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The Best Office Chair with Leg Rest Features: 10 Editor’s Choices for 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Apr 22, 2021

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As an office worker, you're required to remain seated for extended periods to ensure that all of your day's work is completed. This office chair is essentially your partner in crime and its function is to keep you comfortable while you're working. However, many office chairs fail to offer this comfort for extended periods. The reason behind this is that most office chairs are designed to be ergonomically beneficial, which leads to discomfort and back pain.

An ergonomic office chair with leg rest features is made to be extremely ergonomic, as well as adjustable and adaptable. In addition to this, ergonomic office chairs that include a footrest in its design provide you with unmatched adaptability. This allows these office works to remain in front of their office standing desk and conduct work for more extended periods while gaining optimal comfort.

From everything mentioned above, it’s easy to understand that an ergonomic office chair with leg rest features would be an excellent addition to any workspace. However, there are so many different options available on the market, which can make choosing the right one for your workspace incredibly challenging. For this reason, we have created this Iist of our 10 top editor’s choices to make your decision easier. 


Why Do You Need an Office Chair with a Leg Rest Feature?

Various benefits come from using an office chair with a leg rest feature like the health benefit of an ergonomic chair. One of the most well-liked advantages of using this ergonomic office chair with a footrest is that it provides unmatched comfort while working for extended periods. In addition to this, these types of office chairs are known to be very helpful to your knee health.

A leg rest allows you to move your feet around, which increases your body circulation around your feet. Due to gravity, your feet are always carrying your body's weight, which can cause your feet to cramp up easily. However, these footrests are equipped to enhance your circulation and take some of your body weight off your feet. This leaves you feeling more rested and comfortable.

Why Do You Need an Office Chair with a Leg Rest Feature?

Not to mention, office chairs that include a leg rest in the design are more ergonomically beneficial. Thus, these chairs work to relieve back pain while also enhancing your back health. You commonly experience pain in your back, rear, neck, and shoulders when you're seated for extended periods. However, having the right ergonomics that align with your body's natural curves leaves you feeling supported and comfortable while you're seated in front of your office desk for long hours.

Finally, muscle fatigue is evident in workspaces without the correct ergonomics. This fatigue comes from working in uncomfortable workspaces. Nonetheless, reclining chairs with footrest features can effortlessly combat this discomfort and promote productivity and mood levels, which help you get the best out of your working day.

Our Top Choices for the Best Office Chair with Footrest Features

Now that we’ve seen how beneficial an office chair with footrest features can be for office workers when working for extended periods, you’re probably wondering what office chair you should consider purchasing to make your workspace more ergonomic.

Well, searching the internet for an office chair with a leg rest or reclining ergonomic office chair can be extremely daunting as you’re likely met with endless options to choose from, which can make your decision challenging.

For this reason, we have searched the market for you to present you with 10 of our top picks for the best office chair with footrest features to make your decision easier. Here’s what we found:

1. Autonomous MyoChair Office Chair with a Footrest

The MyoChair manufactured by Autonomous is known as an office worker’s best-kept secret in the workspace that allows them to sit comfortably for hours. This MyoChair is designed with the most advanced ergonomic in mind, which ensures that this chair provides optimal support to your back, neck, and shoulders. Not to mention, it’s also designed with an incredible reclining feature that works to provide toe-to-top comfort. This office chair with footrest is also ranked one of the best heavy duty office chairs.


However, one of the most well-liked features incorporated in the design of this MyoChair is its adjustable footrest. This footrest helps alleviate the tension carried by your feet and legs from being seated for extended periods. In addition to this, it enhances the blood flow from the feet to ensure that your legs and feet don’t cramp up while you’re behind your office desk.

2. Von Racer Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair with a Leg Rest Feature

The Von Racer reclining office chair with leg rest is associated with being user-friendly and incredibly comfortable. The main reason for this is the extremely easily adjusting features, which allows you to customize the support this office chair offers while ensuring comfortability isn’t sacrificed. The design of this comfortable office chair includes an electric massager.

von racer

The incorporation of this massager only elevates the comfort provided by the ergonomic office chair. Not to mention, many office workers enjoy this electric massager for its ability to decrease muscle fatigue. This ergonomic chair is also designed to include a reclining position that has a locking system of up to 135 degrees, which helps take pressure off your back and neck. Finally, the chair’s comfortability and ergonomics are enhanced with the thick padding included in the footrests. 

3. Killabee Office Chair with Footrest Features

This Killabee Reclining model is equipped with retractable footrest features that offer an ergonomic device for any workspace. In addition to its footrest features, it offers exceptionally high-quality functionality that provides extreme comfort. This is because the comfortable office chair with leg rest is designed with many adjustable functions throughout the various features of this ergonomic chair.


This means that you can adjust the settings of this comfortable office chair to your exact preferences for optimal comfort and support. Not to mention, the high backrest and thickened armrests enhance the comfortability of this ergonomic device. Finally, one of the most well-liked features about this Killabee model is its electric massager, which helps to relieve muscle fatigue.

4. PULUOMIS Office Chair with a Leg Rest


This PULUOMIS Office Chair is equipped to provide users with the ability to work for longer periods without jeopardizing the comfort offered while seated. This ergonomic device is designed with a retractable and padded footrest, which works to relieve any pressure and tension on the back, neck, shoulders, and hips. Not to mention, the reclining feature works well in enhancing the overall support offered by this office chair. Finally, the incorporation of a headrest pillow and lumbar support system helps offer exceptional comfort while office workers are seated in front of their office desks. All of these features help users remain comfortable and supported throughout their working day. 

5. Flash Furniture Office Chair with Footrest Features

You're assured the utmost comfort when using the Flash Furniture Office Chair with additional footrest features. This unmatched comfort is provided by the inclusion of LeatherSoft Upholstery. In addition to this amazing comfort, you also gain advanced ergonomics. These effective ergonomic benefits are offered from the adjustable function built into the chair’s design. Due to this, you can effortlessly recline to a position that’s most comfortable to you while ensuring that your back and neck are supported.

flash furniture

This Flash Furniture model also comes heavily padded, which only enhances the comfortability offered by this office chair. Not to mention, the swivel feature is one of the most well-liked features of this comfortable ergonomic chair. This is because it allows office workers to move with complete ease and control without jeopardizing the chair's comfortability. 

6. Bossin Office Chair with Leg Rest Features

This Bossin ergonomic office chair model is designed with an extendable footrest and massive cushion for additional comfort while sitting for extended periods. One of the most well-liked features about this Bossin office chair is its water-resistant and skin-friendly properties, which is due to the inclusion of PU leather in the chair's design. However, this PU leather is also known to drastically decrease the chair's breathability and airflow.


This can make it hot and uncomfortable to sit for extended periods because of the sweat build-up associated with remaining seated on PU leather. Nonetheless, the comfort and support offered by the ergonomic office chair are unmatched with the addition of thick padding. In addition to this, the reclining feature included in this chair’s functionality is designed to recline between 90 and 155 degrees. This reclining feature helps to relieve tension and strain commonly located in the neck and neck.

7. Homall PU Leather Office Chair with Leg Rest Features

This Homall ergonomic office chair includes leg rest features, which provide users with unmatched comfort and support offered, especially during extended periods. This additional leg-rest feature is adjustable, which allows you to customize the support and comfort offered. Most of your body's weight is distributed to your legs and feet. This is why leg rests are so beneficial in an office chair, as you can continue doing work while enhancing your blood flow to ensure your feet don't cramp up.

humall PU

This office chair with leg rest enhanced circulation also helps promote productivity and comfort. Not to mention, this ergonomic office chair also includes a reclining feature, which allows you to recline to a position of between 90 and 180 degrees. As this is completely adjustable, you can also cater to the support and comfort to fit your exact preferences. Finally, the 360-degree swivel feature makes it easy for users to move around without putting in much effort or jeopardizing the support provided. 

8. Duramount Office Chair with Footrest Features

When purchasing the Duramount Office Chair, a perfect office chair with leg rest, you’re assured that your support and comfort are considered in its design. This ergonomic office chair is specifically designed to ensure that you can have a comfortable seated experience throughout your entire working day. The footrest feature is included to help those who suffer from bad circulation, as the elevation offered by this footrest helps to enhance blood flow and prevent cramping from occurring.


In addition to this, the ergonomic office chair is also equipped with extremely soft padding and an effective and adjustable lumbar support system. This helps promote a healthy sitting posture. Nonetheless, your comfort isn’t sacrificed to ensure that you’re sitting correctly. The incredible and advanced ergonomic features included in the design of this office chair ensure that you remain comfortable while sitting for more extended periods.

9. Cherry Tree Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair with an Additional Leg Rest

The Cherry Tree Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair is known for being a luxury model. This ergonomic device is equipped with a footrest retraction feature, which incorporates additional padding for enhanced comfort. Not to mention, the high back chair has effective lumbar support to promote correct spinal alignment.

cherry tree

The reclining and locking system included in the design of this ergonomic office chair provides users with the ability to recline to a position of as much as 170 degrees. However, this feature wouldn't be half as comfortable if it wasn't for the inclusion of a footrest retraction. This footrest helps to immediately relieve any tension or strain on the neck and back. Additionally, the feature also helps improve circulation. Finally, the height adjustability and 360-degree swivel feature ensure to provide you with optimal support and comfort during extended periods.

10. Respawn Reclining Office Chair with Leg Rest Features

This Respawn Reclining Office Chair is an excellent model for office workers who are looking to enhance the ergonomics offered in their workspace. This office chair with leg rest features is designed with additional padding that's located in the areas where effective contouring support is required most. The leg rests help to alleviate any tension caused by remaining seated for extended periods.


An additional benefit is that this leg rest is extendable, which allows for position reinforcement. Not to mention, you can also recline your chair between 90 and 155 degrees. This ensures that you can use an ergonomic device that helps negate the adverse effects of sitting for long hours while promoting proper posture and increased circulation.

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