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Best Office Chair Casters: Types & Brands to Buy
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Best Office Chair Casters: Types & Brands to Buy

|Jun 9, 2022

You're probably debating whether one should acquire a leather desk chair or join the ergonomic chair trend as you look for the ultimate desk chair. You probably have just not given the less spectacular aspects of desk chairs, such as the wheels or casters, much attention.

After all, how many distinct types of casters for chairs are there? The answer is many. Considering all of this, we have put up a good resource guide that contains all the information that you need to understand regarding the best office chair casters.

What Are the Types of Office Chair Casters?

What Are the Types of Office Chair Casters?

A caster is a spinning mechanism attached to the bottom of every chair leg, which enables the chair to swivel and roll effortlessly. The mounting, stem, and wheel are the three critical elements of the best caster wheels for office chairs. Depending on the type of caster and its context, there may well be extra pieces. Furthermore, there are two common types of office chair caster wheels that include soft and hard casters.

Soft casters are generally gentler than hard wheels, and therefore these are almost like a rollerblade caster wheel rather than hard plastic, preventing them from sliding out from beneath you and scratching the surface. They're designed to be utilized on hard surfaces like hardwood or a plastic stool mat. Some people often refer to them as soft floor wheels because they are gentler than ordinary plastic wheels, while others refer to them as hardwood floor casters because they are designed for that sort of surface.

Whereas they imply the very same concept yet are phrased differently. So rather than purchasing a floor mat, many individuals purchase soft reclining ergonomic chair casters with locking caster wheels office chair to safeguard their flooring and save expense. On the other hand, most workplace chairs come with hard casters designed for carpeted floors; yet, not all businesses have carpeted flooring.

Your chair should have soft casters if your flooring is firm, including wood, concrete, or tile. To preserve their carpet, many individuals opt to use a table mat. Hard plastic seat mats must also be utilized with soft desktop chair casters. Soft casters such as rubber caster wheels office chairs are usually available at a minimal extra cost. However, they may not be available based on the armchair and the producer.


If you'll be using the seat on a hard surface, having soft casters is worth the extra cost, whether they're included. Using hard tires on a hard surface is dangerous, and it can reduce the efficiency of your seat. On a hard surface, an armchair with hard wheels will slide very swiftly, catching an individual off guard and causing them to fall to the floor.

That is not good enough to justify the danger of an individual's injury or your business's liabilities. This is why whenever you choose your chair's alternatives, it's critical to keep the type of flooring in mind. As an option, Autonomous offers nice computer ergonomic chair options such as the Autonomous Chair Ergo, which comes with soft casters that are perfect for a hardwood floor.

List of the Brands to Buy the Best Office Chair Casters From

If you operate in an office, your employees' comfort levels are critical to productivity. Getting a file or conversing with colleagues typically necessitates hopping from one desk to the next. On the other hand, most chair wheels may not be able to endure the regular workforce demands of a professional office and may eventually become unsteady and squeal.

If you're looking for a desk chair, you've probably noticed there are a lot of possibilities. Here are a few of our top replacement caster wheels for office chair recommendations to assist you in selecting casters for your swivel chairs.

1. The Original Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

The Original Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

Soft, sleek polyurethane has been used to encapsulate these casters. The company guarantees that its wheels will not scratch or cause any damage to hardwood, carpeting, tile, or other surfaces. There is no need for a desk chair mat! Since the global standard dimension may be used as substitute tires for most job chairs and barstools, no tools are required for installation. Remove your old tires and replace them with these.

2. Wheels from Owl Office Chairs

Wheels from Owl Office Chairs

One of the greatest casters in the industry is this adaptable and versatile caster wheel. It will fit precisely into any stem-size chair or table. These are said to endure a long time and can sustain hard use during gliding effortlessly over most surfaces. Because of its delicate texture, it may be used without inflicting harm on short rugs, oak floors, and tiles.

3. Caster Wheels from Oasis Office Chairs

These best office chair casters are a wonderful alternative for replacement wheels because they are produced by the firm that was the first to offer rollerblade tires for desk chairs. As they were the very first business to develop this type of wheel, they might well be called the original roller-skate chair wheels.

4. Replacement Rubber Caster Wheels for Office Chairs

Replacement Rubber Caster Wheels for Office Chairs

These replacement elastomeric casters are built of advanced manufacturing steel and include precise rollers, durable rubber, and alloy heavy-duty steel chair wheels. This best office chair caster will not scratch, smear, or harm wood, laminated surface, vinyl, tiles, or carpeted surfaces.

5. The Slipstick CB690 Armchair Caster Wheel

It has a normal 7/16-inch x 7/8-inch size and a 2-inch stem length with dual roller rubber tires. This wheel is made of rubber and, therefore, can easily slide on hardwood, marble, slate, as well as several other hard floor coverings.

6. Spare Caster Wheels from STEALTHO

Spare Caster Wheels from STEALTH

These rotating office chair tires are suitable for hardwood, oak, laminated floors, vinyl, tiles, as well as carpets. The heavy-duty rollers' optimized shape avoids the rubber slider wheels from transverse run-out bearing. This best office chair caster is sturdy thanks to the mix of elastic polyurethane with industrial-grade metal.

When buying a desk chair with wheels for your workspaces, look for Autonomous deals, particularly the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program (EPP), which really is a wonderful discount package for workers. Additionally, they provide EPP for Developers/coders, which is a particular reduction for their programmers.

EPP is also available for state officials, teachers, and learners via the autonomous. These deals allow you to buy your favorite items without breaking the bank. All prices of goods become fairer.


Question: How to replace caster wheels on an office chair?

Answer: A caster wheel can be replaced by simply unscrewing the original caster and replacing it with a new caster attachment such as those mentioned above.

Question: How to remove caster wheels from office chair?

Answer: Turn the chair upside down and remove the caster by turning it clockwise. Lastly, uninstall the stem caster either by pulling it out or lubricating it.

Question: How to measure office chair caster stem sizes?

Answer: At the center, put the ruler parallel to the length of the structure. Most casters with grip band stems have a 7/16′' stem diameter measurement. If your caster's shaft is the same size in diameter, it will be somewhat smaller than the 1/2′′ point on the measurement scale.

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