Best Christmas & New Year Office Chairs: Top 20 Choices
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Best Christmas & New Year Office Chairs: Top 20 Choices

|Dec 24, 2020

Winter is almost here, and now is the time to relax while you work. As remote workers, those long hour shifts can drain your energy. You start to lose your concentration when stress builds up in your body and mind. One way to prevent this from happening is ergonomic chairs. They are specifically designed to support you while you work. You can maintain your focus without breaking down your body. All you need to do is find the right chair at an affordable cost. 

There are great deals for ergonomic chairs this time of year. Are you looking for a Christmas office chair deal? Not a problem - there are plenty available. What about when the holidays end? There is a New Year office chair deal right around the corner. Take advantage of price cuts with this handy step-by-step guide. Before you start your shopping, consider what health benefits you receive from ergonomic office chairs. 

Health Benefits for Ergonomic Office Chairs

Working long hours in a single shift takes a toll on your body. You might begin to slouch, which results in bad spinal alignment. With an ergonomic chair, you can reduce the health risks from sitting too long. Ergonomic chairs have lumbar support, which straightens your back. It also prevents muscle and joint pain while you work. 

Ergonomic chairs also help you physically and mentally. By reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorder, you can avoid potential wear and tear within your muscles. Ergonomic office chairs are specifically designed to make you comfortable. As a result, you can increase your work productivity

How to Find a Good Christmas and New Year Office Chair Deal

Now is the time to look for a holiday office chair deal. Below are 20 of the best office chairs for the winter season - each of them has pros and cons to consider. Whether you want a Christmas office chair deal or a New Year office chair deal, this guide should help you narrow down the list of choices. Find the right holiday office chair deal for you.

1. ErgoChair 2

Autonomous introduces the classic ErgoChair 2 to provide you ergonomic support. When you work, you need to do so in a comfortable position. You can maintain your body posture with the chair’s lumbar back support. It also has a premier Christmas executive chair sale right now.


  Maximum comfort and support with mesh foam materials

  Height adjustable settings with practical controls

  You can rest your head, arms, and legs comfortably

  Flexible chair swivel allows you to move around

  Variety of color options for your chair

  Sleek modern look for your home office

  Monthly payment options with ongoing price cuts


  Slightly expensive

ErgoChair 2

2. MyoChair

The MyoChair is another product from Autonomous. In an instant, the chair can recline from a far distance. The MyoChair is one of the more affordable office chairs available, which makes it a good Christmas ergonomic chair deal.


  Crafted with high-quality materials

  Adjustment points are adaptable

  Provides comfort and support

  Auto balance mechanism

  Reclines almost instantaneously

  Considerably cheaper than other chairs

  Monthly payment options with ongoing price cuts


  Headrest and leg rest sold separately

  Limited color range


3. Kinn Chair

Autonomous also carries the Kinn Chair. It uses a fishbone design and allows breathable support for your back. The Kinn Chair is comfortable because it conforms to your body, which adds an incentive to the ongoing Christmas ergonomic chair deal.


  Back support with breathable mesh

  Optimal levels of comfort

  Eco-friendly materials

  Corrects your sitting posture

  Monthly payment options with ongoing price cuts


  Relatively expensive

Kinn Chair

4. AvoChair

The final office chair from Autonomous is the AvoChair. It combines both nurture and nature with its eco-friendly design. If you prefer a natural look for your home office after the holidays, this could make a great New Year desk chair sale.



  Recyclable, natural, and organic materials

  Breathable back support

  Height adjustability with tension control

  Monthly payment options with ongoing price cuts


  Small armrests


6. SmugChair

Another holiday office chair deal comes from SmugDesk. The SmugChair is relatively cheap but also high-quality with their materials. The mesh allows your back to breathe easily while you enjoy the comfort and good body posture.


  Corrects your body posture

  Mesh conforms to your body

  Considerably cheap

  Height adjustable with recline


  Backrest is at a slightly awkward angle

  Chair leans too far back

7. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Herman Miller offers their own Christmas office chair deal. The Aeron Chair uses recyclable mesh as eco-friendly materials. Herman Miller promotes environmental awareness by using naturally organic parts for their office chairs.


  Height adjustable with tension and tilt control

  Fixes your posture in an upright position

  Eco-friendly materials


  Costly price range

  Lacks lumbar support

  Colors are not as vibrant as in photos

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

8. Clatina Ergonomic Chair

The Clatina Stores sells their ergonomic chair with an upholstered back. The chair supports itself with sturdy materials as you can enjoy a comfortable seat. You also get ventilation from the breathable mesh backseat.


  Heat regulation

  Ergonomic design with comfort

  Lumbar back support with a curved outline


  Does not work as well if you are taller than the average height

  Very basic fundamentals for a chair

Clatina Ergonomic Chair

9. Ergonomic Chair from Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero offers a good New Year office chair deal with their ergonomic chair. You get seat adjustability along with lumbar support and tilt locks. Similar to the height controls, back angle adjustment is easy to do.


  Good fundamental design with ergonomic practicality

  Multiple chair functions for versatility

  Relatively cheaper than most options


  Seat lacks comfort

  Chair might be shaky and squeak

10. Ergonomic Chair by Nouhaus

Nouhaus Store brings an office chair with ergonomic support. It has a uniquely curved outline with lumbar support for your back. The wheels are extra-bladed, which allows it to move easier. The executive swivel also makes rotations simple and easy to do.


  Curved design conforms to your body

  4D adjustable armrest

  Mesh backrest allows breathability

  Fully rotational swivel


  Expensive price range

  Seat prone to wear and tear

11. Office Chair by Best Office

Best Office uses a simple focus on ergonomic design with their office chair. They maintain their concentration on the basic functions of an office chair. It includes height adjustability, lumbar support, and adjustable armrests. You have several colors you can choose from, from blue and green to pink and orange. You also get the standard neutral colors.


  Good ergonomic design

  Modern look for your home office

  Wide selection of colors to choose

  Considerably affordable


  Materials are cheaper

  Does not last as long as other chairs

  Problems with attachment

12. Mesh Chair by Safco Products

Safco Store offers a small but affordable chair for your ergonomic needs. It uses breathable mesh to provide you ventilation. The foot ring at the bottom allows you to rest your legs.


  Cool mesh allows plenty of comforts

  Foot ring is convenient

  Allows you plenty of space


  Lacks armrests

  Small size makes it hard to sit for larger workers

  Seat has a small surface area

Mesh Chair

13. ElastiMesh by Modern Office

Modern Office uses mesh to its fullest capabilities with its ergonomic chair. The chair conforms to your body so you can get comfortable while you work long hours. It also has good durability and prevents wear and tear over time.


  Breathable mesh backrest

  Affordable price range

  Good selection of colors to choose from


  Assembly takes time

  Seat is rather small

14. Generation by Knoll

Knoll introduces the Generation ergonomic chair. Its curved outline allows you back support while correcting your body posture. Assembly is easy with clear to understand instructions.


  Flexibility design gives you plenty of room to move around

  Ergonomic basics such as height adjustability and back support

  Affordable price range


  Assembly takes time

  Seat is prone to scratches

Generation by Knoll

15. Draper Leather Chair by Zuri Furniture

Zuri Furniture focuses on premium quality of their materials with their executive leather chair. Give your workspace a stylish look with authentic leather seating. You can enjoy a comfortable seat and back support due to the materials.


  High-quality materials give it a regal appearance

  Good density with the foam padding

  Stylish modern look for your home office


  Leather is more prone to damage over time

  Considerably expensive

  Armrests are made of metal

16. Ergonomic Office Chair by Komene Store

Komene Store allows you to save space with this multifunctional office chair. It uses flip-up armrests to provide comfortable support while you work. You have a free range of movement due to the ergonomic design of the chair. Assembly is easy, the price range is affordable, and you get a warranty on top of these benefits.


  Spacious ergonomic design with the armrests

  Comfortable materials with back support

  Height adjustability with tilt and tension control

  Five-year warranty with affordability and accessibility


  Wheels can be prone to get stuck on carpets and rugs

  Armrests are somewhat small

17. Aracele Executive Chair by Latitude

Latitude allows you to be the boss of your workspace with this executive leather chair. The leather materials are authentic and give your workspace a modern look. You can expect great comfort as a result of high-quality materials.


  High level of comfort due to leather padding

  High-quality leather materials

  Easy assembly

  Stylish look


  Leather is prone to scratching

  Slightly bulky

  Adjustments take time

18. Harkness Ergonomic Chair by Corrigan Studio

Corrigan Studio offers a high level of ergonomic comfort with the Harkness chair. The seat angle is adjustable, as is the height. The padded chair also makes it comfortable. Aesthetically, it is pleasing to the eye with its choice of color and smooth textures.


  Comfortable padding

  Multifunctional ergonomic design

  Adjustable control with customizable settings

  Uniquely stylish look with warm colors

  Easy to assemble


  Some reports of bad packaging

  Makes squeaky noises

  Slightly bulky

19. Ergonomic Chair by Branch Furniture

Branch Furniture uses simplicity with its ergonomic design, which means they focus on the basics. It uses double-layered mesh to provide comfort. There are also seven points of adjustment, which is convenient for customization. The chair has a modern look, which makes it stand out in any home office.


  High level of customization and convenience

  Strong, durable, and resilient design

  High-density cushioned seat is comfortable

  Stylish looks


  Expensive without the price cuts

  Limited time to take advantage of the current sale

20. Soft Pad Ergonomic Chair by SOHO

SOHO offers its own holiday office chair deal with their soft-padded ergonomic chair. Comfort is the main focus as the padded seat is considerably soft. Notably, it uses Italian leather. The chair also supports up to 400 lbs., making it convenient for workers from all weight classes.


  Good level of comfort and support

  Offers high-quality materials for the seat

  Supports 400 lbs overall

  Nice selection of warm and cool colors


  Relatively small

  Metallic armrests lack comfort

  Lacks lumbar support

Soft Pad Ergonomic chair


No matter if it’s a Christmas office chair deal or a New Year office chair deal, the holidays are a good time as any to take advantage of the price cuts. Most office chairs are uncomfortable, which can leave you in an awkward body position. Ergonomic chairs alleviate this problem by significantly reducing body pain. The lumbar backrest keeps you in the correct body position, so your back is straight. You also have armrests, headrests, and leg rests, which give you a wide selection of comfortable positions to enjoy yourself in. 

Ergonomics is proven science that keeps you healthy. Working long hours hurts the body, but ergonomic chairs in Autonomous Christmas Sale 2020 can fix these issues. Maintain your concentration as you work hard with a good ergonomic chair. Take advantage of the current deals with these 20 office chairs designed to make you feel good.

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