Choosing Chair Mats For Carpeted Floors: Buying Guide
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Choosing Chair Mats For Carpeted Floors: Buying Guide

Autonomous|Mar 6, 2021

When you think of a chair, you may see a stationary element of furniture. Yet, practically, an office chair moves so frequently that it can damage your floors or cause stress deterioration. The answer to this implicit problem lies in choosing chair mats that perfectly align with the nature of your floors.

Read on to find all the information you need to make the right decision for your flawless carpets!

How Does A Chair Mat Prevent Damage To Your Carpeting?

When choosing chair mats, you can rest assured that the placemat's top surface will suspend the chair above the piling.  The elements in place for grip have a design that ensures your carpeting does not develop undesirable grooves or furrows.

Chair mats for carpeted floors feature unique studs or nubs that securely clutch the carpet. These also have cleated backs that make them interchangeable with chair mats for hard floors.

The mats for carpeted floors are different than those meant to protect wood floor from rolling chair.

How Does A Chair Mat Prevent Damage To Your Carpeting?

Choosing Chair Mats: Three Critical Factors

Chair mats are an unquestionably valuable addition to your workspace for an additional ergonomic edge. They protect your carpeting and offer better mobility. When you're buying a mat for your carpeted floors, there are three critical factors to keep in mind:

  • The material of the mat

  • The type of carpeted floors you have- it will dictate the thickness of the mat

  • The total size and layout of your workspace, hence the size and shape of the mat

In addition to these three factors, it is best to account for the arrangement of other furniture in your office. You must also note the prospective load the mat will have to bear daily to secure durability.

Choosing Chair Mats: Three Critical Factors

Chair Mat Buying Guide

Take a closer look at the three critical aspects and more in the chair mat buying guide below.


The first element you need to review when buying mat for office chair is the material. It should fall in smoothly with the type of carpeted floor you have. Each placemat has a different build, pattern, and make- with varying mats for different carpet thicknesses.

Generally, the most economical office chair mats use PVC or other kinds of vinyl for their construction. However, their longevity is questionable. They also fail to shield your carpeting from the lumping impact of castor wheels in the long run.

Another slightly more expensive class of chair mats uses polycarbonate, a long-lasting polymer. The material prevents cracking and crimping, with the nubs griping the carpeting more securely than PVC.

An alternative to polycarbonate is tempered glass. These mats offer excellent functionality, but their costs can be hard on the wallet.

Besides this, it is not unusual for chair mats to use natural resources like sisal, bamboo, and wood.

Chair Mat Buying Guide

Type Of Carpeted Floors

This chair mat buying guide aims to help you find a mat that sits firmly without sinking into your carpeting. There are four main types of carpeting based on depth that influence this.

If your mat is too thin concerning the carpet's depth, your chair will lose its footing. Here are the typical carpet heights:

  • Low Pile Carpets: Below ¼ inch

  • Standard Pile Carpets: Up to 3/8 inch

  • Medium Pile Carpets: Up to ½ inch

  • High Pile or Plush Carpets: From ½ inch to ¾ inch or more

If your workspace has low pile carpeting, the chair mat's thickness should be up to 1/8 inch.

For carpets with a standard or medium pile, chair mats with a thickness extending to 3/16 inches will be suitable.

In the case of high pile or plush carpets, the chair mat you choose should be more than 3/16 inches at the very least.

The thickness of office chair mats varies from brand to brand. So, make sure you refer to the brand's thickness guide before making a purchase.

Type Of Carpeted Floors

Are You Unsure Of Your Carpet's Height?

If you're uncertain of the type of your carpet, there's no need to worry. You can use the easy method below to measure the height:

  • Find a relatively thin paperclip and open one of its ends

  • Insert the open end of the paperclip into the carpet as well as the pad, reaching down to the subfloor

  • Make sure the paperclip is strictly vertical while you insert it into the carpet

  • Mark and measure the section of the paperclip that entered the carpeting

Layout Of Your Workspace: Mat Size

The process of choosing chair mats includes evaluating your overall floor space to find the appropriate shape and size.

Account for the dimensions of your desk, the size of your chair, and the extent of your movements. Include other furniture in the room as well, such as an office desk or bookshelf. It will help you measure the available space that you want to cover with a chair mat.

Layout Of Your Workspace: Mat Size

There are several shapes of chair mats. Some of the are as follows:

  • Rectangular or Square

  • Single-Lipped (The lip extension may be at the front or the back)

  • Double-Lipped

  • Extensions on Either Side

  • Modular

Most brands will offer customized sizes and shapes of chair mats for your carpeted floors. However, the standard minimum size is 30 x 46 inches, with the most common size being 36 x 48 inches. Larger standard sizes are available too, but these often come with a heavier price tag.

When buying mat for office chair, try not to buy a piece that is so large you need to place other furniture over it. Similarly, one that is too small may cause your chair to roll off the edges and create inconvenience.


Office chairs and carpeted floors are excellent assets to a workspace- though they may not be a match made in heaven! With chair mats, you can utilize these assets to the best of their functions without worrying about damage or discomfort.

You must account for the material, the type of carpeted floors, and the workspace's size when choosing chair mats. The right chair mat is bound to be the best friend of your ergonomic office chair!


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