Best Desk Chair Rug for Floor Protection 2024
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Best Desk Chair Rug for Floor Protection 2024

|Apr 12, 2022

The first thing that hits your mind whenever you try to plan an ideal office setup is ergonomics. You always wish that you create a work-friendly environment where you can have a peaceful yet dynamic work routine. Where you buy multiple office accessories to help yourself do so, you should invest in a desk chair rug too.

The biggest plus point of placing a rug under an office chair is that you get greater comfort and ensure that your office’s interior remains undamaged. Since there are several heavy chairs in the market and you usually move around a lot while working on your office desk, the chances of having damaged flooring are common.

Will you like it if your flooring gets damaged because of the constant motion of a heavy office chair? No, you won't; no one does. That’s why it is ideal to use a computer chair rug to cushion your chair and protect your flooring.

Even though getting a rug for your office chair is important, you might not have had one yet because it is quite tough to pick one for yourself. We understand that the reason behind that is you are not aware of how you are supposed to evaluate an office rug for a rolling chair.

There is no need to worry now, though; we are here to help! We have shared a complete guide on how you can pick the best rug and have later shared some of the best ones available in the market in this article.

We know that you must be excited to dive into the details, so let’s begin! 

Precise Guide on Choosing a Desk Chair Rug

Precise Guide on Choosing a Desk Chair Rug

If you want to buy the best computer chair rug, you should learn that there are certain aspects in the light of whom you are supposed to select them. Evaluating these aspects will help you pick the best one. That’s why we have shared them below. 

Desk Chair Rug’s Thickness

Your chair rug's thickness is the major factor determining how much your floor will be protected when you use your chair. If your chair’s rug is too thin, it will be of no use because the chances of floor damage will persist.

So, it is better to buy a rug with gentle thickness to ensure a protected movement. Remember that your rug should not be too thick (like plush ones) because, in that case, it will not be an ideal office rug for rolling chairs, and it will hinder movement. 

Type of Flooring in Your Home

Type of Flooring in Your Home

Your flooring type also plays a big role when it comes to picking up the suitable rug for your office chair. There are specific types of mats for specific floorings. If you have a carpeted floor, you will need a rug specially designed for carpets.

Similarly, if you have a hard floor, tiled floor, marble floor, or any other type of floor, you will need a desk rug that is suitable for that type. For instance, a rug with a cleated back would be ideal for a carpeted floor but can damage a hard floor. 

Shape and Size of the Rug

Just like the other factors, the shape and size of your rug matter a lot. This factor mainly depends on your office design and the way you place your office chair and desk. So, you should evaluate these things and then go for buying an office chair’s rug. 

Best Desk Chair Rugs for Floor Protection

Now that you are aware of the aspects you should evaluate before picking your best chair, it is wise to look at what the market holds for you. We have curated a list of the best desk chair rugs below to serve you best. So, let's jump onto their details. 

1. Tumble Tabor Washable Rug

Tumble Tabor Washable desk chair rug

Tumble's Tabor Washable Rug is ideal for multiple purposes, and protecting your floor is one of them. Since this desk rug is washable, you can wash it conveniently. Its unique print makes it ideal for boho office decor. Overall, this rug is a great choice for work as there is a rug pad too to ensure you have a comfortable experience. 

2. Sallous Office Chair Rug

Sallous Office Chair Rug

The updated Sallous Office Chair Rug is a suitable office rug for rolling chairs. Its stylish look makes it suitable for a Scandinavian office design. It is usually used for larger office spaces with hard floors to ensure your floor remains protected.

If you look at it, you will find it quite sleek and big enough to cover your workspace. So, overall, it is a great choice for your office use and ensuring that your floor stays protected. 

3. Polycarbonate Studded Office Chair Rugby Gorilla Grip

Polycarbonate Studded Office Chair Rugby Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip’s Polycarbonate Studded Office Chair Rug is a unique rug that is designed for protecting carpeted floors. Since the mat is sufficiently thick and studded, it has a better grip on the floor and will look ideal if you have a rustic office design.

Nevertheless, if you are in search of a rug for protecting hard floors, or you wish to have a larger-sized rug, you should think of going for other options. 

Final Words

Wrapping it up, you now have a complete idea of the way you are supposed to pick a desk chair rug for your office. In addition, you are aware of what the market holds for you, so picking the best rug for your office chair has become easier than ever.

Therefore, we hope you will invest wisely and buy a good quality computer chair rug to protect your floor. So, go ahead and buy your best pick today!

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