A Complete Guide for the Lifting Capacity of Your Standing Desk
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A Complete Guide for the Lifting Capacity of Your Standing Desk

|Oct 19, 2020

Most of you spend a lot of time sitting in your office chair in front of your computer. However, to gain comfort or regularly change your working position, the sit-stand desk is an excellent solution to your health problems. It should adapt to your size and needs, so you can always be seated in the best possible way. 

Today, more and more employees are opting for a standing desk in the workplace. Standing desk advantages include: burning more calories, encouraging creativity and productivity, and improving mental clarity and concentration. Stand up desk designs can vary from basic do-it-yourself tasks to beautifully crafted and practical office furniture. 

When looking for office furniture, we tend to look for trusted brands, which generally offer easy to assemble options, especially at favorable prices. However, we often omit two essential factors: the lifting capacity and the weight limit. 

Read on to find out more about other different parameters to consider for your next sit-to-stand desk purchase.

How to Choose Your Sit-Stand Desk? - 5 Factors

There many important factors that you should consider when buying a standing desk, including the following: 

1. Ergonomic Office: Your Health Comes First

Contrary to traditional products, an ergonomic desk is, above all, designed to adapt to your needs and allow you to set up a flexible workstation. It improves your posture and therefore avoids certain inconveniences, starting with back pain or musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) that can appear over time.

Standing desk lifting capacity with health benefit

The biggest benefit of using a sit-to-stand desk is that your productivity, mood, and energy level increase. You can switch between sitting and standing as you wish throughout your workday, and the desk is comfortable and easy for people who don't know how to use standing desk

2. The Size and Shape of the Desk

The first thing to do is measure the available space in the room where you want to set up the desk. For those who have a lot of space, the question may not necessarily arise, but you still need to think about everything you want to put on it. 

Some people may need a small home office design to simply put their computer, while others need to store files, put a printer and a landline phone, or have enough room to display documents.

Size and shape of standing desk

3. The Material

Sit-stand desks are generally very classic. In any large tool store or carpentry shop, a wooden panel with beautiful finishes does not cost very much. Therefore, it is good to choose a type of wood, a varnish, or paint to adapt the desk to your interior decoration. 

Material of standing desk

4. Manufacturing Quality

The structure of a professional desk is very important. It is often made of steel, which is the most solid thing at a reasonable price. The feet must be wide and perfectly stable.

Standing desk manufacturing

5. Weight Capacity: Why Does It Matter?

The weight of the desk is a sign of stability and durability. A sit-stand desk that is too light is bound to be easier to wobble from side to side, and you only need to push it a bit, and it may collapse to the floor. 

The lift capacity indicated the desk engines' power, and the high rating implies that the actuators can handle greater loads without the possibility of excessive heat or loss. In terms of safety and durability, the higher the lift capacity, the better. Nevertheless, exceeding the required weight capacity of the product can reduce a desk life cycle.

Weight capacity of standing desk

Lifting Capacity of Electric & Manual Standing Desk

Electric Standing Desk Weight Limit

It would be best if you always considered the weight of the desktop. (Laminate high-quality tabletops typically weigh between four to five lbs). Also, the lift capacity is usually an indication of the desk motors' ability. 

Some high-end fully height adjustable offices intentionally control their lift capability requirements far below their engines' capacities to reduce parasitic standby energy usage, an extremely common issue for corporate buyers. It also means that the lifting columns of the desk still work within a technically stable range. 

How Much Weight Can a Manual Desk Hold?

The weight capacity of a manual desk has a different impact on user experience than electrical offices. When more weight is imposed on a crank-adjustable desk, it becomes more difficult to turn the crank. The SmartDesk Connect lifting capacity should accommodate the tabletop's weight and all objects resting on top of it and adjust the height as close as possible.

Manual standing desk vs electric standing desk

Crank desks often have a set weight limit, which is normally about double their dynamic lifting potential. It would help if you always looked for a weight rating of at least 130 lb.

Autonomous Standing Desk: Practical Tool for Professional Projects

Autonomous height adjustable standing desks are made of sturdy steel that supports the desk's maximum load capacity. Thanks to rigorous engineering, Autonomous has succeeded in reducing the gaps between the pieces and optimizing their interlocking parts. 

The standing desks also include high-quality runners to improve stability further. Finally, a premium heavy-duty crossbar between the desk legs adds strength. All this ensures that Autonomous SmartDesks adjust smoothly and remain stable, regardless of the height.

Improving your position is not only good for your health, but it is also beneficial for your productivity! It seems obvious that a good posture with a chair and desk tailored to your morphology, as well as useful accessories adapted to your activities, should greatly help you gain in productivity.

Certain professional activities require very specific ergonomic equipment, such as antimicrobial accessories, laptop supports, monitor risers, or isolation partitions for those who work in front of a computer or open space. 

Electric standing desk weight limit

Final Thought

Working for long hours in front of a computer and behind a lousy work desk is frustrating. If you appreciate your job and health, it's more practical to spend some money on a comfortable standing desk that does not demand much of your time, effort, and energy. Autonomous standing desks are an undeniable asset for increasing your productivity!

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