Autonomous x Thinkific Employee Discount Program
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Autonomous x Thinkific Employee Discount Program

|Dec 18, 2023

A purchase from Autonomous will give you access to some of the best deals and products available anywhere on the web. The company thoroughly researches every item, and that is why the prices tend to be what they are. This can be made easy with the Thinkific employee discount offer. Whatever type of products you are interested in, this Thinkific employee purchase program will help you save more.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Elevate your workspace and well-being with exclusive savings up to 25% OFF on top-notch ergonomic furniture through our innovative program. Simply log in with your work email to unlock this golden opportunity. Enhance productivity and comfort with premium selections including standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and office accessories. Invest in your work environment and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more efficient workspace.

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Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

You can improve the work environment by providing your colleagues and yourself with the most appropriate home office products and essentials. As a benefit of this program, your company will have its employee purchasing portal. Our range of ergonomic desk chairs, ergonomic standing desks, and office equipment will help every member of your team find the right product for them.

It is easy for users to understand how our volume pricing and Thinkific employee benefits work, with a clear savings progression. Employees or departments that wish to purchase multiple units or a work from a home kit in a single purchase can do so - whether the department manager upgrading the office or the employee buying a gift for a close friend or relative.

Bulk Order Office Furniture

Some Popular Autonomous Products

Autonomous wants to open up virtually endless possibilities for you. The original Autonomous Desk indeed started it all, but today there are many more options to choose from. Autonomous offers a wide selection of products, including standing desks, accessories, specialty desks, home office products, and more. Additionally, Autonomous also offers a unique selection of accessories available through our Thinkific employee referral program.

1. Autonomous Desk

Electronic height adjustment is possible with the Autonomous Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and Autonomous Desk Eureka. Control is on the right side; with the up/down button, you can change the height manually or save four different height positions, so there will be no need to change the Thinkific employee purchase program as frequently.

Ideally, the first height should be that highest position, the second height should be one's sitting position, the third height should be one's standing position, and the fourth height should be the highest position. You don't have to re-setup the system after pulling the plug since you save all of your settings in the memory.

It is quick and easy to alter the height of the entire standing desk by pressing the preset memory buttons. Then it moves up or down without any effort. Left of the control is a display of the current height of your desktop.

Autonomous Desk for Thinkific employee discount

Business Edition comes with upgrades over Home Edition, such as a dual motor on two legs, a greater height ranging from 24 inches to 51 inches, a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and a five-year warranty under our Thinkific employee benefits 2024. Under the desk are two actuators controlled by a control box. You can see them hidden under the desk. The engines are very quiet when operating.

2. Autonomous Chair

Here is another perfect option in the Thinkific employee discount program. The chair has a great ergonomic design that permits better posture and boosts productivity by supporting your lower back. High-quality design with a high level of customization meets the most stringent industry standards. This product is also very easy to assemble.

The recliner office chair comes in four types: Recline, Core, Pro, and Pro+. These recliners offer 22° of recline and adjustable tension. Each chair features five lockable positions, and it supports your spine and lumbar area.

Autonomous Chair for Thinkific employee discount

A gentle resistance is added by the woven mesh, which is ultra-breathable. The back and seat move together using a 2:1 ergonomic design, so you can stretch and recline without stressing your legs, thighs, and lower back. 

3. Autonomous smart accessories

Desk lamp

Autonomous has a wide selection of lamps that you can install on your desktop or the floor. Other than our Light Bar and LED desk lamps, we even feature cool new items from other brands as well. Those top office lighting picks include the Lumicharge LEP lamp with a wireless charging feature and three light colors with ten brightness levels. The wireless charger comes with a docked charger and a built-in USB port on the back, making it an extremely versatile and functional device.

Then you have the Brightech Logan LED and the Swoop LED floor lamps. The Swoop always sparks a conversation due to its unique asymmetry. The floor lamp's gold and black accents add sophisticated style to any room. Elegant and stylish, the Logan will enhance any room with its metal arc, the luxurious base of black marble, and gorgeous natural linen shade.

Desk lamp for Thinkific employee discount

Standing desk mat

You cannot miss this product in the Thinkific employee discount. At the moment, you can purchase a desk pad to go with your Autonomous Desks. Desk pads are ideal protective layers for desks, made from responsibly-harvested oak cork tree shavings and vegan leather. These are ideal for supporting mouse performance and are perfect for daily Thinkific benefits Oracle use.

Using non-woven technology, ultrafine nylon yarns that replicate the fibrous collagen structure of real leather are arranged to replicate the ultrafine nylon yarns of real leather. A non-woven fabric made from our technology is soft to the touch, liquid resistant and stretchable, yet strong in performance.


4. Other brand products

Lexon's Magnetic Desk Organizer is both a modern and functional way to organize your desk and control clutter. A patented design on this desk organizer ensures maximum organization, efficiency, and longevity.

Even their other office accessories, like the Oblio Charger, are on display. This portable charger is a beautiful tulip shape, offers UV sanitization and wireless charging. This product is sure to get people talking about a masterpiece of modern design that kills all harmful bacteria and viruses on your mobile device discreetly.

Other brand products Thinkific employee discount

With this power bank, you can wirelessly charge your devices or use a USB-A or USB-C cable for charging. With an elegant design, an efficient thermal cooling system, and durability built into the build, you can charge with confidence.

Bulk Order Offer 2024

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