should matter the most to you. So, consider both the price and value of a protection mat.

Other Precautions for Protecting Carpet

Often people ask for some more guidelines for preventing any possible damage to their office carpets, so here are two of the most important ones. 

Lay an Additional Mat at the Entrance

Lay an Additional Mat at the Entrance

Often carpets get polluted with excessive dust, dirt, and debris, which makes them worse. To avoid that, you may think of having an additional mat at the entrance, as this will prevent such debris from spreading in the room. 

Put soft Linings on Chair Casters

If you have a rolling chair on the carpet, a good way to provide additional protection is to put soft linings on chair casters. You can easily find such linings at a hardware store. Although it will require some extra effort, it will help you lessen the pressure on your carpet, hence avoid indentations. 

Wrapping It Up – Desk Chair Mats and The Autonomous Purchase Program


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