7 Practical and Easy Ways to Make Height Adjustable Chairs Higher
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7 Practical and Easy Ways to Make Height Adjustable Chairs Higher

|Dec 5, 2022

There are a few ways to modify the desk chair height to make it fit your needs. The procedure may vary depending on the type of chair you are using. This post will examine seven original methods for raising your office chair without purchasing a new one. Even though some are free, others are comparatively cheaper. 

It will also suggest some height-adjustable chairs you can purchase to save time and effort.

How to Make Office Chairs Higher

1. Manually Replace Your Office Chair’s Gas Lift Cylinder

A gas lift cylinder, also referred to as a pneumatic cylinder, is the device that raises and lowers the height of the chair seat. 

An office chair with this type of technology typically measures five inches in length. However, some go as high as 10 inches.  

To raise your office chair, you can swap out your present cylinder for one that offers more length. 

A gas cylinder replacement is a very straightforward procedure. The steps are as follows: 

  • Turn the chair upside down or position it sideways on a table after lifting it to its highest point.
  • To separate the cylinder from the chair's base, hold onto the latter and strike the end of the cylinder where it extends from with a hammer or rubber mallet. This ought to set the cylinder and base apart.
  • Take the cylinder out of the chair's tilting mechanism and securely bind it to the metal part with a pipe wrench. Remove the cylinder and turn the screw counterclockwise. 

Ensure you insert the new cylinder into the chair's base and tilting mechanism before turning it back upright.

Manually Replace Your Office Chair’s Gas Lift Cylinder

2. Add Casters or Glides

You can add office chair casters or glides to the chair's legs if you don't have a height-adjustable office chair. This will give you a few more inches by lifting the entire chair off the floor.  

Here’s how: 

  • Flip the chair over to access the bottom of the legs.
  • Screw the glides or casters onto the legs and flip the chair back upright.
  • Test the chair after fastening them to ensure it is stable and does not sway. 

3. Using a Pillow or Cushion

Another choice for the height of the chair seat is to use a pillow or cushion to increase your height when seated. You will gain additional padding as a result. 

Try out a few different pillows or cushions in various sizes and shapes to find one that is comfortable.  

Ensure the pillow or cushion is firmly secured to the chair to prevent slipping or sliding.

Using a Pillow or Cushion

4. Use a Drafting Stool Kit

Purchasing a drafting or ergonomic stool kit is an additional technique to raise your workplace chair. It enables you to use your existing chair with a standing desk. 

Office chairs have a standard seat height between 16 and 21 inches. A drafting chair has a maximum height of 30 inches. This means you can add up to nine inches of lift or more using the height-extension kit. 

There is no denying that drafting stool kits gives you a significant raise, which is advantageous. However, remember that the majority of these kits only function with particular brands of office chairs. 

5. Use a Footrest

If the legs of your office chair aren't movable, you can use a footrest as an office chair height extender.  

Office chairs with footrests allow you to put your feet up while sitting. You can sit higher in your chair and find a more comfortable posture when you raise your feet. 

Choose a footrest that suits your needs from among the available options. A larger footrest can be more suited if you have a lot of space for your legs under your desk.  

In a limited space, a smaller model is the better choice. Some footrests may include extra amenities like storage spaces and massagers. 

When using a footrest, put it next to your chair for ready access. A footrest with non-slip pads is excellent if you don't want to worry about keeping it still.  

Additionally, check that the footrest's height allows your knees to form a 90-degree angle when sitting.  

The variety of footrest options makes it highly probable to find one that suits your needs.

Use a Footrest with height adjustable chairs

6. Stuff Some Paper Towels Down the Gas Cylinder

Although it may sound strange, placing paper towels within the gas cylinder column will assist raise your standard seat height. Take these actions: 

  • Remove the cylinder's spring part from the column.
  • Put paper towels in the column. When you put the chair back together, ensure you make them compact to prevent the gas spring from settling.
  • Finally, reposition the spring to see the height increase. 

7. Use Wooden Block Platform

You can use wooden blocks instead of casters if you don't want to spend money to increase the height of your chair. This can be anything you carved out to elevate the standard seat height. 

First, get rid of the default casters if your chair has some. You can now fasten the legs to the blocks to create a secure base.  

Tape the blocks to the base's legs or, better yet, drill bolt-sized holes and use those to keep the chair in place.

Use Wooden Block Platform

The Best Height Adjustable Chairs Available

I've had the opportunity to evaluate both the Autonomous Chair Ergo and Autonomous Chair Ultra extensively. Both chairs offer impressive features and are designed to enhance comfort and productivity, but they cater to slightly different needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their performance, especially focusing on the height adjustability and overall ergonomic features.

Autonomous Chair Ergo: The Versatile Comfort Solution

Ergonomics and Adjustability

The Autonomous Chair Ergo shines in its ergonomic design, providing 9 adjustable points that cater to various sitting modes. This adjustability ensures that users can find the perfect fit for their body type and sitting preference. The height adjustability is smooth and straightforward, allowing for a range of settings that accommodate both short and tall individuals.

Key Features

  • Tilting Mechanism: The synchro-tilt mechanism ensures that the back reclines at a 2-to-1 ratio to the seat angle. This keeps the seat cushion level and provides optimal support for the lower back, legs, and thighs, which is particularly beneficial for those with lumbar pain.
  • Ventilation: The ultra-breathable woven mesh backrest keeps you cool and comfortable, preventing sweat accumulation during long work sessions. This feature is especially useful in warmer climates or for users who tend to perspire more.
  • Lumbar Support: The flexible lumbar cushion adjusts up and down, adapting to various body types. It supports the spine’s natural curve, alleviating pain and stiffness, which is crucial for maintaining good posture throughout the day.
  • Design: Available in modern colors like Evergreen, Baby Blue, and Red Apple, the Chair Ergo not only provides comfort but also adds a stylish touch to any office space.


During testing, the Chair Ergo provided excellent support and comfort, making it ideal for long hours of work. The height adjustability was particularly noteworthy, as it allowed for quick and precise adjustments without any hassle. The synchro-tilt mechanism worked seamlessly, providing a balanced and supportive recline that did not strain the back or legs.

Autonomous Chair Ultra: The Pinnacle of Ergonomic Innovation

Ergonomics and Adjustability

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is designed for those who demand the highest level of ergonomic support. Featuring advanced materials and design, this chair offers unparalleled comfort and adjustability. The height adjustability on the Ultra is exceptionally smooth, with a wide range of motion that caters to various user heights and preferences.

Dimensions28”L x 28”W x 40” - 44”H
Seat dimensions19”L x 19”W
Seat height17” - 21”
Back dimensions20”W x 23”H
Tilt range25°

Key Features

  • Optimal Pressure Distribution: The 3D printed padding with a matrix structure supports your sit bones over a larger area, creating a hammock effect. This ensures even pressure distribution and prevents straining surrounding tissues, which is crucial for long-term sitting comfort.
  • Fully Adjustable Backrest: The adaptive backrest with innovative ribs flexes and twists seamlessly, eliminating hard edges and ensuring excellent posture alignment. This feature allows for dynamic movements and provides continuous support as you shift positions.
  • Back Fit and Lumbar Protection: The invisible lumbar protection with a tensioned X shape maintains good posture, while the thinner and more elastic areas near the shoulders allow for unrestricted movement. This design supports the natural curve of the spine, reducing the risk of back pain.
  • Ventilation: The air mesh stitched directly onto the webbing enhances edge flexibility and breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable. This feature effectively addresses issues like bum sweat, making it ideal for long gaming sessions or extended work hours.


In testing, the Chair Ultra demonstrated superior comfort and support. The height adjustability was flawless, allowing for precise adjustments that suited various desk heights and user preferences. The 3D printed padding and adaptive backrest provided a level of comfort that is hard to match, making it perfect for users who spend extended periods sitting. The ventilation system worked exceptionally well, keeping the back and seat area cool and dry.

My Thoughts

Autonomous Chair Ergo is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, comfortable, and stylish office chair. Its extensive adjustability and ergonomic features make it suitable for long hours of work, ensuring that users remain comfortable and supported throughout the day.

Autonomous Chair Ultra, on the other hand, is the ultimate ergonomic solution for those who need the best in comfort and support. Its advanced design and materials provide superior pressure distribution, adaptive support, and effective ventilation, making it ideal for both professional and gaming environments.

Both chairs excel in height adjustability, offering smooth and precise adjustments that cater to a wide range of users. Your choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but either option will significantly enhance your sitting experience.

Benefits of an Adjustable Height Chair

Many people spend the majority of their workday sitting at a desk of some form. This makes it easy for them to forget to stop and pay attention to their posture.

Prolonged postures affect the shape of our body and functioning ability. They also have an impact on our productivity.

These factors make it crucial that the office furniture and chairs we select provide our bodies with the best possible support. Our setup should enable proper ergonomics within our working environment. 

Here are a few reasons why we should have the appropriate height when working:

Relieves Back Pain

Sitting for long hours can be very stressful on your spine. However, if you convert to adjustable desks, you can choose between sitting and standing. Back discomfort might be relieved by standing for just one hour after sitting.

Upgrade your workplace chair to one with ergonomic characteristics if you don't like the concept of a standing desk for proper support and greater comfort.

Benefits of an Adjustable Height Chair

Reduces Stress Levels

Employees will inevitably experience stress at work on occasion. In some situations, stress can be a motivator that helps with deadlines and quotas. However, in others, it can impede productivity and lead to emotional exhaustion.

Adjustable desks and height adjustable chairs can help workers manage stress by encouraging improved posture and comfort.

Reduces Risks of Poor Health Conditions

According to medical professionals, sitting down is now compared to smoking. The risk of various chronic health issues, including type-2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, and even some malignancies, is increased by spending all day at a computer. This is because your cardiovascular system worsens when you are seated.

Humans are to move around and be physically active. However, switching to adjustable desks and height adjustable office chairs for your business can help by motivating staff to change positions more frequently. This benefits by increasing calorie burn and blood flow, which lowers the chance of long-term health problems.

Enhances Concentration

It's crucial to keep your mind engaged, especially as you get older.

Adjustable workstations and chairs encourage employees to walk around more, but they also increase blood flow, which boosts focus.

Standing up aids in improving brain function by circulating blood through your body and head.

While changing positions may take some getting used to for employees, there's a good chance that doing so will increase their productivity at work. It will also make them more awake and prepared.

Improves Energy & Mood

Energy levels and emotions seem to improve with certain factors (height of chair seat, chair adjustability, etc.) in the workspace.

In a seven-week research, standing desk users reported less stress and weariness than those who spent their workdays seated. 87% of people who use standing desks reported having more vitality and enthusiasm throughout the day.

However, once back at a desk, the general atmosphere returned to normal. This suggests that anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues are linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Your employees will benefit from having height-adjustable chairs and desks because they enable them to spend their workdays standing, sitting, or doing both.

Improves Energy & Mood


Setting the optimal height for your chair is one of the many aspects that must be balanced to maintain proper posture when working at a desk. Use the methods above to accomplish this without throwing out your sustainable office chairs.

Remember that the best ergonomic computer chair is the one that fulfills your specific needs.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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