How to Sit with Lower Back Pain: 5 Best Ways

How to Sit with Lower Back Pain: 5 Best Ways

Autonomous|Mar 4, 2021

Let’s face it – in a world raging on the work-from-home routine, everyone has faced problems with their lower back.

Working at a daylong desk job, no matter how comfortable the chair is, almost mandatorily comes with some back problems. A sedentary lifestyle can flare up some serious issues for people with a long-standing lower back pain problem.

The best way to deal with this situation is to learn how to sit with lower back pain. So, here is a guide to eight of the best practices for sitting with lower back pain. 

How to Sit with Lower Back Pain 

1. Reclined Sitting

You can tackle the pain in your lower back with a reclined sitting position. In this position, you lean at an angle of 100-110 degrees and take full advantage of the backrest. By leaning towards the back, you will cut down on the fatigue experienced in your lower back.

As one of the best ways to sit for lower back pain, this position requires relatively lesser muscle activity. You can buy an office chair lumbar support if you sit in this position occasionally. 

You can find many recliner chairs specially designed to serve this purpose. Some of the key factors to help you pick the best recliner chair are:

  • Ergonomic design to help in spinal alignment

  • Excellent lumbar support to comfort your back

  • Adjustments available for backrest and armrest

  • Cushioned seating to take care of your back

How to Sit with Lower Back Pain

2.  Support Your Back at a Ninety Degree Angle

One of the golden rules for sitting with lower back pain is to avoid slouching at all costs. Your back undergoes a tremendous amount of pressure when you slouch all day in a chair.

The best way to sit for lower back pain and get rid of your slouching habit is to stick to a ninety-degree angle. You should adjust the settings for your chair to support both your lower and upper back in a ninety-degree position.

If you are looking to change your chair altogether, then here are our top picks for office chair lower back pain.

best way to sit for lower back pain

3. Supine sitting

Another great sitting position for lower back pain is the supine sitting arrangement. The supine workstation is built to keep your body completely leaned and relaxed with minimal muscle activity. Here, your body lies almost flat on a chair.

You can get a supine computing chair to take the benefit of lying horizontally and working effortlessly.

However, you must note that given the care and design required to build a supine chair, it does not come cheap. So, you can look for an ergonomic chair to support your back while working.

4. Find the Best Position for Your Chair

Besides your posture, the way you position your chair also holds a significant impact on your back. While it may not be easy to find the best sitting position for lower back pain, it is definitely not impossible.

Here are a few steps you can take to position your chair perfectly:

  • Adjust the chair’s height to match your eyes’ level with the screen

  • Keep the distance between chair and table such that you can place your elbows on the desk.

  • Place your feet flat on the floor and position your knee at ninety degrees for optimum blood flow.

  • Adjust your armrests in a way that they lift your shoulders.

  • Keep your elbows on the desk no wider than 100-110 degrees.

  • Keep all objects within arm's reach so that you do not need to stretch your back frequently.

To find out more about some proven sitting positions for lower back pain, read our guide on ergonomic sitting posture.

sitting position for lower back pain

5. Practice Some Exercises In-Between Work

A sedentary lifestyle means you are always susceptible to pain in your back. Here are some of the best exercises for you to learn how to sit with lower back pain.

  • Straight Line

To perform this activity, stand up straight and try to stretch upwards. You have to push as much as possible without tiptoeing. 

  • Shoulder Squeeze

For this exercise, you need to sit straight on your chair and rest your hands over the thighs. Keep your shoulders loose and draw them back in slow motion. Squeeze them together on your back and hold for 5 seconds.

  • Stretching Upper Torso

You can stand next to a wall and raise your arms. Taking one foot forward, bend on your knee and lean your body ahead. This exercise will help in unwinding the stress in your back and chest.

Practice Some Exercises In-Between Work

Tips to Alleviate Back Pain While Sitting

Now that you have learned how to sit with lower back pain, it will be helpful to know some quick tips to take care of your back.

If you are here, then you are most definitely seeking some aid for your backache problem. So, here are some suggestions to help you improve the situation in your back and work without worries.

Do not bend repetitively

One of the most common culprits behind recurring back pain is the habit of bending or slouching. When you turn forward, you are putting pressure on your discs. This ultimately leads to pain in the spinal cord.

Do not rely heavily on heat and ice

Heat and ice treatments are very popular among individuals with constant back pain. But these are simply temporary solutions that bring momentary relief. Instead of going for the hot pack every time your back hurts, you can spend some conscious efforts to improve your posture.

Do not hesitate to spend on a good chair

If you are working from home and have the opportunity to buy yourself a good chair, then invest in a great one. A great chair with a backrest, lumbar support, and adjustments can quite literally change the entire ergonomics of how you sit.

Tips to Alleviate Back Pain While Sitting

Summing Up

We come to the end of this guide on how to sit with lower back pain. You can begin by improving your posture and finalizing a good posture for sitting. Once you are done with that, invest in a good chair to take care of your back.

After all, sitting should not be a chore that ends up hurting your back. So, sit wisely!

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